A Comprehensive List of the US Government’s Crimes and Mismanagement (3/3)

The cover image of every post in this series is one of the many variants of Irish Regiment Flags in use during the US Civil War. North or South, the major design elements are the same, with some combination of: a green field, a gold harp, the sun shining through clouds, and a gold inscription either directly on the green background or a red banner.

The title says it all. Similar to the earlier entry where I cataloged various instances of Police Brutality, here’s a collection of the US Government’s major crimes, abdications of duty and harmful policies towards the citizens of this and other countries. This project will serve as a companion piece to the earlier Declaration of Grievances Against the United States Government, as proof such a rebuke is valid.

I admit that my efforts here amounted to a somewhat less than fully comprehensive list; the scale of US atrocities is so large that no one person could compile all of them. I also acknowledge that the grouping and classification of the materials can absolutely be improved upon for ease of browsing. Please keep in mind that this is still a rough draft, and for this first step in the process, my focus was to collect as many sources as possible. That alone was a herculean task, as was tediously copying every article’s title and URL to make clickable links. My thinking is, either I could have held off on posting this collection until it was absolutely 100% perfect and orderly, which would probably take the better part of 6 months to a year. In that scenario, either the endeavor becomes an albatross around my neck, preventing me from enjoying any other projects because I feel I have to complete it ASAP, or I continuously put it off to focus on articles that are more enjoyable to work on, and thus the process takes much longer. At least by publishing my work as I go, the ongoing project, flawed though it might be in the meantime, might at least provide readers with a good idea of the scope and severity of our nation’s troubles.

This will be an ongoing project as I find more information to share, and if you have any stories you know I missed, feel free to share them in the comments or via email. Part one will constitute failures to ensure the well-being of the American people, infrastructure and land. Part two will be comprised of corruption/incompetent waste in various agencies, legislation, crony capitalism and foreign adventurism. Part three shall explore the fundamental breakdown of civility, constitutional norms and wrongdoing from unelected agencies. The notations underneath each embedded flag, including the cover images, link to articles dealing with historical discrimination against racial minorities.

There will be a redundancy of information in many articles included with this series. This is to safeguard against articles getting taken down or skepticism levied against any particular source.

For anyone who would say that criticism of the United States is immoral or unpatriotic, I refer them to the immortal words of my favorite American policy-maker, Senator McGovern.

Breakdown in Civility Between Parties and People

How odd that Trump is so silent on an alleged terrorist’s arrest

Evangelicals are lobbying against anti-lynching law because it includes LGBTQ people

Homeland Security Officials Say Claims That Statement Mimics A White Supremacist Slogan Are Merely Conspiracy Theories

GOP Finally Has Documented Case of Election Fraud — Committed by Republicans

CNN’s hiring of a GOP operative as political editor is even worse than it looks

Texts show collusion between police and far-right extremists, Oregon official claims

Legal Experts Say Trump Just Committed Witness Tampering on Twitter

Trump Lies Again About 19,000 ‘Deleted’ FBI Text Messages

President Trump has made more than 20,000 false or misleading claims

All the President’s Lies About the Coronavirus

Donald Trump suggests delay to 2020 US presidential election

Trump Says He Will ‘Negotiate’ Third Term Because He’s ‘Entitled’ To It

Donald Trump Suggests ‘Second Amendment People’ Could Act Against Hillary Clinton

Trump ramps up rhetoric on media, calls press ‘the enemy of the people’

Donald Trump’s incredibly unpresidential statement on Charlottesville

From Debate Stage, Trump Declines To Denounce White Supremacy

Trump Proud Boys remark echoes Charlottesville

How Trump has attempted to recast his response to Charlottesville

Deadly Charlottesville rally surfaces in debate; Trump tells far-right group to ‘stand back and stand by’


‘When the looting starts, the shooting starts’: Trump quotes Miami police chief’s notorious 1967 warning

“That’s Their Problem”: How Jared Kushner Let the Markets Decide America’s COVID-19 Fate

Desperate for medical equipment, states encounter a beleaguered national stockpile

White House Strips CDC Of Data Collection Role For COVID-19 Hospitalizations

States Are Being Forced Into Bidding Wars To Get Medical Equipment To Combat Coronavirus

States Competing in ‘Global Jungle’ for PPE

Prosecute Donald Trump for coronavirus crimes? No, but maybe Jared Kushner

Did Trump and Kushner ignore blue state COVID-19 testing as deaths spiked?

