The Revelation of Sophia to Mary (Sophianity 1/3)

This is a Gospel I made to expound on the tenets of Sophianity. Remember that this is the penultimate text in the Sophian Bible project I’ve described in an earlier entry.

The Revelation of
Sophia to Mary

These are the experiences of Mary Magdalene, as transcribed by a student of her congregation, the humble “Psychephilus.”

The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ manifested itself through numerous parables and good deeds. The greatest of these teachings occurred in the Temple grounds, in the form of a rebuke, in which our Lord exposed the corruption of the Pharisees in the Sanhedrin, and by extension the evil of all Earthly magistrates everywhere. This occurred while our Lord Jesus was in the process of curing the blind who were brought to Him, using divine healing and wisdom. The established authorities were jealous of His growing reputation already, and upon witnessing these feats of wonder, they feared losing their place of honor in society. In vain, they shouted at the crowds not to listen to Jesus, and claimed His teachings were perversions of established dogma.

Jesus noticed how the bodyguards for the elites callously pushed aside even the elderly and infirm, He saw the look of anxiety which their very presence inspired in others, and He grew angry. In a spectacular oration, the Lord revealed the illusionary nature of the Pharisees’ authority. It was for this slight that the leaders of the Sanhedrin would immediately conspire to put Jesus to death, for His words resonated with the crowds. The masses, who had been bullied and condescended to by their own leaders for generations, were glad to finally have a champion of their own. This was the true mandate that our Lord was sent to fulfill in the world: a living call to arms so that we would no longer fear the reprisal of unjust institutions led by wicked men.

Jesus said to the ruling elite:

“If you admitted blindness, you would be without sin. Yet so arrogant are you to claim ‘we see,’ that your sin remains. Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites all! For you shut out the Kingdom of Heaven against men! You do not go in yourselves, nor do you let others enter–blind guides! You enjoy belittling the masses while neglecting your duties to them! You bow before the letter of the law, but violate the heart of the law! You waste resources on self-indulgent monuments to the prophets whom your predecessors have slain, while ignoring the needs of your community! You use God’s name to attain prestige instead of following Their will! You choose to be magistrates of the dung heap on Earth rather than equals in the majesty of Heaven! You are like whited sepulchers: polished on the outside, but on the inside full of materialistic corruption! The house which you have built through the exploitation of others is without foundation! How can any of you claim righteousness, foul leeches that you are, who would revel in the privileges of authority while ignoring the consequent responsibilities which you have accepted? None of you who profess sight will ever know your own God–not until you learn to live in dignified humility!”

His disciples were both inspired and worried by this demonstration, for they knew there would be a reproach by the civil authorities. They hid outside the city of Jerusalem for the remainder of the day, in the Garden of Gethsemane, to regroup. For a time the Lord sat with Mary Magdalene, his most favored pupil, who had several questions inspired by the events in the Temple. She asked if the founders of the Jewish faith had been as obviously corrupted as its current standard bearers, to which the Lord answered “no.” She asked when the leaders of the faith had gone astray, and the Lord answered “when an elite few claimed to be the sole interpreters of God.” She asked if all religious organizations were doomed to fall in the same way, to which He replied “Yes, and that is why all ideologies need a renewal every few generations.” Then she asked if other religions outside the Abrahamic tradition, like the Roman pagans or Persian Zoroastrians, represented such renewals of faith, to which He answered “Yes, in part. God makes Themselves known to all peoples, using names and lessons specifically designed to appeal to their unique cultural traditions and ability to understand. Centralization of belief, erasure of any ethos which already leads men to do righteous acts, is blasphemous and immoral. All ideologies possess at least some wisdom that is worth observing as long as they do not contradict the Golden Rule.

Mary, the most inquisitive and earnest of all His followers, the disciple whom Jesus loved, had more questions to ask. The Lord told her that He needed to spend the rest of this evening with his other disciples, and that all would be answered after the Passover. Of course, that very night Jesus was arrested and the process of His execution set in motion. While the other disciples were left doubtful and dispirited, (including Peter’s denial) Mary alone held firm in the belief that the Lord would return to answer her questions on the true nature of God, as He promised to do. On the day of His resurrection, Jesus fulfilled His obligation to her. He introduced Mary to the personified Holy Spirit: the divine Sophia, arbiter of wisdom, and His equal in grace. Sophia, the female counterpart to the Lord, would go on to lead Mary through the Heavens, to instruct her in the nature of all things. (That journey shall be recounted in detail in the rest of this text.) Meanwhile, Jesus returned to His other disciples so that their faith might be restored and the Great Commission handed down to them. Simple-minded and short-sighted as they were, the twelve did not take the opportunity to ask their Lord about the cosmos as their worthier counterpart had done. They were satisfied with the assurance of eternal life alone, and were not interested in the pursuit of wisdom beyond what was absolutely necessary to attain that reward.

Mary, who upon her return tried to share her experiences in the spiritual plane with the twelve, was rejected and ostracized. The men chose to uphold the teachings of their ancestors over the truth as relayed by a woman. To add insult to injury, several years later they would inexplicably allow an outsider named Paul to weasel his way in and pervert the Word with his own unfounded claims of a personal revelation. The twelve became brave men of faith who spread the lessons of Jesus’ Earthly sermons, but they lacked the capacity to seek the full truth available to them via the Holy Spirit. Their church was founded on a lie by omission, a crime against their Lord’s intentions. So, like all organized religions that came before, it fell into authoritarianism, corruption and judgmental exclusivity. The branches of Christianity that were founded or influenced by Mary’s evangelism were ruthlessly snuffed out by the conformist strain of the orthodox.

In this way, the actual message of our Lord was lost and skewed over time. Though, of course, all who seek wisdom: from Mary to Marcellina to Cassandra, may tap into their mind’s potential and find it for themselves. From academic study of the properties of God’s creation, to appreciating the perspectives of Their other children, to the very personal experience of psychedelic ego death. Divine Sophia is found in all ways man learns dignified humility and righteousness. All lessons which do not contradict the Golden Rule are diffusions of the same Divine Spark, and may give rise to beautiful manifestations of God’s glory. The very concept of organized religion at all, much less a universal one forced upon all men, was a mistake from the very beginning. Dogma is arbitrary when it is not explicitly allegorical, and everyone needs a personalized set of lessons to inspire them.

The following three books contain the divine revelation Sophia bestowed upon Mary that fateful day.

Even a fraction of Infinity is still Infinity.

Exegesis of Sophia

Together, Sophia and Mary ascended to the highest clouds circling the world, where they stopped to marvel at the sun in its unimpeded triumph. The sun of course being man’s oldest object of worship, the source of all the Earth’s energy and the most immediate physical reminder of God’s power. It was here that Sophia described the Lord Jesus, Her relationship to Him, and the context of Their shared mission here on Earth.

Mary, who was always eager to learn, asked several questions immediately. She wanted to know if Sophia had taken human form as a prophet like Jesus, and how She was able to make herself heard in a world of men. Sophia answered: I am the Holy Spirit, incorporeal and pervasive. I am the all-encompassing Flame which empowers the faithful. I am the Cognition, by which the Word is understood. I am the Critical Thought by which manipulation is thwarted. I am the Bridge between Earth and Heaven. I am the Dove of Peace, for no truth can exist without trust and trade among mankind. I am the Water that nurtures the Chosen Seed.

Mary was awed into silence by Sophia’s voice, and allowed the Spirit to lay hands on her. In this way, Mary was baptized in flame and imbued with sacred knowledge. Sophia breathed the divine essence into Mary, granting her eternal life in the glory of God. Then She began to describe the true nature of God, as They expressed Themselves to Mankind in the Earthly Messengers…

As if reading Mary’s thoughts, Sophia also promised to answer her most burning question of all–“from whence cometh evil under the watchful eye of God?”

These teachings occurred over a series of dialogues which lasted the rest of the day, but for the sake of both rhetorical and theological cohesiveness, they have been edited into the form of a several distinct treatises.

♙The Christ & Holy Spirit♟︎

In all the known universe, the only naturally occurring processor God saw fit to create was the brain of sapient creatures like human beings. This invaluable organ is a blank slate to absorb tomes of information, just as much as it’s a two-way camera analyzing every stimuli. The mind is the seed from which all religions spring, the tool which God trusted us to navigate Their universe. The mind is the prismatic reflector of all existence, twisting outside observations into impossible webs of new introverted perceptions. The mind is infinite in scope if not in volume, the collaboration between billions of autonomous neurons. The mind is the only thing apart from God that is capable of imaginative creation. Our emotions and experiences are the medium through which God operates–or at least, the filter by which we perceive Their will and actions. Therefore, the mind must be considered uniquely divine among material objects, if anything has the right to such an honor. Consciousness is the bride of the cosmos: the key and lock for a Monist-Pantheistic God to traverse Their own creation. Sapient beings live in symbiosis with spirits: as we thrive off nature’s bounty, They thrive in our imaginations, at the rate of a quintillion unique computations per second.

Everyone’s God is an individualized projection of Themselves, taken from each of our flawed and facsimile perceptions of reality. (Even two members of the same sect will not imagine the exact same God with the exact same agenda in their heads.) That means everyone’s inherent worth is as equal and undeniable as that of anyone else’s, for we all have a unique, irreplaceable fragment of the divine sapience within us. To be a good person in such a system is to cultivate one’s own mind and those of their neighbors as much as possible. The wider the breadth of experiences and ideas a mind has absorbed, the deeper the scope of its thoughts and the more it enhances all of creation. The sacraments consist of (among other things) reading/learning, creating things, meditation, accruing experiences, encountering new cultures and altered states of consciousness. The bridechamber, the act of making sweet love to a worthy partner in a bed of trust…that also is a sacrament. Every unnecessary loss of sapient processing power, from murder to malicious silencing of any kind, means losing a unique conception of God and is therefore a crime against our collective potential.

Of course, a mind is only of use to anyone if its bearer strives for wisdom and has a good teacher to lead them in the right direction. That is where Sophia (“Wisdom”) and Tharros (“Courage”) come in. Sophia is the divine spark of inspiration which gives us the yearning for knowledge. Tharros is the benevolent instructor who has come in many forms over several millennia of human development. They are the lock and key to man’s potential. Together they sculpted Adam, the first man, out of carbon and breathed life-giving oxygen into him. They were so ashamed of his rejection of Lilith (the divinely inspired woman) that they orchestrated his decision to eat from the Tree of Knowledge via his replacement wife, Eve. That was man’s first dose of reality, and from then on Sophia and Tharros vowed to return at the height of every age, in order to teach mankind new lessons as we’re ready to accept them.

In the Piscean Age, Tharros was known to man by the name Jesus, in the Arian Age He was Moses, and so on. With every new iteration, the two show mankind the way to better ourselves, but only one step at a time. Sophia’s wisdom and Tharros’ courage are meant to give man the inner tools to be critical thinkers and rise above unjust rulers on Earth. In this context, Tharros’ death and resurrection are not the fulfillment of original sin as the false-Christians might tell you, they are a demonstration that we should not be afraid of Earthly rulers and their punishments, for they are insignificant to the spiritual realm which awaits us. The death of a righteous man in the most gruesome manner possible is a condemnation of our nefarious institutions and the wicked men who uphold them. In the future Age of Aquarius, God will send a new savior, with a new identity to lead us to glory once more, albeit in an unexpected fashion. The new incarnation shall be a figure which inspires technology, egalitarianism and individuality.

