Beautiful St Patrick’s Day Fantasy

Howdy y’all.

Normally in this “Beautiful [Holiday] Fantasy” series, I like to regale you all with a cannabis-induced stream of consciousness that’s too wacky or incoherent to share in a fully serious manner yet (hopefully) too entertaining to leave on the shelf. Such is not the case today. Today I want to update you on what’s going on behind the scenes of theCarbonFreeze.

I’ve been hard at work on one last really big religious narrative, this time based on the Pistis Sophia, perhaps the greatest work of literature in the entire Gnostic canon as well as the definitive surviving text of the Valentinian creation myth. It’s coming along but it’s a big project, perhaps as long as The Acts of Mary ended up being. It will include most of the characters who graced my previous story, particularly: Jesus (of course), Desdemona, Mary Magdalene, Marcellina, Elissa, Julius Caesar, Lucius Pinarius and Saint Germain as they struggle through our shitty fallen world to ascend to God. It will be called SOPHiA SOTERiA (“Ascendance of Wisdom”) and I hope to finish it in the next few months. I got the inspiration to write this as soon as the Acts was done, I’ve spent the last 8 months doing research and filling out an outline as well as generating various illustrations via AI. Now I’m just working on putting concept to prose. I’m really excited to share this with you, what I hope will be the culmination of all my favorite pieces of religious doctrine as well as secular philosophy.

So in short, I’m sorry for the lack of quantity uploads lately but I hope the quality will be worth it. And if Gnosticism is not your thing, you can rest assured that I have a dozen or so prompts I want to share after this last project is done. There’s several Italian movies I’d like to sing the praises of, from Fellini to the more obscure. I’d like to take a minute and discuss my favorite childhood cartoons and what they meant to me. I want to create some additional, less exhaustive stories about Marcellina (as an excuse to write a Greek tragedy, complete with a chorus, as well as a Satyr play.) I need to articulate why circumcision is an overlooked evil in this so-called civilization of ours. Also, I have some ideas for utilizing differently programmed AI chatbots which I will explain more in-depth in a future post. So I hope you all will stay tuned for that!

Speaking of which, I’ve been having a lot of fun playing around with AI art generators lately. The best results of this endeavor will be used in my upcoming story, the remainder will be shared at a later time as their own blog entry and I’d like to post a little sneak preview below. I know AI is somewhat disconcerting in its ability to displace human labor, but the silver lining is it lets people like me bring our fantasies (perhaps of the beautiful holiday variety?) to life quickly, simply and for free. I didn’t invent this technology, I’m not the one bankrolling it, but as it exists I will try to have fun with it.

Based on the SMiLE Cover

Based on I Spy Fantasy‘s “City Blocks”

Based on Kirby’s Dreamland 3‘s Black Trippy Robo-Pyramid Level


  1. Good luck with your writing. It’s good to have a big push. Especially when it’a a labour of love, as it were. Hey, you must have been aware of the Theosopical Society, but I’d like to throw you a couple of book names that may, or may not, pad the edges of a conceptual Sophianic bookshelf. They wax Pagan, as I lean that way, but are insightful and may entertain you. Else Brita Titchenell writes “The Masques of Odin.” Sylvia Brinton Parera writes “The Irish Bull God.” (That’s Crom if you’re a Conan fan.) Both have keen psychological merits. Thomas Karlsson writes “Nightside of the Runes,” which is a curious blend of Cabala and Runosophy. Runosophy having been an attempt to blend elements of Syncretic Gnosticism into a kind of Esoteric Christianity. He also wrote half the songs to Therion, right.
    A.I. makes me think of the story of Vespasian and the Architect. That and the “uncanny valley.” Which I guess is a metaphor, one of my friends told me about. Some of the AI generants are indistinguishable to my mind from human art. I can trace in my mind’s eye how my hand might have gone in some of the sketchier ones. And then you remember there was no hand. (I do “art” on the side, it’s mediocre but mine. I keep an online sketchbook next to my blog.)

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  2. Hi Cassie,

    Good to see you posting again. You have been shairing your AI Art pictures with me all along. You have created Some very cool interesting images!


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