How Mitch McConnell Delivered Acquittal for Trump

Quick acquittal: How Mitch McConnell orchestrated the end to Trump’s impeachment trial in 15 days

McConnell ready to start impeachment trial with partisan power play

How the Trump administration has tried to explain clearing protesters from Lafayette Square

Donald Trump defied the wishes of local leaders to visit Kenosha, and from the outset his objectives were clear

Trump praises right-wing supporters, rails against protesters after unrest in Portland

Trump’s crackdown in Portland is an attack on free speech

Peaceful Protesters Tear-Gassed To Clear Way For Trump Church Photo-Op

National Guard major disputes Park Police claim tear gas wasn’t used near the White House

A MAGA Militia? How The President’s Campaign Is Recruiting An “Army For Trump”

Is This ‘Trump Army’ Fundraising Email Real?

At Pentagon, Fears Grow That Trump Will Pull Military Into Election Unrest

Trump Won’t Commit to ‘Peaceful’ Post-Election Transfer of Power

Proud Boys celebrate Trump’s ‘stand by’ remark about them at the debate.

The Proud Boys Are Lapping Up the President’s Instruction to “Stand By”

Proud Boys celebrate online after Trump’s debate ‘stand back and stand by’ comment

Donald Trump Says He May Pay Legal Fees of Accused Attacker From Rally

Donald Trump’s Incitements to Violence Have Crossed an Alarming Threshold

A look back at Trump comments perceived by some as inciting violence

A Long History of Language That Incites and Demonizes

Trump inflames tensions and justifies violence — and there’s a reason why

‘Great Patriots!’: Trump lavishes praise on supporters amid deadly clashes with social justice protesters

Trump encourages supporters to rally, threatens military violence to protesters

Trump: ‘Knock the Crap Out’ of Protesters, I’ll Pay Legal Fees

Trump defends supporters accused in deadly clashes

Numb to corruption: How Republicans trained their base to ignore Trump’s criminality

The Polarization Of Society: Even Scientists Become Tribal

How Donald Trump appeals to men secretly insecure about their manhood

FEMA administrator: Puerto Rico’s politics, lack of unity, hindering hurricane response

Republicans Force a Vote on a Tax Bill Without Giving Democrats Time to Read It (Mirror for Safety)

Trump spends day two of national emergency golfing, snagging an omelette

Trump vows not to reopen federal government until wall funding is secured

Delegates mock Kerry with ‘purple heart’ bandages

President Trump warns he’ll cut off FEMA money for California fires

Why Evangelicals Believe They’re the Most Persecuted Group in America

Some of the world’s least progressive countries recognize transgender citizens. The US does not

Trump calls for ‘retribution’ against ‘Saturday Night Live,’ Alec Baldwin wonders about his safety

Adam Schiff: An open letter to my Republican colleagues

Alabama Newspaper Publisher Calls On KKK To Get The Ropes And ‘Clean Up D.C.’

‘Operation Divide the Left’: Analysis Shows 2020 Online Disinformation Campaign Already Well Underway

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on Dancing Video Reaction: ‘Unsurprising Republicans Would Think Having Fun Should Be Disqualifying or Illegal’

Texas councilman calls Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez a ‘bimbo’ before apologizing and deleting account

Tennessee trying to re-ban gay marriage

FBI investigating fire at Planned Parenthood clinic as possible hate crime

Trump Calls Those Who Don’t Support His Wall ‘Criminals’

CNN receives bomb threat on same night as Trump’s latest attack on media as “the enemy of the people”

Roger Stone Apparently Invented ‘the Wall’ So Trump Would Stay On Message and Attack Immigrants