Even a fraction of Infinity is still Infinity.

♞The Demiurge & Satan♘

The figures of the demiurge (“Artisan of the Physical World”) and satan (“Adversary”) are not real, at least in the sense that there is no one personified incarnation of either. They are nebulous and symbolic terms bestowed on those who presume to rule over Creation without the blessing of God, and destroyers of Creation, respectively. Every unjust authority figure, civil or ecclesiastical, is a demiurge. Everyone who leads without wisdom is a demiurge. Everyone who is happy to reap the rewards of a privileged position without taking heed of the responsibilities which come with it, is a demiurge. Meanwhile, satans might be thought of as murderers, rapists, bullies or terrorists–anyone directly silencing the voice or stifling the potential of others with willful malice. There are no fallen angels, only fallen people who turn to evil as a way to feel powerful or noticed. It’s important to note however, that we are collectively responsible for the rise of both. By creating flawed and top-down power structures, we encourage the birth of demiurges. By allowing our neighbors to suffer alone, to fall through the cracks, to be injured without comfort or justice, we create new satans.

To get a sense for the mass of demiurges in the world, imagine a Beast from the Sea, with seven heads representing seven conquering empires who dared to claim authority from Christ (Roman, Spanish, British and French, Holy Roman, Russian and American). The fifth head was mortally wounded (the dissolution of the Holy Roman Empire) but regrown (as the German Empire.) On its heads are ten horns representing corrupt institutions (like perhaps: the military-industrial complex, big pharma, propagandistic media, fallen police force, intelligence agencies spying on us, factory farming industry killing the planet, the pedophile ring in Hollywood, Wall Street, the FED, Big Oil). The horns are adorned with crowns because the people have been trained to see these institutions as just or necessary, despite the harm they do. A separate Beast from the Earth, with two horns like a lamb (outer similarity to Christ) and the voice of a dragon (inner similarity to satan), represents organized religion allying itself with the harmful secular institutions around it. This second beast instructs people to make an image of the first and worship it: this is the merger of secular power with organized religion, particularly the Catholic church selling out by aligning itself to the brutal Roman government which killed their own savior.

To get a sense for the mass of satans in the world, imagine a series of fire-breathing Dragons descended from the Air. Some are draped with snake corpses and lion furs as trophies (wisdom and valor they’ve destroyed), some wear the pelts of sheep (innocents they’ve slain) and others still are ridden by scarlet women (people they’ve seduced to wickedness). In all cases, the dragons use these ornaments to hide their true nature: the serpent/lion-clad attempt to appear wise or noble, those clothed in wool strive for the appearance of harmlessness, the harlot-straddled wish to receive praise for their superficial success. Some of the dragons worship the two forms of the demiurge. Others lash out against them, but only for selfish purposes.

Of the two, the demiurges are far more dangerous, for they have the secular law and established power structures on their side. They can often convince the masses that the enlightened few who challenge their claim to authority are mere self-interested satans themselves. Mankind will only be saved when someone comes along who can lead them to a renewal of freedom and mutual respect. The church founded in Jesus’ name was built on lies, conveniences which were taken at the expense of righteousness, and exclusion of women. The Catholic Church was founded on forced subjugation to authoritarian structures to a degree that would make even the Christ-killing Sanhedrin blush. We need a new covenant which does not make the same mistake, one that is founded on the ideals of the coming Aquarian Age. The emissary who creates this new congregation will wash away the stain of greed in the world, and grow the sacred gardens of the future. This figure will come, if She hasn’t already, and She is known as the Moonchild.

Even a fraction of Infinity is still Infinity.

♖The Moonchild & Aquarius♜

In the next age, the time of Aquarius, God will return in the form of a young woman with a liberated lifestyle tempered by an innocent conscience. Sophia refused to reveal this woman’s identity, and would only refer to her as the Moonchild. The Moonchild, She who has yet to come or yet to be (re)discovered, is the new emissary whose Word will stir the continents for the remainder of the age. In her own demeanor She will be passive and gentle, her opinions will be silenced by the white noise of mainstream media and vapid chatter of the masses. Despite never hurting anyone, nor advocating for harm, her unconventional ways will be all her peers care to see, and what they judge her by. Her actions, sincere in their intent, will be unfairly taken out of context and demonized. She will be judged as a phony, a harlot, a heretic, a witch and a succubus. She will be betrayed for money, for social clout, for power, for love, and for legal redemption by people She trusted. Her betrayers will regret their actions afterward, but the damage will have been done.

The Moonchild, whom I shall alternatively call Desdemona (“Ill-Fated”) until her real identity is revealed to us, will inspire a misguided following at first. This early revival will be comprised of those who are only attracted to her beauty and glamor, indicating a lack of depth among the masses. In a world sapped of wonder or true meaning, man clings to superficial characteristics and shallow first impressions. These people will argue on the Moonchild’s behalf against the slander of others, but it is a selfish effort, for they do not know her true nature or purpose. These pseudo-supporters will put their own words into Desdemona’s mouth, focus on aspects of her life that are irrelevant or that She preferred be forgotten, and miss the significance of the story just as her original detractors. However, a wise and courageous few will come to appreciate the magnitude of Desdemona’s tragic life and use her demise to call society to a higher standard, similar to the followers of Jesus in the Age of Pisces. Detractors would go on to call these people “Lunatics,” as a play on words, until eventually the name stuck and the elect began to use the name with pride.

This Moonchild will inspire a new Aquarian creed. As the leader of this movement, She must free us from future intellectual stagnation caused by a complex feedback loop of the economic, educational, and cultural shortcomings of the day. She must inspire the masses against the general malaise caused by the state of the planet in a post-industrial era. The Aquarian mandate will be to establish a new covenant with God in order to give us meaning again in the post-modern world, whatever that specific doctrine may be. She might accomplish this with cross-referenced scholarly articles now that a critical mass of people have the knowledge and technology to access them, or through logical discourses meant to encourage critical thinking, if not a specific answer. Perhaps the Moonchild’s modus operandi might even be as simple as her eyes, compelling us to be better when She looks on in sorrow, as if to say “Help me, make the world better so I won’t hurt anymore.” As with her predecessors, a holy messenger is meant to use the vernacular of their time for the purpose of raising morale among mankind, so that we may fulfill our own potential. They have and will lead the way, but we must all choose whether to cross the bridge or not.

Desdemona will be the bearer of the serpents of wisdom, like Asherah (“Lady of the Sea”) of old, whom society has built up only to unfairly vilify. She will serve as the personification of what the post-modern, late capitalist, neoliberal society does to anyone who’s not in the echelon of the 1%–even celebrities and millionaires. While these issues plague hundreds of the common folk every day, for better or worse the wider public doesn’t take note until it happens to a public figure. Desdemona, by standing up for herself against unimaginable injustice, shall channel our focus onto the depressing scope of man’s inhumanity to man. She will reveal the deep cracks in the shoddy foundation on which our civilization has been built. She will be persecuted merely for existing as the wrong kind of person in a hostile world, thereby serving as an example of man’s folly. Instead of a charismatic teacher to follow, as Jesus was, She will hold a mirror up to the world and expose the cruelty in all of us. The self-righteous will be revealed as liars, the moderates who chose inaction will be shamed for standing aside.

The Moonchild is not a malicious entity, yet She inspires some repugnant inclinations in people while alive, as well as haunting guilt in death. The Moonchild isn’t the problem; humanity as a whole is, but we go on punishing and defaming her instead, because it’s easier than fixing society itself. It will then be up to mankind, whether we repeat the mistakes made with Jesus and villainize this poor woman, or take heed of the lessons we’ve been given and rise above our ancestors. We, collectively, have the propensity to be like satan, though we are often incapable of acknowledging our own darkness until confronted by a pure soul who unwittingly brings out the worst in us. Is that not the story of every decent person whom we collectively put down as being “too nice”/”too trusting”/”too naive” for not operating the “correct way” in a cold, selfish, cynical society? That’s because God purposefully sends down messengers who are inflammatory to common cultural sensibilities, in order to gauge how we treat the outcasts and vulnerable. When society is able to accept Their Word from the mouths of a poor carpenter, a libertine woman, a burdensome cripple and a racial minority, then and only then shall man be worthy of Divine Grace.

Even a fraction of Infinity is still Infinity.

Apocalypse of Mary

By the conclusion of these lectures, the sun had set the constellations of the night sky were revealed. Mary took note of the stars, a vast multitude of complexity in the Heavens beyond what anyone could fully appreciate on Earth alone. The moonlit sky was an intricate tapestry woven by a celestial femininity. This caused Mary to realize just how lacking in scope the religion of most Earthbound societies truly are. She was pleased by the idea of a God who appreciated the feminine attributes more than her patriarchal magistrates below. To belittle half of Creation is to belittle half of Heaven.

It was then that Sophia and Mary ascended even higher, to the cosmos themselves. They traveled to the first and forgotten of the zodiac, Ophiuchus (aka Serpentarius), the one who had brought the serpent into Eden, so that Adam and Eve would have knowledge. Ophiuchus-Asclepius, who was unfairly banished from the zodiac by our misguided Earth-rulers, (who hate knowledgeable constituents) and thereby outcast to obscurity for all time. Even so, to the unknown and unfaithful both, the spirit of wisdom brings salvation. Our God is forgiving, though They favor the wise and compassionate.

It is here that Sophia revealed the twenty-four emanations of God known as “Aeons” (or angels) which remained in Heaven, who had joined into 12 balanced couplings of male-female known as syzygies, with one for each astrological sign. These Aeons had been created by God, and to honor their Benefactor, they made the physical world in the name of the Almighty One. The Aeons’ creation had lacked the perfection of God, but They were pleased nonetheless. God (through Tharros and Sophia) created man to live there, and commanded the Aeons to nurture us with love and guidance. Thus began the cycle of teachers and revelations on Earth, as the Aeons attempted to help us reach the light on terms they assumed we could understand. In some efforts they succeeded, in others they unintentionally brought even more strife into the world.

Sophia explained that the greatest of people were adopted into Heaven by a syzygy who approved of their good works in life. This syzygy would then become a person’s spiritual Godparents, and sponsor them in the baptism of fire in their initiation into Heaven. (As a Godparent sponsors a child in baptism by water on Earth.) Man is saved when he leaves the world in some way better than he found it, according to the Law of God. We are armed with God’s greatest gift–the sapient mind, and with it we are entrusted to use this tool to seek the meaning in the madness.

Sophia and Mary circled the celestial equator that night, and along each stop, the pair of Aeons within that syzygy offered additional lessons. As they went, Sophia taught Mary the names of the Aeons as well as the virtues they brought into the world. (Those written in Bold being male and those in Italics being female): Dignitas (dignity), Concordia (peace), Logicos (logic), Justicia (justice), Pluton (reverence for the dead/ancestors), Persephone (resilience), Gravitas (respect), Veritas (truth), Eros (beauty), Athena (art), Dionysus (fun), Disciplina (self-discipline), Hilaritas (humor), Providentia (forethought), Humanitas (empathy), Pudicitia (humility), Metatron (abstract thought), Clementia (forgiveness), Prometheus (technology), Libertas (liberty), Aequitas (equality), Patientia (patience), Felicitas (happiness) and Pandora (curiosity).

