The Sempronian Manifesto

This series contains two parts, one a set of constitutional reforms and the other a policy platform. Together, I believe these would fix a lot of the problems facing America today. You don’t have to agree, and I welcome all constructive feedback. This project is not meant to be incendiary nor otherwise disrespectful to the US Constitution and principles. It is a good-natured thought experiment from an enthusiastic student of history, political science and philosophy. I hope to inspire a thoughtful discussion of possible remedies for the issues plaguing our country, nothing more and nothing less.

This series is named after Tiberius and Gaius Sempronius Gracchus, the two great reformers of the Roman Republic. The two respective parts bare the first names of my inspirational figures, the combined set is titled after their family name, the Sempronia. For my own amusement, every entry in this set will be signed by the pseudonym “Gracchus” in the vein of the Federalist and Anti-federalist papers, which were attributed to various Roman politicians (Publius, Cato, Brutus, etc.) For some reason, nobody back then ever chose to honor the Gracchi brothers, and I think it’s time they got their due.

The Gaian Constitution

This is a directory of my constitutional reform project, a multi-part series where I propose an alternative government framework to better reflect the needs of a modern state. The name “Gaian” is a tribute to Gaius Sempronius Gracchus, a progressive reformer and my favorite politician of the Roman Republic.

Cornelia Africana introducing her sons, Tiberius and Gaius Gracchus.


Article I. The Bill of Rights

Article II. The Bill of Responsibilities

Article III. The Legislature

Article IV. The Executive

Article V. The Judiciary

Article VI. The Citizenry

Article VII. The Union

Rejected Ideas/Outtakes

The Tiberian Platform

This is a directory of my policy reform project, a multi-part series where I propose a new philosophical and socio-economic framework to better suit the needs of the people. The name “Tiberian” is a reference to Tiberius Sempronius Gracchus, a brave tribune of the plebeians and one of the most important politicians of the Roman Republic.

§ One: The Citizen’s Plight

Reconsidering America’s Environmental Paradigm
Reconsidering America’s Religious Paradigm

Reconsidering America’s Spiritual Paradigm
Reconsidering America’s Cultural Paradigm
Reconsidering America’s Philosophical Paradigm
Reconsidering America’s Social Paradigm
Reconsidering America’s Constitutional Paradigm
Reconsidering America’s Political Paradigm
Reconsidering America’s Economic Paradigm
Reconsidering America’s Partisan Paradigm

Reconsidering America’s Educational Paradigm
Reconsidering America’s Legal Paradigm
Reconsidering America’s Interpersonal Paradigm

§ Two: The State’s Crimes

Authoritarian Society
Authoritarian Economy
Authoritarian Government
Authoritarian Enforcement
Authoritarian Education

Authoritarian Foundation
Authoritarian Future

§ Three: The Solution

Optimal Strategy & Priority for Reformers
Various Banner Designs for the Sempronian Ethos

A Universal Morality
Creating a “Perfect” City of the Future

Alternate emblem design, tentatively nicknamed “Zuzu’s Petals” in reference to It’s a Wonderful Life. (George Bailey’s values and struggle in the face of personified greed was the first, biggest influence in my socio-economic positions.) There’s the pansy again for Free Thought, the red rose for Workplace Democracy and the sunflower for Environmentalism.

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