Conservative Columnist Says Sliver of U.S. That is ‘Racist’ and ‘Nativist’ has Taken Over GOP, and Party is too Scared to do Anything

Column: The Death Logic behind Trumpism: Even nuclear winter would be worth it to own the libs

‘More unites us than divides us’ say researchers

Ocasio-Cortez says her offices are ‘flooded’ with bigoted calls

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Calls Out Sexism as Her Big Pharma Knowledge Is Labeled ‘Inadequate’: ‘This Is What Being a Woman in Politics Looks Like’

NRA Published ‘Target Practice’ Magazine Headline Next To Picture of Nancy Pelosi, Gabby Giffords

Transgender woman has asked to be moved from a men’s prison. So far, NC has said no.

Donald Trump is expected to remove Obama-era protections for transgender prisoners

Does political party trump ideology?

“He’s not hurting the people he needs to be”: a Trump voter says the quiet part out loud

The Citadel Flag, (sometimes called “Big Red”) used during the Civil War. I do not support or condone the Confederate States or their cause, I’m just sharing this as a lover of vexillology, since it’s another example of a lesser known historical flag used as an emblem of American defiance against perceived tyranny.

Violations of Constitutional Law and Ethics

The Supreme Court Is Playing Favorites With Religion

SCOTUS Ignores First Amendment, Allows Alabama to Force Muslim Man to Have Protestant Chaplain at Execution

“Feeling Your Pain”: The Explosion and Abuse of Government Power in the Clinton-Gore Years

A staggering map of the 54 countries that reportedly participated in the CIA’s rendition program

counterterrorism adviser recommended “extraordinary rendition” — snatching the terrorist in a covert operation and secretly whisking him away for interrogation in a foreign country

The Road to 9/11: Wealth, Empire, and the Future of America

The findings that the UK intelligence agencies knew of torture during the Iraq War reveals the dark side of the special relationship

The Secret Prison


Outsourcing Torture

Extraordinary rendition comes back to bite the Bush administration.

CIA photographed detainees naked before sending them to be tortured

New light shed on US government’s extraordinary rendition programme

The CIA, the MCA, and Detainee Abuse

Judge Rules Report on Police in Chicago Should Be Released

Waterboarding Used to Be a Crime

Secret WWII camp interrogators say torture wasn’t needed

Shielded from Justice: Police Brutality and Accountability in the United States

In 2002, Military Agency Warned Against ‘Torture’

Operational Issues Pertaining to the Use of Torture

Truth, Torture, and the American Way: The History and Consequences of U.S. Involvement in Torture

Waterboarding: A Tortured History

A Higher Loyalty: Truth, Lies, and Leadership

Pentagon official says 9/11 suspect was tortured

Waterboarding Got White House Nod

FBI files detail Guantánamo torture tactics

N.Y. billing dispute reveals details of secret CIA rendition flights

Under Obama Administration, Renditions—and Secrecy Around Them—Continue

Obama Preserves Renditions


New CIA Docs Detail Brutal “Extraordinary Rendition” Process

Obama’s War on Terror May Resemble Bush’s in Some Areas

Jeffrey Epstein Sex Trafficked Underage Girls and Trump’s Secretary of Labor Illegally Kept Plea Deal From Victims, Federal Judge Says

It looks like a big day for collusion. No wonder Trump is raging.

Michael Cohen in court: Trump ex-lawyer admits lying to Congress

Trump tries to change the story, but Russia cloud darkens

Will Trump Be Meeting With His Counterpart — Or His Handler?

Trump’s ties to the Russian mafia go back 3 decades

Federal Prosecutors ‘Concluded that President of the United States Committed a Felony’

Trump signed letter of intent for Trump Tower Moscow project despite Giuliani insisting he didn’t

Russian Maria Butina pleads guilty in case to forge Kremlin bond with U.S. conservatives

It’s Time to Demystify Russiagate

‘It’s about time’: Facebook faces first lawsuit from U.S. regulators after Cambridge Analytica scandal

Trump: Payments to silence women were a ‘simple private transaction,’ not illegal campaign contributions