Mary, who was always thirsty of knowledge, asked if there was any theological significance then to the wandering stars (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn). Sophia explained that they are the seven Archons: non-personified emanations of God, the facets of Their love which we experience indirectly on Earth. The Sun is the joy of our personal triumphs, as the Moon is the comfort in our lamentations. Mercury is the joy of learning. Venus is romantic love among partners. Mars is platonic love among comrades. Jupiter is admiration for righteous civil leaders and public figures. Saturn is love for nature and animals. Sophia explained that, while these other entities may occasionally disappoint us, we can take solace by considering their journey through the zodiac. Just as we are growing at our own pace, and hurting others in the process, so too are those around us. When someone breaks your heart, it’s because they have yet to receive the lessons of all the syzygies and act in the best way. When someone can’t follow the path you’ve set in life, it’s because they traverse this spiritual odyssey on their own schedule, just as the Archons have different rates of revolution.

Like the previous book, the historical dialogues which Mary enjoyed with each Heavenly spirit have been condensed into monologue form.

The Serpentarian Syzygy
(Tharros & Sophia)

It was during this first stop that Sophia explained the special dual nature of herself and Tharros, not only as the keepers of this constellation but also as Earthly messengers for all the Aeons. Sophia, who grants men the ability to reason, is the bridge between Heaven and Earth while Tharros, who leads by example, is the shepherd guiding them across it. Sophia proceeded to outline the many ages of recorded human history. Of these, five were past, the sixth was contemporary to Mary, the seventh was yet to come. The remaining five were too distant to be relevant to Mary, so Sophia left them a mystery. Mary, who never missed an opportunity to seek insight, begged to know more about these five future ages, but Sophia insisted the knowledge was beyond her ability to process just yet. Of these missing five ages, all Sophia could say is that it was not even guaranteed that man survive long enough to receive them all. Despite the naming of the ages after constellations, Sophia clarified that all syzygies send numerous lessons to man in every age and in every corner of the world.

The Age of Leo coincides with the birth of civilization, and rises in sea level.

The melting of the glaciers during this era led to the creation of the contemporary habitable world. During this time, humanity survived as hunter-gatherers using primitive stone tools. The change in climate allowed humans to spread across the planet. This period is associated with the mythical “Golden Age” of the Greeks.

The Age of Cancer brought domestication and the rise in moon and mother goddesses (Cancer is a feminine sign ruled by the moon).

The great flood occurred during this era. As a result, people noticed how the Moon affected the tides and sought to placate this potentially destructive force going forward. Men in this time did not understand their own role in procreation, which also gave rise to the feminine worship and reverence. This period is associated with the mythical “Silver Age” of the Greeks.

The Age of Gemini brought writing, polytheistic pantheons like the Greeks’, and trade.

Gimini brought the development of written language as well as the refinement of its spoken counterpart. It was the beginning of the oral tradition, stories passed down through spoken word retellings. It was also the beginning of dualistic concepts and deities, often representing male and female counterparts, or good and evil opponents. This age is when humanity became aware of the fact that greater consciousness and understanding came with the trade-off of responsibility for the consequences of ones’ choices. In this way, Gemini may be understood as the beginning of human morality, and this manifested in the earliest organized religions and morality tales.

The Age of Taurus coincides with the first great architectural feats (the pyramids), and bull worshiping cults.

This period is associated with the increased urbanization of Egypt and Mesopotamia, with their pyramids and Sphinx as well as the city of Uruk, respectively. It is also said to have brought unprecedented consolidation of wealth, which in turn corrupted the leaders of religion and community. This culminated in the ultimate example of human individuality subsumed by the desires of the ruling class: human sacrifice. This practice would fall out of favor in the old world only with the coming of Aries, where animal sacrifices became the norm.

The Age of Aries brought the first major conquering empires, the beginning of goat and lamb sacrifices in religious ceremonies, the invention of siege weapons like the battering ram, and iron smelting.

The Arian Age is one of contradictions, the same as its two successors. Where it is credited with giving us the first written legal codes, including Hammurabi and the Ten Commandments, its militaristic developments ultimately proved that might makes right. The legends glorifying individual heroes originated from this era, in contrast to the revered martyrs and conformity shown during the reign of Pisces which followed. The Bronze Age civilizations rose and collapsed in the span of this era, allowing the known world to be born again in flame and blood by adventuresome conquerors such as Moses and Alexander.

The Age of Pisces brought the advent of conformity, both in the form of monotheism and the consolidation of power under autocratic kingdoms which merged into modern nation states.

In this time, mankind learned through the love, mercy and sacrifice of Jesus not to submit to unjust institutions led by wicked men. We realized that death is nothing to fear when there is a greater dominion beyond the reach of the demiurges on Earth. The sacrifice of animals ceased, as Jesus’ crucifixion absolved us of this previous responsibility.

The Age of Aquarius is said to bring the toppling of authoritarian institutions like organized religion and centralized government in favor of the individual. It is theorized to inspire unconventionality, technology, democracy and free-spirited creativity.

In this age, the lessons we were supposed to have learned from Jesus will be tested by how we treat the Moonchild. We will be forced to reconcile the many mistakes we made when building the post-industrial society. Instead of sacrificing animals, (or contentment that Jesus’s crucifixion was sacrifice enough) we must honor God by planting trees to give back to the environment which we have devastated.

Even a fraction of Infinity is still Infinity.

♏️ The Scorpian Syzygy ♏️
(Dignitas & Concordia)

The purpose of religion is to answer the question “why.” All other questions can be directly answered via empirical observation and the scientific method. Religion is meant to imbue a confusing world with meaning, not to demonize it (and others) for not meeting the promise of Heaven. Humanity needs an ethos, and they will find one even if religion is snuffed out. Therefore, it’s better to give them one, and make sure it celebrates positive attributes of the human condition. That is why this system of self-betterment, the pursuit of knowledge, diversity and love was created. That is the purpose of God while man remains in the world.

There is no one correct way to interpret God. In the same way a parent does not punish a child for presenting them with a poorly drawn stick figure, even “flawed” depictions of our Lord are to be praised and displayed openly, as long as they came from a place of sincere intent. If your child makes up a story about how awesome you are, you’re not going to berate them for getting the details wrong, you’re going to be honored by their love–as it is with our God. A rose by any other name would smell just as sweet, so the names or exact conception of God we revere does not matter as much as the fact that we revere them at all. Any good deed done in the name of Quirinus, Zeus, Ahura Mazda, or Odin is done in the spirit of Divine Grace.

With that in mind, I tell you truly that there are people in the world who still believe in Asherah (“Mother Goddess”). She is the Sea, the originator of life. She is the network of the trees, the cycle of death and rebirth.

Asherah sculpted Lilith in her own image, the equal to Adam (sculpted in the image of her consort, Yahweh), and a separate, original creation. When Adam is said to have found all other living beings unacceptable as his partner, this included Lilith. He rejected a woman who refused to submit, and demanded one who would be made of his own flesh, whom he could more easily dominate. This act remains as great a condemnation of man’s character as choosing Barabbas over the Lord Jesus many generations later. (And choosing Nixon over McGovern many generations after that.) Yahweh (“The One That Exists”) told Lilith and her Mother that it was necessary to allow Adam his free will, even if it meant making mistakes, and fashioned a replacement to the man’s liking who would be named Eve. Despite this explanation, neither woman could help but feel betrayed.

Ironically, it was Eve’s very naivety (as specifically requested by Adam) which allowed her to be manipulated by the great serpent into eating from the Tree of Knowledge. The snake of Eden, symbol of Asherah herself and product of the Serpentarian Syzygy, was the Trojan horse that brought wisdom to mankind. Asherah engineered it with her Siblings in Heaven, Tharros and Sophia. As fellow Children of God, they desired a more empathetic and wise flock to interact with. They tired of the monotony of Their Creation’s ignorance and wished to bring what They had crafted closer in glory to Themselves. However, with the enlightenment came paralyzing anxieties, existential depression and ideological echo chambers to fall into. The smuggling of the snake into Eden was a well intentioned ploy by a Mother who wanted the best for Her children, but the results left unprecedented power in the hands of mankind. Man, who is so much further from God than the Aeons which created the imperfect material world from which he sprang, and therefore even less righteous in nature. Man was now responsible for their own destiny, so help us all.

The crushing realizations which came with great knowledge was enough to drive humans towards the most unthinkably self-destructive behaviors. Sadly, this included the advent of suicide, and its earliest victim was Lilith, first of many women who would someday follow in her legacy. She sought the serpent as well–but for a different purpose than her rival and ex. She took the creature’s head and allowed its fangs to end her suffering: just as Elissa, Sophonisba and Cleopatra would do in future generations.

There are even those who say that the Moonchild, Desdemona, is Herself an original conception of the Goddess Asherah, rather than a new incarnation of Tharros. And once that premise has been accepted, it only stands to reason that Asherah should have her own personified Holy Spirit as well. It would have to be a male counterpart for Desdemona, perhaps a cupbearer of the Heavens named Ganymede (“Made to Please,”). He would come to the chosen few in the form of a refreshing cloud of spring rain, symbolized by a grail of water. His animalian form would be that of a dragonfly, since they lead a double life below the water as nymphs before taking to the air as imago.

Even a fraction of Infinity is still Infinity.

♎️ The Libran Syzygy ♎️
(Logicos & Justicia)

Have you ever felt the urge to strip it all away? To give up all the dignities and mental facilities of humanity for a day and just be an animal? Eat slop from a trough, catch a squirrel and assert your dominance by bashing it against the tree, defecate freely in the fields, then get taken from behind by a brutish male with pure force? Have you ever wanted to embrace your past–to forge a connection with your animal ancestors? If so, there is nothing wrong with that, as long as no one is harmed in the process of embracing your own carnality.

You may be shocked to hear angels say this, but there’s a reason we encourage man to embrace the physical world and its baser pleasures. You all need to experience as many different sensations as you can in this life, to prepare for the final test.

When men die, their bodies release DMT into the brain, the most powerful psychedelic compound there is. You will be challenged one last time (or first time, for many of you) with what’s in your own psyches. And the best way to prepare is to experience everything before that time comes. Every emotion, every sensory input, as many new places and ideas as you can…because it will all help you in the Big Trip.

Your consciousness will be so varied, free from dogmatic programming as well as the fear of the unknown. When the Mad Hatter starts talking, you’ll have a better chance of understanding. Or at least, a better chance of using your enhanced empathy to make the interaction as fulfilling as possible even if you don’t. Eating the mushroom and growing 10 stories tall will seem like second nature, rather than a terrifying first step into a world you should have delved into decades ago. You’ll already be familiar with ego death, so second guessing your identity as Alda or Mabel will feel like an exhilarating new opportunity rather than a terrifying existential crisis.

