Something a Little Less Serious (Random Art)

After all that bleakness contained in my last batch of uploads, let’s relax for a second now and enjoy something less depressing. Here are some aesthetically pleasing images I’ve found on the internet which I’ll bet most of you haven’t seen before. I’ve been looking for an excuse to share them for awhile now and this seemed as good of a time as any…

Barbarella Posters & Promo Art

I absolutely adore this film and its titular character. I want to discuss it in-depth at some future date, but for now here’s my collection of digital art associated with the project.

More ’60s-’70s Film Posters (Mostly From the Exploitation and Italian Giallo Genres)

Additional Album Artwork

I’ve linked to a much bigger collection before, but I happened to find these recently and wanted to bring them to the attention of any interested readers. This includes two pictures of the USA I’d never seen before.


I was trying to find a pair of sunglasses to match those worn by Maria at the end of Femina Ridens. I came upon this other awesome designs, largely from the ’60s.

Speaking of which, I recently came upon scans of an out of print book Psychopathia Sexualis in Italian Sinema which included a brief expose on Femina Ridens, complete with behind the scenes pictures.

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