Trump admits foreign leaders pay him money by renting out rooms in his hotels

‘Whistleblower’ seeks protection after sounding alarm over White House security clearances

Trump accused of breaking law after refusing to report to Congress on Khashoggi’s brutal killing

Kremlin ‘Proud’ Of ‘Operation’ To Get Trump Elected, Says Former US Ambassador To Russia

Trump met Putin without staff or note takers present — again

Trump has concealed details of his face-to-face encounters with Putin from senior officials in administration

All signs point the same way: Vladimir Putin has compromising information on Donald Trump

CNN: Trump signing MAGA hats for troops may have violated Pentagon rules

‘Embarrassing’ and ‘inappropriate’: One of the most decorated former US Army generals blasts Trump’s Iraq visit

FEMA Stages Press Conference: Staff Pose As Journalists And Ask ‘Softball’ Questions

Postal Service feared Trump’s rhetoric could cost it billions in Amazon business, documents reveal

Why cult of presidency is bad for democracy

U.S. moving toward czarism, away from democracy

Our Broken Constitution

Nation: Kissinger: What Next for the U.S.?

Bad for Democracy: How the Presidency Undermines the Power of the People

Why Americans tend more and more to want inexperienced presidential candidates

The Conquest of Presidentialism

McCabe: ‘I was fired because I opened a case against the president’

The big question about Barack Obama

A bombshell new report about Trump’s alleged interference with federal investigations ‘raises serious questions’ about whether Matthew Whitaker misled Congress, aides say

Republican campaign paid for ‘coordinated, unlawful’ absentee ballot scheme in NC 9th District election, investigators said

The White House hints Trump may veto congressional resolution disapproving his national-emergency declaration

Trump must be removed with 25th amendment because he is ‘not well at all mentally’, former White House ethics chief says

Noam Chomsky on Propaganda – The Big Idea – Interview with Andrew Marr

Why doesn’t the ‘voter fraud’ crowd care about what happened in North Carolina?


How Mitch McConnell Enables Trump

Deutsche Bank reportedly planned to extend the dates of $340 million in loans to Trump Organization to avoid the nightmare possibility of chasing a sitting president for cash

Experts Agree: Robert Mueller Just Played Donald Trump Like a Fiddle

Republicans Are No Longer Committed to That Whole Peaceful Transfer of Power Thing

Tillerson: Trump would ask me to do things I couldn’t legally do

After Years of Fearmongering Mythical Threat of Voter Fraud, GOP ‘Silence Now Deafening’ as Real Election Fraud Exposed in North Carolina

Trump Discusses Firing Fed’s Powell After Latest Rate Hike, Sources Say

Thousands of mailed ballots in Florida were not counted

Republicans Around The Country Are Working To Declare Democrats Unconstitutional


‘It’s way too many’: As vacancies pile up in Trump administration, senators grow concerned

Exclusive: Thousands of Black Votes in Georgia Disappeared and No One Can Explain It

Sarah Sanders: Trump ‘means what he says’ that shutdown could last months or years

Trump says Democrats ‘cannot legitimately win’ 2020 presidential election

The Republican Party Is the Single Greatest Threat to the American Republic

Poll: 43 percent say this is worst run federal government of their lifetimes

Trump issues executive order freezing federal workers’ pay in 2019

McConnell says a little too much in his case against an election holiday

McConnell blasts House bill that makes Election Day a federal holiday

Treasury plans steps to stymie Dem requests for Trump tax returns

‘These Are Not Normal Nominees’: As Trump Stacks Courts With Far-Right Judges, Dems Urged to Recognize Depth of Crisis

US intelligence agents were reportedly warned not to tell Trump findings that contradict his public comments

Mitch McConnell Has Open Disdain for Democracy

Beyond ‘no comment’: The White House has no response — at all — to many media questions

Trump hid records of his conversations with Putin

Trump is incompetent, impulsive and amoral. Heaven help us all.