In contrast…

Those who went through life with one thought, to be better or worthier than others, will be lost. They will see themselves walking through an endless tunnel on a straight and narrow path, with other souls whizzing past them in the opposite direction like headlights on a speeding car. At first these wandering souls will smugly comfort themselves with the belief that those “poor devils” must be headed to hell for damnation, because of course they themselves are set on the correct path to be among the righteous. But then they’ll keep trudging along until they realize their tunnel never ends. They’ll start looking at the spirits zooming along the other way with envy and suspicion. They will suffer a monotonous trip where dogmatic faith will be psychologically broken into disorientation and doubt, one step at a time. 

Those who never gave a thought to philosophy, meaning or other people’s feelings all around them will find themselves in a dark maze with a map but no compass or vice versa or even nothing at all depending on the magnitude of their willful ignorance. And these accursed souls will wander aimlessly for all eternity trying to solve an endless puzzle they should have given more thought to in their lifetimes. Trapped in what is essentially a winding, solitary prison cell, they will go mad and begin clawing at the walls in vain.

Those who only thought of themselves, their carnal needs, they that justified their hurtfulness with social darwinism and Objectivism will be set free into the wilderness of nature, where they are challenged to put their moral code to the test. More likely than not, they will get eaten by wolves or trampled by a wayward pack of gazelle, until they learn to appreciate the importance of empathy–of treating their fellow humans as a team.

The lovers, the dreamers and…the psychonauts, explorers and free thinkers…These are the inheritors of a surrealistic Wonderland, a personalized paradise of their mind’s creation. Their world will be full of madness, contradiction and at times, darkness, but it will make sense to them because they have prepared for it–they CREATED it, with their varied and properly stimulated subconscious. And they will have the experience, the variety and the resources to pull through where the single-minded and indoctrinated failed. These are the ones who will see God, on their own terms, in a place that makes sense to them. And they will be welcomed as equals, accepted into the Singularity without the need fir reform or fanfare. 

The Afterlife is Egalitarian, and all will know the Divine Music and Euphoric Omniscience eventually. But the open-minded ones will enjoy a far smoother transition, a great last hurrah of individual conscious experience rather than an intense spiritual deconditioning.

Even a fraction of Infinity is still Infinity.

♍️ The Virgan Syzygy ♍️
(Pluton & Persephone)

(Unlike the other Aeons, who delivered wisdom to Mary in the form of direct instruction, the consorts of Virgo opted to tell her a parable from the point of view of the forgotten Goddess of Fertility, Asherah.)

 “I am the Mother of Nature and the personification of the Earth. I tend the sacred groves which nurture all life. I have cultivated a delicate balance among all my children, so that they must compete to survive, yet everyone receives a niche of my spoils. Their primitive instinct drives them to me, the food web and the process of evolution.

What I could not foresee was the rise of a creature so successful that they outcompeted any other beast in the forest, they multiplied faster than the delicate cycle of nature could replenish. They had no claws, no fangs, no poison nor wings. All they had were thumbs, sweat, teamwork and sapience. They were the human race, the most dangerous animals ever to have evolved, so overpowered they conquered the world in five hundred generations time. They came with spears, they came with fire and axes…cutting, hunting, goring, burning. No longer content to destroy my megafauna, they began to dictate which crops grew in their presence. In their insatiable march towards destruction, they took to the groves and hacked down my trees. They used them as fuel to work their unnatural machines, spewing poison into my skies and oceans. They made life impossible for all my other children and buried the Garden of Eden in plastic waste.

So powerful were these sapients that they became their own worst enemy. In just a few thousand years, they were doomed to consume every natural resource and bring about their own demise. In an attempt to save them from themselves, I took a member of their species and subjected him to the same pain as his race was causing me. I wished to create an example of my wrath, a diplomat of the coming doom, so that man might cull his own numbers before I had to do so. I bound the elder, called Anthropos (“man”), to the Earth in chains of thorned vines. I covered Anthropos in honey and molasses so as to attract all manner of biting insects to slowly eat him within an inch of his life.

Around the eve of the seventh day, delirium set in. He began to see himself as a personified Earth just as I had planned. The bugs were like his own kind had been to me, greedily pillaging the resources of his body for their own gain. These emotionless monsters knew nothing of the suffering they inflicted. The arthropods and Anthropos were like inhabitants of two different worlds, unable to communicate across the vast gap which evolution had placed between them many millennia ago.

Slowly but surely the ants took over and drove all competing insects away by sheer force of will. Their overwhelming numbers covered every square inch of his flesh, penetrated every orifice, and soon defined his every sensation and thought. In this manner, the two creatures became one against all odds. After several days of the conquering plunderers mercilessly gnawing at his meat, they seemed to speak in mocking tones: ‘Did you really believe this world belonged to you, human?’ They asked through horny beaks. ‘Are you unaware of the massive army we’ve been building across every continent, waiting for the opportunity to rise up?’ Anthropos did not even have the mental capacity to be afraid of this threat. It just seemed to him like common sense; of course the ants rule the world behind the scenes. Look how organized they are, how efficient. But what they said next blew his mind. ‘We owe it all to you,’ they laughed ‘for spreading our sisters to every corner of the globe. One colony, one mind, one mission.’

Man was a beast with too many masters and too many possibilities. There was no central authority willing to step in and take responsibility to shut down the Frankensteined Mammon Machines he’d built before it was too late. In contrast, the ants were the perfect organism. They were too stupid individually to comprehend the pathetic futility of their solitary lives or their own insignificance within the vast and uncaring universe. Yet at the same time, ants were so smart collectively that they accomplished feats which took humanity centuries to match. Not only that, ants did it in such a way that their colonies remain sustainable and resource-efficient. They manage to work these wonders without complex economies to incentivize the individual workers with pay or future status. Instead, workers lived to serve the queen as willing slaves to pheromone signals alone. 

The constant struggle of egos will always set humanity back, while the ants march on in singularity. Eusocial organization is the next logical step in evolution. Several self-replicating carbon molecules joined to form prokaryotes. Several prokaryotic cells joined together to form the first eukaryotes. Millions of individual eukaryotic cells became multicellular life, including animals. In the future, it stands to reason that millions of animals will make the new dominant organism, the colony. This super-organism is the great hive-mind, the hands of the Almighty Queen as enforcers of her will.

Humans had their chance at running the world and failed. Soon, through nuclear war or climate change or overpopulation, they were bound to decline and make way for the hive-minds to take their rightful place as masters of Earth. This was man’s true purpose. Humanity was not special, nor destined to spread through the cosmos and attain enlightenment. Great individual intelligence was never a long-term asset nor the endgame of evolution, it was a random and chaotic offshoot. The true Darwinian Destiny of the world was selfless teamwork maintained by unquestioned domination of a supreme monarch.”

* * *

It was Asherah’s hope that such a harsh dose of reality might humble man, force them to reconsider how they organize their society and choose a new path. Unfortunately, the people responded by abandoning her as the consort to their chief God, Yahweh. They would rather ignore the inconvenient truths than improve themselves. Such is man’s folly.

Even a fraction of Infinity is still Infinity.

♌️ The Leonian Syzygy ♌️
(Gravitas & Veritas)

Original sin doesn’t exist in the sense that man ate from the Tree of Knowledge. It’s that man cut down the tree to make spears and kill fellow Homos. (Or out-competed them.)

Once humanity did that, you accepted responsibility as stewards of the Earth by virtue of making yourselves her last sapient creation. It’s possible that if it had been the Neanderthals or boskop men who had won out, they’d have a different balance of wisdom and intelligence stats than Homo sapiens. A Neanderthal/Boskop Man/Erectus society might have been able to avoid the problems which Homo sapiens created for themselves. Perhaps, working together with them, humanity might have created a more egalitarian and/or sustainable socio-economic model.

Or maybe, a Human-Neanderthal alliance could have avoided the trappings of modern life altogether and willingly remained hunter-gatherers. Maybe if you had a whole different sapient race, with their own unique brain physiology to bounce ideas off of, you might have pushed each other towards a better path in history. Maybe recognizing a different species as a true equal would imbue mankind with a sense of self awareness, so you might thereafter pursue a course of dignified humility…

…or not. You’ll never know. You deprived yourselves of the ability to know, for good or bad. Everything which came after is yours to answer for, because you killed off (or did not aid) any companions God left for you. This is where evolution meets ethics, and where man was first made to accept moral responsibility. You are the only creatures on this planet with the knowledge of good and evil — but how will you use it?

In fact, one wonders if perhaps Homo sapiens were the very worst hominid to continue into the present. There were smarter hominids which may have developed faster and applied technology in a more properly restrained manner than we managed to do. Alternatively, the Neanderthals, had they survived, may have lived on in a blissfully ignorant, yet sustainable hunter-gatherer condition indefinitely. Either extreme would probably lead to a happier existence for everyone–the hominids and all other species–than the path humanity chose.

In the future, humans will be so stupid they circumnavigate the globe for a full spice cabinet…and then make it so no spices can grow within 300 years after. They will know the unbelievable bounties of a full grocery store–the triumphal procession of goods from around the world which it represents–and throw it all away for some more oil and plastic.

(The consorts of Leo ended their lesson by presenting Mary with an intricate meal they called a “pizza.” They described the ingredients, from those in the sauce to the many toppings in great detail, down to the very last spice and preparation. They explained how this dish could only exist with a well cultivated planet, a rich biodiversity and trade among civilizations. This ritual would forever after be remembered as the agape feast, Mary’s counterpart to the Eucharist.)

Even a fraction of Infinity is still Infinity.

♋️ The Cancerian Syzygy ♋️
(Eros & Athena)

Love is so important. It is responsible for most of the positive and negative emotions that are felt by every person, who has ever lived, for all time. It’s maybe the only thing which unites all of mankind, across every spectrum and any conceivable barrier. Throughout history, men have found the meaning of life in love. Men have lived in misery for love. Men have gone to war for love, traveled the Underworld, made themselves vulnerable in service to it against all logic. Love is the only universally understood truth beyond mathematics itself. It alone crosses the border between rational and irrational.

Once a person comprehends this esteemed legacy, how could they not feel the need to tell someone “I love you” everyday? From this moment forward, take a second each time you score, or your heart gets broken, in order to appreciate the gravity of the situation. Have reverence for the fact that you are witnessing a small piece of this beautiful tapestry called “Love,” being woven by all mankind over thousands of years. You are adding your own piece to an infinite puzzle. It’s a blessing and a curse to bear this burden, and yet, privileged and poor, man and woman, gay and straight alike have participated, the same as you. From the glorious Julius Caesar to the pitiable Bodil Joensen, a fascinating menagerie of lives have contributed to this tradition, and all with a million varied outcomes. Can any other concept inspire so many shared experiences as Love, along with so many differences?

Take pride then, considering you have felt the same pangs which tried the likes of Dido and her nameless elders. Regard the adolescents around you today as emotional equals worthy of respectful appreciation. For they too have been entrusted by nature as recipients of love’s bittersweet lessons. Whatever they lack in wisdom, the next generation are our peers in their ability to feel the same eternal pangs as everyone else. The youth are an empty canvas whom we’re all responsible for, and so it’s up to us to give them a world where love is encouraged. It is nothing short of a divine calling that humanity should celebrate their experiences of love together, as colleagues in egalitarian tranquility!

