The Political Atlas (A New Spectrum Model)

This is my detailed explanation of a possible multi-axis model of the political spectrum, combined with an extensive glossary of common political science terms. The cover image of each photo is a mock apolitical flag design of my own creation. The pansy flower represents Free Thought.

The reason for separating this directory from the other three in the Featured Editorials section is due to the fact that I did little real writing for this project. The definitions are literally copied and pasted (though sometimes paraphrased slightly) from other sources. Unlike nearly every other post or multi-part series in this blog, The Political Atlas does not represent my writing ability so much as serve as a disclaimer for future political essays to come. I want everyone who reads or participates in conversation on this site to be on the same page with regards to what certain terms actually mean. Only if we’re working from the same base understanding can we have a productive dialogue about any subject. And considering the heated nature of politics in this day and age, I do not want to have to waste any time in the future rebutting someone’s pejorative use of certain terms in the comments. I want to be able to point to this series and say “I’m using that definition here, take it or leave it.”

1. Introduction (Beyond Left and Right)

2. Domestic Policy Spectrum (Part 1)

3. Domestic Policy Spectrum (Part 2)

4. Foreign Policy Spectrum (Part 1)

5. Foreign Policy Spectrum (Part 2)

6. Constitutional Spectrum

7. Republican Spectrum

8. US Political History

9. Colors, Symbols & Iconography