The Constitution has no way to deal with the fact that Trump is implicated in a serious crime

Bernstein: More Republicans beginning to believe Trump ‘unfit to be the president’

White House Staffer Devised Plan to ‘Hide Out’ for 6 Months While Still Getting Paid: Report

N.C. elections board alerted prosecutors to alleged 2016 ballot harvesting, but nothing happened

Texas elections chief sorry for fake news about 95,000 “illegal” voters, still wants purge

Trump’s presidency enters a new imperial phase — and Mitch McConnell just rolls over

GOP Campaign Worker in NC Admits to Filling in Republican Votes on Absentee Ballots, Claims She Was Told to Lie

Record number cite poor leadership as US’s greatest problem: poll

Senate Republicans are responsible for the most unethical and incompetent administration ever

John Kelly and John Bolton Have Shouting Match Over Immigration

‘Unhinged madman’: Former U.S. budget director says Trump is ‘conducting 4 wars on the economy’

“It’s What Happens in a Totalitarian Regime”: Capitol Police Slammed for “Disturbing” Physical Attacks on Reporters

Trump declares New York Times ‘enemy of the people’

Exclusive: Paul Manafort advised White House on how to attack and discredit investigation of President Trump

Anti-trans group admits bathroom predator myth is made up

Ohio House again passes “heartbeat bill” abortion ban

Chelsea Manning Commutation Doesn’t Erase Obama’s Awful Whistleblower Legacy

Where was the love for whistleblowers during Obama administration?

All the President’s Whistleblowers

Eight whistleblowers prosecuted under the Obama administration: Where are they now?

Obama’s war on whistleblowers leaves administration insiders unscathed

Court Rejects Push to Have Debates Welcome 3rd-Party Candidates

U.S. presidential debate rules out third party candidates

Third Parties Deserve Shot at Debate Stage

Third-party candidates excluded from presidential debates: a snub too many

On Agran’s Media-Black-Out

Agran Wages Lonely Fight of the Unknown : Politics: The former Irvine mayor is frustrated by those who have dismissed his run for the presidency.

Former Candidate Loses Lawsuit Over ’92 Arrest

Larry Agran talks about DNC shutting him out from participating in 1992 primary



NDAA 2020: Surveillance, Space Force, and Indefinite Detention

This Administration Now Has The Power To Indefinitely Detain Americans Without Charge Or Trial

Flag of the Choctaw Brigade, used by Choctaw Indians (who sided with the South) during the Civil War. I do not support or condone the Confederate States or their cause, I’m just sharing this as a lover of vexillology, since it’s another example of a lesser known historical flag used as an emblem of American defiance against perceived tyranny.

Surveillance State, Abuses of the War on Terror

The NSA-DEA police state tango

US Congress votes to renew Patriot Act provisions

What to Expect for the PATRIOT Act Reauthorization


Why the Hell Did Democrats Just Extend the Patriot Act?


Anti-Encryption Bill Threatens to Kill Online Privacy in the U.S., but Does It Stand a Real Chance of Passing?

US internet bill seen as opening shot against end-to-end encryption

Top-Secret Document Reveals NSA Spied On Porn Habits As Part Of Plan To Discredit ‘Radicalizers’

NSA ‘spied on porn habits to target radicalisers’

This Just In: The NSA May Have Seen You Naked

Everybody is Nude – in Front of the NSA

Edward Snowden: Young NSA Workers Are Probably Passing Around Your Girl’s Nude Photos


NSA Mass Surveillance Program Illegal, U.S. Court Rules

NSA Timeline 1791–2015

A Visit to the NSA’s Data Center in Utah

Welcome to Utah, the NSA’s desert home for eavesdropping on America

The NSA Is Building the Country’s Biggest Spy Center (Watch What You Say)

Exclusive: U.S. directs agents to cover up program used to investigate Americans

DHS Ends Criticized Data-Mining Program

Declassified Docs Reveal Military Operative Spied on WA Peace Groups, Activist Friends Stunned

Do you like Ron Paul or oppose abortion? You may be a member of a militia, according to a new report by a government information collection agency.

Civil libertarians are pushing for legal limits on personal data law enforcement organizations can collect after a Texas fusion center’s bulletin singled out  Muslim and antiwar groups for direct scrutiny.

