Another “Playlist” of Lesser Known Music I Strongly Recommend

Here’s something else to subside some of the dreariness out of the last two days’ depressing uploads. One of the very first blog posts I ever made was a giant playlist consisting of obscure albums which I felt deserved more recognition. Since then, I’ve found more underappreciated music I feel is worth sharing, so I’d like to give them some love now. These are not listed in terms of preference, just broad genre and I tried to group artists’ work together.

I will provide the song/album name and artist in the caption below each video in case YouTube takes them down. For some reason, the last few days WordPress’ captions have been all screwed up on the site and displaying a lot of empty space between the video and text–sorry about that. Just remember the captions are describing the video immediately above them, okay?

The Stelvio Cipriani selections I’ve already mentioned several times on the site, but in the interests of anyone who may be looking for music recommendations and never read those entries, I will include his songs too. The more people who hear his work, the better!

Stelvio Cipriani

I can honestly say without a hint of hyperbole that I consider this to be the greatest song that has ever been recorded. The entire Uccidere in Silenzio soundtrack is fantastic, especially tracks 1 through 4, 8, 9 and 22. (None of the songs are given names, except for #22 which is called Antla.)
Mary’s Theme from Femina Ridens
Weekend with Mary from Femina Ridens
Femina Ridens (Cantata) from Femina Ridens
Rendezvous at the Castle from Femina Ridens
Chorus & Brass Fugato from Femina Ridens
Love Symbol from Femina Ridens
Libretto of Lust from The Lickerish Quartet
Sea of Memories from The Lickerish Quartet
Anonymous Venetian Theme
Piove Per Noi
La Morte Cammina Con from Tacchi Alti
Dik and Buk from Zanna Bianca

Easy Listening/Chill Instrumentals

Plantasia by Mort Garson
Love Theme from “The Flight of the Phoenix”
Anonimo Veneziano by Paul Mauriat
Un Homme Et Une Femme by Paul Mauriat
Love is Blue by Paul Mauriat
Last Tango in Paris by Paul Mauriat
Vivre Pour Vivre by Paul Mauriat
Vivre pour Vivre from Le Cinema de Francis Lai
Vivir Por Vivir from Sexteto Electronico Moderno
Lujon by Henry Mancini
Mucha Muchacha by Esquivel
Mini Skirt by Esquivel
Boulevard of Broken Dreams by Esquivel
Cha Cha Nova by Gerhard Narholz
Metti Una Sera a Cena by Ennio Morricone
Brazil by Antonio Carlos Jobim
Electronic System by Skylab
Corcovado by Stan Getz
Suavecito by Malo
Crepuscolo sul mare by Piero Umiliani
Lui e lei by Piero Umiliani
Risaie by Piero Umiliani
Nostalgia by Piero Umiliani
Atmosphere by Piero Umiliani
Floating by Piero Umiliani
Two of a Kind by Rogier Van Otterloo
Alfie’s Lullaby by Rogier Van Otterloo
I Do Remember by Rogier van Otterloo
Que Reste T Il by Rogier Van Otterloo
Le gars de Rochechouart Rogier Van Otterloo
Orphans by Aphex Twin
Thank You Miss Scott by MFSB
Solstice by Brian Bennett
Laura by Brian Bennett
Nuplex by Brian Bennett
Liquid Sunshine by John Cameron
Half-Forgotten Daydreams by John Cameron
Dove by Cymande
Sadness Theme by Franco Micalizzi
Dreamer by Pierre Arvay
Foggy Night by Massimo Catalano

Sunbeams by J Dilla
Dance of Maria by Elias Rahbani
Kurup by Joeira
Lluvia de primavera by Bebu Silvetti
Pastels by Lauth Quartet
Summer Samba by Walter Wanderley
Romance by Hiroshi Suzuki
Night Lights by Gerry Mulligan
Nicole by Enrico Intra
February by Gianni Marchetti
December by Gianni Marchetti
Quarto de Hotel by Hareton Salvanini
Surrender from Il Commissario Pepe
Piece of Mind by Idris Muhammad
Loran’s Dance by Idris Muhammad
Echoes by Stanley Myers
L’amour Est Bien Plus Fort Que Nous by Francis Lai
Night Tapestry by Howard Blake
Erfüllte Sehnsucht by Berolina Sound Orchestra


The Bottle by Gil Scott Heron
Smiling Faces, Sometimes by Undisputed Truth
Grazing in the Grass by the Friends of Distinction
Dream World by Don Downing
Running Out of Fools by First Choice
Shoop Shoop Song (It’s in his Kiss) by Betty Everett
Walk on By by Dionne Warwick
I Say a Little Prayer by Dionne Warwick
Killing Me Softly with His Song by Roberta Flack
What You Won’t Do For Love by Bobby Caldwell
Could Heaven Ever Be Like This by Idris Muhammad
Tell Me Why by MFSB

Pop Songs

Bay City by Junko Yagami
Fantasy by Meiko Nakahara
Hide and Seek by The Feminine Complex
This Guy’s in Love With You by The Spiral Starecase
Main Theme from Barbarella
I Love All the Love in You from Barbarella
Little Red Book by Manfred Mann
Little Red Book by The Beach Boys
Hello It’s Me by Todd Rundgren
Spooky by Dusty Springfield
Gilbert O’Sullivan – Alone Again, Naturally
In the interim between “White Rabbit” and “Antla,” there was a period of about three years when this was actually my favorite song.

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  1. Goodness, Ms B. I see I have my listening time cut out for me! Lots and lots to dip into here. Nice to see Dutch hero Rogier van Otterloo in there. My favourite piece of his is called “Dat mistige rooie beest”. It’s on YouTube–who knows, it might cure you of your aversion to the harmonica!


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