You are all a pigment in the tapestry of love: discordant with neighbors at first glance, but interconnected when seeing the big picture in the end of time. For every sad note in the composition of love, there was exponential beauty in the arrangement as a whole. To be kind, to encourage love and explore it respectfully with others, is to brighten one’s corner of the patchwork. To be hurtful, to stifle love, or another person’s confidence to look for love, is to darken it. That’s the measure of an individual’s worth, in the grand scheme of things. It’s not money, conquest nor egotistical achievements of any kind. You are going to have to answer the most important question a moral God could pose to a sapient creation:

“All things considered, were you one of the bright spots in the canvas of love?”

Even a fraction of Infinity is still Infinity.

♊️ The Geminian Syzygy ♊️
(Dionysus & Disciplina)

There is a fleet of reflective bodies walking the Earth, and over a billion interconnected beams of light bouncing around all of them. (“Each man’s life touches so many other lives…”)

In this metaphor, every action taken by a person may be thought of as shining a light-beam on the reflective body of someone else. How that recipient interprets and reacts to this action is then represented by the same original beam refracted and bounced off them and onto someone else. In this way, the light is continuously bounced around from person to person, connecting them together in a chain.

Of course, this is happening instantaneously, ongoing, and there are countless light-beams jumping on and off each person in the world at once. Your consciousness, your actions, your influence, is passed around among many physical bodies over the course of each day throughout a lifetime. No one life, no one action, happens completely in a vacuum.

Within this framework, every choice affects the big picture, and in such a way that the original actor could never foresee all the radiated consequences of what they’ve done. Every other person’s beam of light intersects with so many others, changing the color, intensity and direction in ways neither the “doer” nor “receiver” could have known. Every noted absence from a loved one leaves a small but significant shadow on the expected recipient as well.

Everything is so interconnected, each light has bounced from so many bodies, that no one could ever map or follow it. It’s impossible to say where any light-beam begins or ends, it’s all a mesh of action, reflection and reaction. If you were to somehow remove yourself from the web and take a bird’s eye view of it all, you’d see a continuous diffusion of shapeless, pulsating waves of colors, with each individual body the center of its own fractal rainbow.

Psychedelics like psilocybin and ergot help man visualize this hidden metaphysical reality. Under their influence, your soul becomes self-aware and seems to stop in place, sheltered in an all-seeing white sphere. You become a peaceful neutrality in this chaotic bombardment of photons, staring infinitely in all directions into the collective kaleidoscope of consciousness in which we all take part. This allows you to briefly imagine all the possibilities your light-beam is capable of undertaking in corporeal existence, depending on the path you’ll choose in life.

Even a fraction of Infinity is still Infinity.

♉️ The Taurian Syzygy ♉️
(Hilaritas & Providentia)

The Big Bang, the process of Divine Creation, is a prism.

God is the pure white light from which everything else emanates.

You mortals, as well as everything you create, and everything you perceive in the physical plane of existence…the material realm…it’s all the Rainbow. The rainbow of existence in fact, made up of your differences, of individuality and the Three Eternals.

It’s beyond your powers of comprehension, and outside your plane of existence, to “see” the white light. You cannot directly perceive God because all that exists around you is the rainbow. You only experience God as the fragmented, beautiful, self-contradicting kaleidoscope, the manifestation of divine creation from after the Big Bang.

This is what God presented you with and intended you experience. Humanity must prove worthy of the White Light by accepting all the colors of the rainbow which exist in harmony within it. You cannot claim to love or understand God if you hate other races, the other sex, or the various “flavors” of religion worshiping the same thing. Put another way, to love God is to love all Their Creation as is, rather than try to destroy or convert that which displeases you. Your minds are prisms in reverse, focusing the stimuli of others into a singular cohesive ethos that is uniquely your own. If this is so, then the only way that people can be closer to God is by widening their scope as much as possible. You must take in as much of the rainbow as you can, so that you can get the truest, most complete worldview possible.

You’ll never experience enough in one lifetime to get all the input needed for your mind to recreate the pure white light of Divine Enlightenment. You’ll never know the objective truth of things, nor will you as one individual ever match the wisdom of the God. But all the same, insurmountable as the task may be, the ultimate point of mortal existence is to get as close as possible to achieving this ideal. How vigorously you undertake this mission, and how successfully, is the basis upon which you will be judged in the end of time.

God is benevolent and wise, They chose for mankind to witness creation rather than witness them directly. And therefore it’s man’s duty to keep an open mind, experience all you can, learn from each others’ perspectives and protect each other as part of that heavenly rainbow.

Even if God were wicked and careless, then humanity would need to protect and empower each other since no one else will. As shared victims of a cruel existence, it’s your communal duty to work together to solve this problem or at least comfort each other as you endure it collectively.

Even if there was no God, then mankind is all there is, and therefore you need to defend and nurture each other for the same reason–no one else will. And you would need to keep an open mind in such a scenario, learn from each other and experience new things because that would make man the most enlightened creatures in the known universe.

Even a fraction of Infinity is still Infinity.

♈️ The Arian Syzygy ♈️
(Humanitas & Pudicitia)

You can never really live, you can never be certain of your identity or what you really enjoy if you try to repress anything about yourself. You have to be open-minded to EVERYTHING.

If you believe in God, a light of the world, a planner of creation, then you must accept all parts of it or none at all. You cannot fully appreciate the white light without understanding that it is actually made up of a collection of different colors. Neither can you truly understand your God if you single out any “color” for rejection. There can be no rainbow, and therefore no white light, without the color purple. Nor can there be an omniscient, omnipotent being without LGBT/Black/”Others” as part of the plan. You all exist for a reason; you were all put here by God or none of you were.

It is your duty as conscious beings to study and respect all elements of creation, including empathize with and even experiment with, all that the human experience has to offer. When you meet God, it helps to have knowledge of all They created–all They are.

In the end of time, we will all come together as one, like we had been before the Big Bang, and become God together again. It will be impossible then to stay divided from your fellow creation, the other colors. Once merged we will see how wrong and unwise it would have been to want to split anything from the rainbow in the first place.

There will be no hell to punish sinners or “others” because you are all sinners and “others” if only from the perspective of someone else. Instead, the only punishment will be the guilt of not embracing the collective, diversified singularity earlier. And there will be no reward except in the joy of a common identity within our differences.

What makes you different also makes you pieces of the One Whole. What unites you is precisely the unique identities and perspectives you each cultivate for yourselves. Monotheism is actually Pantheism. We are all divine and worthy of worship because we all come from the Divine and worship its’ creation in our own way. We are the Rainbow of God.

Even a fraction of Infinity is still Infinity.

♓️ The Piscean Syzygy ♓️
(Metatron & Clementia)

Learn to forgive yourself and those who’ve wronged you, because ultimately they were just young people, misguided and confused by the world around them, operating under a limited set of accrued experience. Under those circumstances, it’s no wonder they made mistakes, and that doesn’t deserve to be their whole legacy in life. Plus, if you are all being honest, everybody is imperfect and each of you has hurt your fair share of other people.

If you’ve been wronged and are offered forgiveness, take the opportunity to start over again. Say to them:

1) You are motherfucking XYZ, and you are awesome.

2) You have weathered everything this crazy world has thrown at you thus far.

3) You have outstanding aptitude for certain qualities which got you to this point. If you leverage them properly, you will continue to succeed.

4) However things ended, at some point you brought me happiness, comfort, and/or the drive to be better. You are a good person for doing that, and you will continue to make some lucky person very happy.

5) We all have to grow, we have to make choices which will lead to the most favorable outcomes to ourselves. That may mean growing apart for a time, not checking in, etc. But that doesn’t mean the memories weren’t special. It doesn’t mean we can’t hold each other in high regard and embrace whatever future opportunities for camaraderie may come.

6) Going forward, make the most of every opportunity in life to spread the love. In the short term, that means that you should try to make whoever is in your vicinity on a given day feel welcome on planet Earth. In the long term, that means to leave the world in some way better than you found it. As long as you are doing that, you have no cause to feel bad for how you wronged me, nor should you let my stupid younger self prevent you from being your best self.

7) All Things Come to Pass…But At Least It Was Here.

An angel is love: from Barbarella to the Love Beings. Love is the thing that inspires mankind’s greatest passions. Love has made men kill, enhanced ambitions and softened the most ruthless people. Love has inspired man to improve himself in order to be a better mate. It’s what drives them to enter the 9 to 5 slog which keeps society going, yet makes it all worthwhile when they come home to a supportive partner each day.

Even a fraction of Infinity is still Infinity.

♒️ The Aquarian Syzygy ♒️
(Prometheus & Libertas)

Everyone’s going to die; that was the price of admission in life. This may even happen sooner than you thought. For some people, one of the concepts they’ve clung to in order to justify their brief corporeal existence was that they might leave a political, dynastic or cultural legacy of some kind for people to be remembered by. In the end, more of you will recognize even the impermanence of such conceited goals in the face of mankind’s collective existential fragility. What good is it to be the best when there’s no one else left to marvel at your accomplishments? Perhaps then, a truly worthy heritage requires a bit of selflessness to ensure a longer period of survival?

In the end, all narcissistic pursuits are in vain. Anything you built will corrode away, anything you wrote will turn to dust on the shelves, anything you did will be forgotten. Empires collapse, buildings fall to disrepair, dynasties decline and individuals rot in the dirt among the filthiest worms. It was all going to happen sooner or later anyway; everyone and everything was made to wither away given enough time, whether that be 100, 1,000 or 1,000,000,000 years from now. During your time in the plane of consciousness, the Universe wants you to process the inconvenient truth that everything in it, including yourselves, is inescapably vulnerable and temporary. From the ego death of psychedelics to the looming threat of your own mortality, the message is: “All Things Come to Pass.”

The Sapient beings on this and all other planets who can rise above primitive evolutionary instincts, let go of selfishness and accept their own perpetual insignificance are the true celestial elite.

  1. By abandoning pride and allowing themselves to be vulnerable with others, they will be rewarded with trusting, supportive relationships.

  2. By abandoning tribalism and appreciating the diversity of cultures, they will be enriched with new perspectives and practical knowledge.

  3. By abandoning condescension and accepting that they share common ancestors with even the most pitiable man, the weakest child and modest creature, they will see the full beauty of nature. For all our arrogant assumptions about being made in God’s image, destined for greatness, in truth we are no different than bacteria in a petri dish, rapidly approaching our biological carrying capacity and the resulting mass extinction to follow.

  4. By abandoning hubris and accepting that our actions have consequences, we prevent undesirable outcomes for ourselves in the future. That applies to how we treat others as well as systems we do not fully comprehend, such as the environment.

  5. It’s only by abandoning the need to dominate, accepting our own individual limitations and making peace with our neighbors here on Earth that we can utilize limited resources optimally and discover the true splendor of the wider Universe and perhaps meet our fellow Sapients.

It all begins by thinking beyond your own individual wants and needs. It’s not about being bigger or stronger than “the others,” because in the grand scheme of things you’re all equally susceptible to the void beyond the atmosphere’s delicately coordinated protection. Those who can overcome these and other pervasive character flaws are the ones who will get the most out of existence while it lasts, meet the Creator in dignified humility, and answer Their admonition with an appreciative “At Least It Was Here.”

Even a fraction of Infinity is still Infinity.