Fusion center declares nation’s oldest universities possible terror threat

Your Mail- Free for Government Inspection

Department of Homeland Security opens Kansas professor’s mail

Israel receives intelligence from US containing private information on US citizens

Facebook Moves to Block Ad Transparency Tools — Including Ours

TSA: Clear Policies and Oversight Needed for Designation of Sensitive Security Information

Congressman Gets Answers About Air Marshals

Sources: Air marshals missing from almost all flights

Ex-marshal: Air marshal training ‘a national disgrace


Duncan Blasts “Useless” Air Marshal Service

Should We End The Controversial Air Marshal Program?

Unqualified air traffic control candidates cheating to pass FAA exams?

 Screening tests were sabotaged / Security workers were warned when undercover agent arrived

The Hidden Costs of Extra Airport Security

3 ex-TSA workers plead guilty to theft

TSA Baggage Screeners Exposed

Convicted TSA Officer Reveals Secrets of Thefts at Airports

As the U.S. government goes through more of our luggage, complaints over mishandled bags—and theft—are on the rise.

Guns stolen from O’Hare Airport police

Hidden cameras reveal airport workers stealing from luggage

Team 4: Airport Baggage Theft Claims

TSA: Missing hard drive left unprotected

What airport staff won’t tell you


Background on Committee Report Regarding TSA’s Redress Web Site

Homeland Security Website Hacked by Phishers? 15 Signs Say Yes

Security screener suspended for sleeping

Employees Terminated For Attendance Problems, Misconduct

TSA Workers Skipping Orlando Airport Security Causes Concern

TSA fires screener caught sleeping in Seattle

TSA puts 5 on leave after security manual hits Internet

House to hold hearings on breach of TSA screening guidelines

Passenger forced to remove nipple ring with pliers

Vulnerable TSA Website Exposed by Threat Level Leads to Cronyism Charge

Chairman Waxman Releases Report on Information Security Breach at TSA’s Traveler Redress Website

Plan to snoop on fliers takes intrusion to new heights

TSA officials being probed

Pilots and passengers rail at new airport patdowns

US eases patdown policy for air travelers

Is Tougher Airport Screening Going Too Far?

Female Passengers Say They Were Targeted for TSA Body Scanners

GAO says there is no evidence that a TSA program to spot terrorists is effective

Logistics Center – Inventory Management

Report: TSA employee misconduct up 26% in 3 years

Audit shows highly paid TSA investigators perform lesser tasks

House to push tech reform at TSA

Bipartisan Legislation Introduced to Reform TSA’s Acquisition Process

Get the Government Out of Airport Screening

TSA Helps Secure Inauguration

TSA Under Fire for Rising Theft by Baggage Screeners

TSA Screener Arrested

Some TSA HNL Employees Escape Firing In Baggage Scandal

Lavish party spurs criticism of agency

Inside Job: My Life as an Airport Screener

Abolish the TSA: Column

The case for abolishing the TSA

Abolish the TSA

Smoke Screening

Abolish the TSA

‘New TSA in town,’ agency says in response to screener’s charges

Guy Who Created The TSA Says It’s Failed, And It’s Time To Dismantle It

Privatizing the Transportation Security Administration

Top 10 Reasons to Abolish the Transportation Security Administration (TSA)

Full Frontal Nudity Doesn’t Make Us Safer: Abolish the TSA

TSA’s Actions Insufficient to Address Inspector General Recommendations to Improve its Office of Inspection

Many Travelers Say TSA is doing a Poor Job

Poll finds 61% oppose new airport security measures

TSA screeners win immunity from abuse claims: appeals court

Border Sweeps in North Reach Miles Into U.S.

Committee on Transportation and and Infrastructure: Oversight and Investigations Report

DHS Decision-Making: Competence or Character?

