60+ More Attempts at Designing Flags

I love vexillology (the study of flags) and in a previous blog entry, I offered some designs I’d made for various political philosophies. For fun, because that’s just the kinda thing that I do when I’m bored, I created some banners which could represent my own ideology. (The tenets of which I’m in the process of outlining in my ongoing project, The Sempronian Manifesto.)

In these designs, you’ll see the following symbols:

Pansy Flower: Usually white, five petals. Represents Free Thought. Often overlaid on top of a star, to represent a country founded on the concept of free thought.

Sword of Damocles: A sword piercing a crowned head, represents resistance towards authoritarianism.

Wreath of Stars & LSD Molecule: Represents counter-culture, ego death and undoing the war on drugs. I considered calling my political ideology “Libertarian Social Democracy” at this point, so it’s also something of a play on words. (Or, initialism I guess :P)

Rose: Usually red, six petals. Represents social democracy and egalitarianism.

Gear: A symbol of technocracy (rule by experts in their respective field.)

Red & White “Yin Yang” Logo: Another common symbol for technocracy.

Sunflower: Yellow, eight petals. Represents environmentalism.

White Rabbit: Grassroots organization, “bottom-up” governance.

Ship’s Helm & Hand: Self-Determination by the people.

DMT Molecule and Circuits: Balancing the biological (DMT is often called the “spirit molecule”) and technological. Alternatively, balancing wisdom (from psychedelic experiences) with intelligence (creating and mastering digital electronics.)

Wreath of Planets: Scientific discovery and understanding, long-term planning to accomplish a goal as lofty as interplanetary exploration.

Red, White & Blue Designs

Black, White & Red Designs

Red, Blue & Gold Designs

Four Color Designs

Horizontal Tricolors


  1. I guess I’m just a sucker for your flags — it was your earlier flag designs that drew me here in the first place. My favourite among this new batch is #12, probably for all the wrong reasons. 😉


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