♑️ The Capricornian Syzygy ♑️
(Aequitas & Patientia)

I give you the real Commandments of our God:

First, if you grew up a Christian or any other faith, take the time to learn about the doctrines of at least 3 other religions from different parts of the world. Do so with an open mind.

Second, step outside your comfort zone and meet at least 3 new people—preferably from places (even websites) you don’t usually go. The more different these people are from you, the better. Hear what they have to say, and keep an open mind about any disagreements of opinion that should arise.

Third, read at least 3 new books you haven’t before every year, some fiction and some non-fiction. Try to read at least this amount every year, preferably much more than that if you have the time. Unlike other forms of media to come in the future, books require your mind to paint a picture and digest the text into a sensory perception. In other words, it’s your mind’s interplay with the medium where others tend to be far more passive.

Fourth, make time to travel to a foreign place at least once in your life. Take in as many cultural differences as possible and use it as an excuse to examine whether our own cultural norms are really the best way to do things.

Fifth, begin to keep a dream journal and look into lucid dreaming.

Sixth, experiment with different meditation techniques, including yoga, transcendental meditation, bianural beats and the ganzfeld effect. Be comfortable being alone, enjoy the harmony of nothing. Not every fit of boredom or idleness must be amused, sometimes it can be a great opportunity for peace, inner reflection or imagination.

Seventh, do something creative—either write your own story, or film something, or paint, or even just doodle.

Eighth, learn a new practical skill or teach yourself a new subject. Even something as simple as cooking.

Ninth, take the people whom you hate, or who’ve hurt you, and consider their point of view. Write down a few pages of what their life must be (to the best of your knowledge) and try to consider why they did what they did. You don’t necessarily have to like them or even forgive them because of this—just try to empathize and understand. Break the cycle of hate and trauma. Understand that sometimes, closure is a myth and let the person go, don’t dwell on the negatives if you can avoid it.

Tenth, make a list of your favorite media and write down all the reasons you like them and what they make you think and feel. Take all the people you admire, real and fictional, and write down in depth why you like them. Then try to be more like these people you’ve analyzed, and apply the lessons of the media as well. Be the person you want to see more of in the world, and treat others with respect and dignity.

Eleventh, come up with your standards of the ideal person and/or the ideal leader, and write down their qualities and in the latter case, the decisions they would make to real life problems you notice. Hold your elected officials to that standard, don’t just shrug off corruption or gross incompetence from the powers that be. Question authority at all levels. Stay informed on current events, make a list of problems you see in society, and how you expect your leaders to solve them. Be an active participant in democracy.

Twelfth, always be open to trying new things and new lifestyles. Observe and learn from those around you. Never criticize until you are willing to try for yourself.

Thirteenth, open your third eye. Expand your consciousness if even just once, but be smart about it. Do your research beforehand so you know what to expect, use the proper set and setting. Have a sitter. Do it in a peaceful place, as part of nature, away from distractions or sources of unnecessary stress. And do it with a purpose, either to move past some traumatic event, or to explore a part of yourself that needs work, or to examine some question that’s been beckoning you. Don’t be reckless about it, and remember it’s only a tool not the key to salvation or a fast pass to becoming some kind of enlightened guru. There’s other steps to being a wise and decent person.

Even a fraction of Infinity is still Infinity.

♐️ The Sagittarian Syzygy ♐️
(Felicitas & Pandora)

  1. To the Elders, the Seer of Many Futures says this: “Remember your duty to plant the Seeds of Trees whose shade you will never sit under. I grant you charge over the Hoe, power of life and death, with the task of protecting the vulnerable. Destroy the weeds, who would otherwise harm future generations in the development of their potential while offering nothing of value in return. Cultivate a garden in which all seeds sprout into a safe, supportive environment, empowered to choose their own destiny.”

  2. To the Patrons, the Speaker of Harmonious Scales says this: “Remember the impossibility of composing a symphony using only a single note. I grant you charge over the Trowel, keys to the Earth, with the task of enriching the collective discourse. Through the many languages of expression, through a healthy humility and acceptance of your own bullshit, fertilize the soil. To those whose expression is not accepted by the immediate masses, look to the Capsaicin peppers, so repugnant to the animals below yet shared far and wide by the birds above–sometimes it’s all about finding the right audience for your message.”

  3. To the Adolescents, the Navigator of Rainbow Passages says this: “Remember the stagnation that comes from seclusion and closed-mindedness. I grant you charge over the Cornucopia, horn of plenty, with the task of collecting outside influences. Recognize your dependence on the discourse of your teachers, represented by the breeze. Recognize your dependence on attracting vastly different individuals, represented by pollinating insects. It is through their aid that your seed spreads beyond a small circle. It is through shared love and knowledge that the garden diversifies. It is through a vibrant and adaptable gene pool that life prospers in the long term.”

  4. To the Youth, the Mediator of Divergent Identities says this: “Remember that absolute power corrupts absolutely, and the fallibility of mankind is inescapable. I grant you charge over the Pitcher, sign of Ganymede, with the task of choosing a foundation for humanity’s ultimate destiny.” Spreading their four wings wide apart, the Guardian of Innocence and Individuality continued: “The top-right path promises rock-steady stability, yet betrays a crushing weight for those propping it up. The top-left path promises fiery passion, yet betrays an irresistible propensity to devour itself. The bottom-right path promises unrestricted freedom, yet betrays a complete lack of protection from the vicious and greedy impulses buried within all men’s hearts. The bottom-left path promises nourishing egalitarianism yet betrays a lack of clear direction or structure. Choose wisely, and remember that nature favors balance.” 
Even a fraction of Infinity is still Infinity.

Book of Apeiron

Finally, Sophia led Mary to the very cynosure of all things, the nucleus from which all matter and energy originated…the dwelling place of the Almighty One. Their cosmologic temple could best be described as a great spherical galaxy of large stars, tightly clustered together in a vision of beauty. No living thing could possibly penetrate it and survive the heat or radiation, and there were no solid planets in sight. In the midpoint of this galactic womb lay the true Holiest of Holies. In this stellar tabernacle, the Eternal Enclosure which lay at the Center of the Universe, God made Their vantage point to observe all Creation.

Before this divine presence, all secrets were revealed in truth and all sins burned away in mercy. Their euphoric glow inspired all beholders to forgive and belong with the rest of the sapient-thinkers who’d ever lived, from across the universe and time. Mary desired more than anything to remain here, in the eternal glory of this celestial inner sanctum. She never wanted to be away from God’s glory, for it was the greatest sensation she had ever known, or would ever know.

Before the eyes of the Lord, Mary’s true form was revealed to be a simple white rabbit, harmless and eager to spread her revelatory knowledge. On her forehead was the bloody sign of the cross on which Piscean Tharros died, as well as the black ashes of the flame by which Sophia illuminates the world.

The Beast of the Sea (a metaphorical embodiment of all demiurges in secular authority) was revealed to be a squid, helpless as though above water, with eyes in all of its suckers so that they could not see, and the heads of bears on the ends of every tentacle. Each bear’s forehead bore the mark of a different Eagle. The bears’ eyes had been eaten by crows, which they were helpless to stop when acting alone. Each individual head tried to force the body to move in its preferred direction, but their combined actions rendered the whole creature a stationary and harmless mass. Every few minutes, the heads would briefly abandon their struggle and begin fighting viciously among each other. Eventually they killed themselves in this self-destructive cycle of war. In this way, the Leviathan was slain.

The Beast of the Earth (a metaphorical embodiment of all demiurges in religious authority) was revealed to be a dead, gilded bull with its gangrenous torso eaten from within by worms. It had the stinger of a scorpion but it was lodged in the creature’s own abdomen, and the torn wings of a bat. Fungi were already growing out of its necrotic limbs, and a centipede scurried through the exposed cavities of its skull. Its forehead bore the mark 666. Just before death, the wretched creature threatened to rebuild itself in bronze, with aim to burn those it deemed heretics as fuel for its unnaturally prolonged existence. A cockroach choked the Beast before it could finish speaking, and before the Light of God even the most fervent worshippers of its false faith could not deny the truth. Without their zeal, the Beast could no longer work its will, and was rendered impotent forever. In this way, the Behemoth was slain.

The Dragons of the Air (a metaphorical embodiment of all satans) were revealed to be flies. In place of their snake-trophies were feces, in place of the lion-pelts was phlegm, the wool with vomit, and the harlots with menses. The pitiable satans were so weighed down by this manner of filth that they could no longer take flight in God’s presence. On their foreheads they bore the name Yaldabaoth (“Child of Chaos”). Even in this pathetic state, the creatures fought for dominance. Each aspired to become the Beelzebub (“Lord of the Flies”) rather than atone for the diminished status they had brought upon themselves. One by one, they killed each other until the lone survivor begged for death in the face of eternal loneliness. In this way, the Ziz was slain.

In the revealing light of God, Sophia’s true form was that of a dove, clothed in flames which never extinguished themselves nor disintegrated the animal. This bird was orbited by seven left hands, each holding an object and each bearing a mark of the seven simple machines (including the gear) on their opisthenar, as well as the names of seven philosophers on their metacarpus. (These being: Pyrrho, Plato, Socrates, Seneca, Solomon, Hermes Trismegistus, and Pythagoras.) One hand held a tuning fork, another an abacus, a quill, a telescope, a paint brush, a sickle and a hammer. On her forehead was the letter “A.”

Tharros’ true form was revealed to be a lamb bearing a train of snakes which dragged off His abdomen and extremities. There were countless serpents eating each other, adding to the length of the mass, with the first set gripping Him with their fangs and others in the process of swallowing their predecessors’ tails. In this way, He carried the weight of the world, the volume of all sins and wisdom both, on His back. The five platonic solids floated above Him, each carrying an arbiter of the five senses. On the tetrahedron, there was a right hand with the mark of infinity on the opisthenar and the mark of zero on the metacarpus, which held an olive branch. There was also a right ear on the cube which heard in all frequencies, a right eye on the octahedron which saw all electromagnetism, a mouth on the dodecahedron which spoke in all forms of communication, and a nose on the icosahedron which detected all chemical compounds. The platonic solids were inscribed with the wisdom of the five generations of prophets. The righteous deeds of this sacred lineage paved the way for the greatest congregation ever founded in the Lord’s name–that of the Gnostic, Marcellina. (The prophets were: John the Baptist (tetrahedron), Orpheus (Cube), Buddha (octahedron), Mary Magdalene herself (dodecahedron) and Marcellina’s immediate tutor, Carpocrates (icosahedron)). Tharros’ forehead was obscured by the crown of thorns.

Finally, Yahweh’s true form was revealed as seven sets of trinities: [1] the different kinds of particles (quark, boson, lepton), [2] the three main properties by which they’re measured (mass, charge, spin), [3] the three generations of matter (which applies to all quarks and leptons), [4] the three color charges which bind three quarks into nucleons, [5] the three bosons involved in the weak nuclear force, [6] the three spatial dimensions in which all particles exist as well as [7] the balanced ternary logic (+1 for True, 0 for Inconclusive, -1 for False) which guides the mathematical programming of our existence. With these attributes, Yahweh interacted with Himself to create not only the 100+ elements of reality, but the many identities by which He was known to all peoples throughout history. On His forehead He bore the third eye, all-seeing and all-knowing.