DHS Still Dogged by Questions over Effectiveness

September 11: Where is the missing $2.3 trillion? Shock claims over 9/11 ‘cover-up’

SF Airport Cheated Security Tests

Airport screeners fail to see most test bombs

Man boards plane at IAH with loaded gun in carry-on

Beyond Fear: Thinking Sensibly About Security in an Uncertain World

TSA- Bullies at the Airport

False Security

TSA failure: Investigators able to smuggle weapons past airport checks in 95 percent of tests

Report: TSA security breaches mishandled

The Impact of 9/11 on Road Fatalities: The Other Lives Lost to Terrorism

Flag of the Rappahannock Cavalry during the Civil War. I do not support or condone the Confederate States or their cause, I’m just sharing this as a lover of vexillology, since it’s another example of a lesser known historical flag used as an emblem of American defiance against perceived tyranny.

Federal Agent Misconduct

Border Agent Gets 5 Years for Smuggling


Power to Destroy: The Political Uses of the IRS from Kennedy to Nixon

New IRS Scandal Echoes a Long History of Political Harassment

History of IRS Abuse

NAACP blames tax audit on criticism of Bush (Related Follow-Up)

10 Examples of Bush and the Republicans Using Government Power to Target Critics

US lost track of 1,500 immigrant children, but says it’s not ‘legally responsible’

Homeland Security Department Is Accused of Credit Card Misuse

DHS memo reveals agency personnel are treated like “human capital”

Feds accused of selling out neighborhoods to Wall St. firms


Luis Clemente Posada Files (Additional Files)

The Posada File: Part II

Whiteout: The CIA, Drugs, and the Press

House of War: The Pentagon and the Disastrous Rise of American Power

Documents Pertaining to the CIA

The Mind Manipulators: A Non-fiction Account

CIA’s Attempts at Mind Control


Journey Into Madness: Medical Torture and the Mind Controllers

Journey Into Madness: The True Story of Secret CIA Mind Control and Medical Abuse

Psychiatry and the CIA: Victims of Mind Control

The Secret Histories: Hidden Truths That Challenged the Past and Changed the World

Whiteout: The CIA, Drugs, and the Press

Private Institutions Used by CIA to Control Behavior

MKULTRA: Behavioral Modification

Ex-sergeant compensated for LSD experiments Tests by Army, CIA done at Edgewood

Project Chatter – US Navy LSD Experiments on Mental Patients

FOIA Request for Documents Pertaining to Project Chatter

1947–1953: Navy’s Project CHATTER tested drugs for interrogation

Navy Project CHATTER

Black Magic, the Occult, and the CIA

INTELLIGENCE: Of Dart Guns and Poisons

Newly Uncovered Documents Show Pruitt Spent Nearly $900,000 on Personal Security for Travel

1,224 Complaints Reveal a Staggering Pattern of Sexual Abuse in Immigration Detention. Half of Those Accused Worked for ICE.


Low-Priority Immigrants Still Swept Up in Net of Deportation

National Council Of La Raza Dubs Obama ‘Deporter-In-Chief’

The Hard Truths About Obama’s Deportation Priorities

The Trump administration just admitted it doesn’t know how many kids are still separated from their parents

Border Patrol Separating Nearly 45 Immigrant Children a Day From Their Families: Report

The unspeakable cruelty of Trump’s child-migrant camps

This Is the Prison-Like Border Facility Holding Migrant Children

Movement to call migrant detention centers ‘concentration camps’ swells online

Laura Bush: Separating children from their parents at the border ‘breaks my heart’

Shelters for immigrant children near capacity in Texas

Texas Immigrant Children Shelters Had 150 Health Violations in Past Year

Merger of ICE, CBP considered

You Can’t Keep Up with Obama’s Incompetence, Corruption, and Hyperactivity

Acting AG incorrectly claimed ‘Academic All-American’ honors on resume: report

ICE Agents Accused of Excessive Force, Using Racial Slurs During Tennessee Slaughterhouse Raid: Lawsuit

Iran-Contra Affair

The Iran-Contra Affair

The Iran-Contra Affair – 1986-1987

Flag denoting Custer’s headquarters during the Civil War. (By the way, the only reason I used three times as many Southern flags as Northern in this series is because the Confederacy’s banners were far more creative and varied in design than their Union counterparts. It’s just a shame they’re tainted in their association with slavery and racism.)

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