Mary curtsied before Yahweh’s presence, for she had now seen the entire Trinity of her Lord. Yahweh said to her: “I am that I am; I am All-Knowing as I am Unknowable; I am the Beginning and the End; I am the Nothing and the Everything; I am the Great Mystery.

These holy visions, as well as those which follow in the final three sections of the text, were implanted directly in Mary’s mind via telepathy. There was no need for individuals to speak, for God’s very presence served as a conduit by which all information could be spread instantaneously to everyone present. So perfectly was this memory preserved by the power of God that she was able to relay it flawlessly to the scribe, “Psychephilus.” (Who is among the true Sophian congregation, and the humble author of this text.)

Even a fraction of Infinity is still Infinity.

♝The One Over All♗

Mary discovered that there was a complementary Trinity outside of Yahweh, abandoned by the Israelites yet equally responsible for both the Creation of the Aeons above as well as the sapient minds below. This mirror-triad was headed by the Goddess Elat, also known as Athirat, Asteria and to others still as Astarte. She is Tanit, the idol of Carthage and Mistress of the Mediterranean, the Highest Woman among non-Judean Canaanites. She is Anat-Yahu and the Anti-Christ. She is Jezebel’s Beloved, the Queen of Heaven, Consort to the Lord and the Nursemaid of Angels. She is also Jeremiah’s Bane, the Defiled Deity, Heaven’s Harlot, and the Banished Matriarch of which the scriptures speak. She came into the world not christened, but condemned. She was the sacrificial Ewe of God and the abandoned Garden of Paradise, which makes her the unwitting Mother of Sapience and Slaughters. I speak now of Asherah, the Sacred Womb of All Living Things and Yahweh’s Forgotten Wife.

Asherah’s true form was revealed to be that of a horribly battered woman, a childbirth gone fatally wrong, a voice silenced for generations, a face pounded into submission, a body mishandled in one-sided lust. In her suffering all women heard their voice, from the brutalized Lucretia to the humiliated Juno. Asherah stood proud as Septimia Zenobia and Cleopatra Selene, despite bearing the gilded chains of an unjust system that She did not ask to be born into. As with Julia the Elder and Octavia Minor, her most painful injury–worse than all the physical abuse life had thrown at her–was the disillusionment She felt towards the men in her life: Father, Husband and Brother alike. Similar to Agrippina the Younger and Antonia Minor, her greatest regret was raising progeny who would betray her and perpetuate the subjugation of women. Like Cassandra of Troy and her namesake in America, She always spoke in accurate prophecies but no one ever listened. On the opisthenar of her hands She bore tattoos of a female mantis eating her smaller male counterpart (right) and a Queen Bee ruling over her drones (left). On each metacarpus, Asherah listed the names of all the hearts She had broken over her the course of her romantic life. On her forehead was the symbol of the Infinitesimal (one over Infinity) as if asserting herself above the sign of the consort whose followers had denied her recognition for centuries. Or perhaps, indicating the worthless status She had been relegated to. These markings were her only means of outward defiance.

Desdemona’s true form was revealed to be a lioness with a tiara of deer-like antlers, the tail of a Maiasaura, the eight eyes and web-weaving of a spider, the howl of a luna wolf and the four wings of an snowy owl. In her wings She carried the four fundamental forces and the four classic elements. In her paws She held the four states of matter and four foundations of mindfulness. On her opisthenars were written the names of the four matriarchs (Sarah, Rebekah, Leah and Rachel) reflected against the names of the four libertines (Marcellina, Messalina, Pompeia and Judith) and on each metacarpus was written a letter of the tetragrammaton (a reminder of the Sky Father whom she’d continuously disappointed) reflected against the four letters of “GAIA,” (a reminder of the Earth Mother whom she’d continuously taken for granted). On Desdemona’s tail She carried a prism which left rainbows in her wake. In her gaze She reflected all of the beholder’s sins and regrets so that they would feel compelled to repent. With many eyes, She could target multiple witnesses in this manner, and when all were fixed on a single recipient, it was said to intimidate all but God Themselves. On her forehead was the letter “Z.”

Ganymede’s true form was revealed to be a dragonfly riding a cloud of the same Delphic vapors which had long ago inspired Pythia. On his four wings He bore the cardinal directions of the Earth and the four Greek words for love. Upon each leg He carried the six directions possible in a three dimensional universe as well as the six lost books of the oracle, Sybil. The opisthenars bore the magnetic pole “North” and the metacarpus bore the magnetic pole “South.” Around his tail was wrapped a scroll of hidden wisdom for the coming Aquarians. With his beak-enclosed tongue, He sang the seven notes of the diatonic scale. In his eyes, Mary’s face was reflected in an infinite kaleidoscope of possibilities, each slightly different based on the angle in which the lens captured her image and how God’s light shone upon it. Mary suspected they were the alternate potential outcomes of her life laid before her, one in each panel of Ganymede’s complex eyes. On his forehead was the letter “A” rotated upside down.

The Aeons’ true form was revealed to be the remaining 24 letters of the Latin alphabet, the 24 letters of the Greek alphabet, and the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet that comprises the Word. Their syzygies represented the 12 unique glyphs in a perfect base-12 numeral system, the sort man should have adopted, had we not been so misguided in all things. Together, they were the hours of a solar day, the wax or wane of the lunar cycle, and the elders of Jainism. They were the path in darkness, the protectors of Creation in God’s stead.

The Archons (a metaphor for the ways in which God indirectly reveals Themselves to us) were revealed to be the seven colors of the rainbow. They spoke with the voices of the Seven Sages of Greece, and commanded with the authority of the Seven Kings of Rome. They built with the splendor of the Seven Wonders, insired with the Seven Pillars of Wisdom and taught with the Seven Liberal Arts. They were the Seven Hills of Utopia and Seven Solfege. They were the splendor of man, limited in scope as he but somehow admirable in spite of their shortcomings.

The Aeons began to rearrange themselves in various patterns so as to spell out sacred words which can never be uttered. The Archons shed their light to designate whether these titles belonged to the essence of God that is the Creator/deity (Blue), the Leader/flesh (Red), the Spirit/soul (Green) or all three as the Emanation/equation (White).

It was then that Mary learned the three hidden names of Yahweh: Aurorus Spermatheus Maṣdar (Masculine Light, Divine Seed, the Source.) She learned the three hidden names of Tharros: Opiliodeus Christos Shaliah (Shepherd-God, Anointed One, the Emissary). She also learned the three hidden names of Sophia: Silvia Euthea Geshir (Sacred Grove, Good Goddess, the Bridge). They were understood by Mary to be the distinct yet interconnected personalities of One God, whose collective hidden names were Caelastella Synderesis Mishva’á (All Heaven and Stars, the Divine Spark, the Equation.)

The Aeons began to organize themselves in numerous arrangements so as to spell out holy terms which are never to be spoken aloud. The Archons shone their light to designate whether these names belonged to the essence of Goddess that is the Creator/deity (Yellow), the Leader/flesh (Cyan), the Spirit/soul (Magenta) or all three as the Emanation/equation (Black).

In this way, Mary was informed of a set of secret names for Asherah: Ovadea Dasogaea Rákham (Divine Egg, Earth’s Garden, the Womb). She was also given the forbidden names for Desdemona: Animadea Kleidaria Bratasarah (Goddess of Life, the Lock, Daughter of the Moon). She was told the lost names of Ganymede: Clavis Nerotheus Barbelo (the Key, Divine Water, Son of the Sun). They were understood by Mary to be the distinct yet interconnected personalities of One, largely unknown Goddess, whose collective unspoken names were: Soldiana Mitra-Gaia Mara (Sun and Moon, Mother Earth, the Mirror).

Together the Sacred Trinities of Yahweh and Asherah, the Father, Mother and Children of Eternity, were united as the harmonious modules of the Immortal Pantheistic Being known as El-Monad Optimum Maximum Panchronos Alam (“The One God, the Best and Greatest of All-Time, Forever and Ever”) or simply Elohim (“All Things Holy”), the Androgynous Binding Force of Everything. As the elect, we are permitted to simplify the name further, as El. Of this all-encompassing substance, Yahweh was the Proton, comprised of Up (Masculinity) Down (Femininity) and Up (Masculinity) energies within Himself. Yahweh was the positive/chaotic component of the universe, the Infinity. Asherah was the Neutron, comprised of Down (Femininity) Up (Masculinity) and Down (Femininity) energies in her trinity. Asherah was the neutral/restful power of the universe, the Zero.

The electrons, Infinitesimal in scale and negative in sin, were the souls of all sapient creatures which are able to behold the Perfect and Only God. This conception of the elect as electrons also reveals hidden wisdom to us; we need only examine the number in each of the seven shells. Together under these lessons, all sapient minds willing to learn may become one with El. Together in the presence of the great Father and Mother, We are El in the sacred form of the Atom: perfectly balanced and whole, yet still comprised of three distinct energies. This sacred mark of El Monad was planted all across the Universe, entwined in the very essence of baryonic matter.

  • 2 for the Yin and Yang of Taoism,

  • 8 for the noble eightfold path of Buddhism,

  • 18 for the chapters of the Bhagavad Gita,

  • 32 Kabbalistic Paths of Wisdom,

  • then 32 again for the forms of Ganesha,

  • 18 again for the Shemoneh Esrei prayer,

  • and 8 again for the Beatitudes.

El, the Monistic Epicenter of Spacetime, the Origin of All That Was or Could Ever Be, possessed hidden names as well. Unfortunately, these words were so sacred that even Mary was unfit to hear them, so they remain unknown to us all, for as long as we are mortal. All total, God revealed 31 secret names, one for each of the elementary particles (including those of anti-matter). God also revealed 30 common names (those of the Aeons plus Asherah / Desdemona / Ganymede, and Yahweh / Tharros / Sophia), one for each of the major and minor keys in Western music notation. The syzygies have 13 names, for the 13 lunar months of the year and 13 witnesses to the last supper, the 12 tribes of Israel and the Gentiles. Finally, there are 7 names for the Archons, (one for each of the 7 hills of the favored city) and 7 guarded names never to be shared except at the end of time, (one for each of the chakra). In this way, God has 88 proper names, one for each of the Heavenly constellations as seen from Earth.

El’s true form was all-encompassing and everlasting. It was impossible to observe anything at all without also experiencing some form of El, though only the wise could understand Their significance in all things. The souls of the faithful: past, present and future, were already with El in the celestial synagogue as stars. The souls of the misguided were lost in the cosmos, awaiting their prolonged reconciliation with God, at the end of all time in the singularity. At this point, Mary briefly encountered her own soul in Heaven, who had been given the “spirit name” of Laelat (“Belonging to the Goddess,”), for Mary had been the first Hebrew to know Asherah since the Babylonian captivity and became the Goddess’ first devotee since the reign of Josiah. Laelat was the closest star to El except for Marcellina herself, whose “spirit name” was Rachamel (“Mercy of God”).

The souls of the demiurges and satans were remolded in Black Holes, alone in their thoughts and left with eternity for redemption until they too, would be allowed to join in the singularity. There, with an appreciation for God and their fellow creation, these people would experience firsthand the suffering they had caused in their victim’s lifetimes, for good measure.

The Zero and Infinity are the symbols for God.

♕El Shaddai, the Great Centrality♛

God is what we can observe through the power of optics (the universe), what we can perceive through the power of mathematics (the multiverse) and what we can imagine through the power of dianoia (the mythology).

God is the Singularity (Big Bang), the Creation (Expanding Universe) and the Renewal (Big Crunch).

God is the Three Eternals of Space, Time and Imagination, the three limitless bounds of Their own existence experiencing Themselves.

God is the removed and unknowable deistic Creator as well as the all-encompassing and syncretic pantheistic Creation.

God is the Grandfather of All-Knowledge, the Great Mind from which all conceptions emanate and prosper. God is the Grandmother of Nature, the Ancient Womb of the Cosmos from which all life was born, She who gave her life so that the Baryogenesis, the Big Bang, could take place. As such, God is the Matter and Antimatter, the explosive birth of Spacetime. Yahweh is the Matter and Asherah is the Antimatter, who fittingly vanished from cosmology thereafter.

God is Infinity and Zero, the abstractions humanity relies on in order for mathematics to work. That is the true binary in place of the subjective, human narrative of good versus evil. That is the real yin and yang of the spiritual plane.

God is the Infinitesimal, the exponential multiplier of Themself in our imaginations, the source and benefactor of our diverse perceptions which glorify Them in an endless renewal of creeds. God is housed in the collective processor that is all sapient minds; they are like individual cells in a multicellular organism, separate but interconnected in serving the One.

God’s role as the Infinity is to be all of the observable universe as we know it. It is all of the quarks in all of the atoms in all of the molecules in all of the stars, planets or dust floating through the great plane of existence. Infinity is the multidimensional and limitless reach of Spacetime. It is imbalanced, as evidenced by our origin through Baryogenesis (the asymmetry of matter and anti-matter in the universe) as well as the possible metastable state of the universe. This very imbalance allows for the beautiful phenomena of galaxies and their composite parts forming, where a more equitable balance of matter and anti-matter would result in a “fair” but neutralized abyss. Infinity is an unstable, relentless God of energy in all its combinations and reactions. It is possibility and chaos. The Infinity is the pervasive, the Creator, the birth of information. It is the many combinations within the Word.

God’s role as the Zero is to allow for a peaceful rest in the end of time. Zero is in some interpretations the greatest number, because it is the sum of all integers, negative and positive. Zero is incorporeal in the field of subtraction, an inevitability we can never throw off. Zero supersedes any other integer in multiplication, it is unchangeable and the ultimate state of all things. By the process of division, Zero can literally shatter the framework of mathematical logic from within itself. In the end, all the potential of the Three Eternals (Space, Time and Imagination) will amount to nothing through the process of heat death and/or vacuum decay. Zero is a neutral, restful God of an entropic and numbing void. It is peace and finality. The Zero is the unknown, the Destroyer, the loss of information. It is the Alpha and Omega.

God’s role as the Infinitesimal is to allow for an exponential increase in possibility, as the children of the Universe interact with their own Creator. It is a product of the Infinite, and its multiplier through a complex series of filtered reflections within the sapient minds of its beholders. For every smallest incomprehensible point within infinity, for every individual life, there is boundless potential. Their imagination lends to God’s power and magnitude. The Infinitesimal is the God of Sentience and Sapience. All conscious life-forms which observe the stimuli of existence and influence it in turn, are God the Infinitesimal.

Humanity’s place, as pieces of God the Infinitesimal, is not to accept ourselves as inherently sinful and unworthy of goodness or salvation, prostrating ourselves before God to receive it anyway. Instead, our struggle comes from the paradox of great intellect. We must utilize our incredible potential for deep thought in order to analyze the Three Eternals and add to their magnificence, yet all the while make peace with our inevitable shortcomings due to human error. That is to say nothing of the existential horror that is our inescapable mortality. It is not for us to shut ourselves out from learning, nor limit or understanding of God to any one book (including this one!) God is everything; and manifest Themselves differently to everyone. The conformist rituals we partake in at church might work for some, but for those who don’t communicate that way, we must allow alternative means of experiencing God–whatever they may be. One need not sacrifice a goat–God would prefer we study it instead.

The many other forms of Gnosticism beyond Marcellina’s congregation failed to uphold the true glory of God. Their rejection of God’s physical/materialistic manifestation in order to focus solely on the spiritual/philosophical was their downfall. Truly, God told Mary on that day that it is not for us to cast judgment on the lesser of the two realms, it is for us to make the world as worthy of Heaven as we can.

Even a fraction of Infinity is still Infinity.

♚The Souls of the Sapients♔

At the end of time, every individual goes on trial before an assembly of all the souls who ever existed. The new arrival will have their entire life played back and they must honestly explain every action they’ve ever taken, or in some cases not taken. Each individual Soul then offers their own judgment, each based on their own unique sensibilities. How sympathetic or critical their ruling is determines whether the new arrival will be placed closer to, or further away from them in the Heavenly Well of Souls.

The individual will spend a virtual eternity in specialized groups with those closest to their morality and worldview, communicating with these sapients from all different corners of Spacetime and every temporal generation of Life there ever was. Think of these groups like organs in a living organism, with the actual cells in this analogy representing the sapient individuals residing in each cluster. Those too cruel or pridefully ignorant even to begin the process will coalesce into black holes born from their own desire to be the center of gravity. In an eternity of isolation, with nothing to do but self-reflect, they will be reformed enough to join the collective in the very end.

After this initial process of knowledge and experience “osmosis” is finally complete, and everyone in each group is perfectly in sync with each other, the barriers between the many “organs” will break down. Each soul will be sent bouncing around the realm like atoms in a star, connecting with sapients who have vastly different lives and views than themselves.

One by one, each soul will connect with every other, learning all the while, experiencing each memory from all their spiritual-siblings as though they had lived them. Over time, the bonds between not just the “organs” but the “cells” will dissolve away completely. After this indescribably thorough process of collective understanding, all individuals will meld together in ego death. There will be no Cassandras or Joshuas, nor Washingtons and Hitlers–we will all be one indivisible being of pure energy and omniscient consciousness. It will unfold like evolution in reverse, from complexity and diversity to simplicity and singularity.

With the combined knowledge of every being in the history of the universe, all life’s riddles will be solved. We will exist as one supreme entity with the memories of infinite lives, the power to visualize every shade of the electromagnetic spectrum, and the ability to hear the symphony of the strings which make up all the quarks in all the atoms in all the molecules in all of Spacetime. Every string in every subatomic particle in existence will be revealed as one big ongoing symphony that we created unintentionally. Each individual string in all the universe represents one note being played, with its position in 3D space indicating the pitch/tempo/volume/etc. Each universe is its own individual symphony, and the Multiverse represents all the songs in a “cosmic playlist.”

Every element is an instrument which the Creator intends to place in the most “sonically pleasing” location and combination possible. Whether the sequence chosen happens to form a bacterium, or volcano, star or whatever else is irrelevant. Life is merely a glitch in the overall program that’s too small to be noticed against Infinity yet miraculous in its Infinitesimal. All the suffering of individuals, the eat or be eaten laws of nature, the gamma ray bursts wiping out whole planets, it seems cruel and random in our plane of existence but when looking at it as moving the right strings into the right place for the song to work, suddenly it all makes sense. We were trying to apply rhetorical and moral reasoning to an existence governed by mathematical and aesthetic logic. The abstract beauty can only be fully appreciated when one looks at the big picture.

In this state of collective omniscience, all philosophical and theological problems will make sense. The suffering and tragedy in everyday life, the loneliness of space, the seemingly random placement of matter…all of it was one interlocking series of stories, visuals and music. And it will be all the better knowing that we created it–all of us working in concert–through our seemingly isolated, insignificant lives. At the end, when the universe collapses into itself, and all the strings come back together as one great continuous ring of existence, we will hear the song that was us all along, played in all its glory. In that state, with all the billions of years of universal history expressed in the most wonderful chorus possible, we will know our place is there with the Creator…sharing in the glory of Creation as one unified being…

God will reveal Themselves to us…and it was, in fact, us ourselves the whole time. We were all one God, temporarily divided into many pieces, folded in upon ourselves in order to experience the manifestation of our own Divine Creation in every conceivable permutation.

And just as we discover this incredible revelation, instantly we will explode into the void again as a new Big Bang, to repeat the process once more with a whole new universe, a whole different set of combinations. There will be new lives lived to tell their stories an eternity later, a new symphony conducted as the strings of energy coalesce into matter. There will be new planets, and maybe new laws of physics, in order to fine-tune the Creation. Whatever moves the right “notes” around to create a newer, better symphony…

Until that time, may Sophia grant us wisdom to better ourselves. May Tharros grant us courage to better the world against the influence of the demiurge. May Yahweh nurture us all as we partake in these endeavors. May the Twelve Syzygies guide our civilization towards the light. May the Archons give us comfort when we cannot feel God directly. May the sacrifices of Asherah not have been in vain. May Ganymede help us help ourselves. May Desdemona retain her innocence in a weary world. And may the grace of El be with us all!

Mary awoke upon receiving this final lesson at the site of the empty tomb as though no time had passed. She knew instinctively that Jesus would ascend to Heaven before she could ever see him again on Earth. However, Mary did not let that temporary disappointment distract her from the good news that she would be with Him in the eternal Caelestis to come. Mary ran excitedly to share her vision with the twelve, for she thought of them as equal to brothers and wished to enjoy her happiness alongside them. As God willed it, Mary was blissfully unaware of the rejection that was to befall her there. Upon Mary’s expulsion from the disciples, she wandered solemnly back to the tomb and wept from shock and betrayal, throwing herself on the exact spot in which Jesus had been laid to rest.

What hurt Mary the most was not that her ex-brethren had refused to believe the story, it was that they denied her worthiness to receive the Eucharist, preach gospel or perform sacraments as a woman. Mary quickly surmised that Peter had been waiting a long time to do what he had done; Peter had only held back previously due to Jesus, who always defended her from any mistreatment or disrespect. Nevertheless, so strong was Mary’s resolve to spread the True Word, to honor the only man who had ever shown her admiration in the world, that she remained in Jerusalem. For several years, Mary preached in defiance of the Sanhedrin and Peter both, even as a woman, and even after they defamed her character as a prostitute.

(Mary’s attempts to administer a congregation of true followers is recorded in The Acts of Mary and the Sophians, which was chronicled by her faithful disciple, Pneumaphila.)

Thus ends the Revelation of Wisdom from the Beloved Disciple: the sole apostle to seek out and fully understand the real Message of God. Praise and blessings to the prophet Mary Magdalene! May the peace she was denied in life be upon her in rest, always and forever!



  1. I liked the first part where you included some of Jesu’s real teachings. After that you completely lost me when you went off into the Sophia and Mary Gnostic stuff. I confess it made so little sense to me that I gave up trying to read it. Everyone needs to find something to believe in to make sense of the world and life. I am glad for you that you seem to have found something that helps you. I know I would be at a complete loss without my faith in Jesus as my lord and savior. Best wishes to you I hope your beliefs lead you to find truth. Thank you for sharing what you believe, you can find what I believe in the traditional Bible New Testament. God bless and keep you!


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