Full Text of Soul Calibur II’s Story (Weapon Master Mode)

As a public service, here is the entire text for Soul Calibur II‘s Weapon Master Mode. (Essentially this game’s version of a story mode.) Until now, the only places this could be seen online were two archaic walkthroughs on old videogame strategy websites, complete with difficult-to-read fonts and awkward formatting. The text of the story was broken up by descriptions of the battles, tips, and meta-information about the experience gained from each fight, weapons/characters unlocked which broke up the flow. It was not conducive to enjoying the actual narrative.

I may be alone, but I absolutely love this script. I genuinely believe this, as well as the various playable characters’ backstories, would make for an ambitious novel with multiple POVs ala Game of Thrones. Or if not that, perhaps an epic poem saga in the tradition of the Greek Epic Cycle. Certainly it would make for a great animated series in the vein of Netflix’ Castlevania if Namco was down to let someone adapt it. Of course, as a fighting game, the plot really just exists to string a bunch of battles together for the player. Even so, the writer(s) spun that limitation into a positive with the “choose your own adventure” style. This is a rare example of narrative prose told in the second person, which is pretty interesting to me as an aspiring writer myself.

I love the world-building here, with an ultimate weapon everyone is seeking, the various gates made to discourage pilgrimage to its resting place, and the charismatic leader on a mission to claim it for his own. When I played this game, I was enthralled by this setting and wanted to know more about it! I actually read as much lore about the various characters online as I could find, which is something I usually never do for fighting games. I even wrote my own fanfiction based on this continuity when I was in high school.

It should be noted then that the protagonist of this story is a stand-in for the player. You give your character a unique name for the times when NPCs must refer to you in the script. For the purposes of this transcription, I just filled in my own name–Cassandra. This should not be confused for the playable avatar with the same name, although she is my preferred character to use. (Which seems to be an unpopular choice among the Soul Calibur community, but fuck it.)

The main story is broken into 10 “chapters” consisting of multiple stages each. At two points in the narrative, the path branches and players can choose to pursue optional side-quests. These are represented below under Sub-Chapters 1 and 3, with the points of departure noted below when they come up. Sub-Chapter 4 is made available upon completion of Sub-Chapter 3. Sub-Chapter 2 is unlocked by gaining enough in-game experience points to achieve the rank of “Edgemaster.” Upon completion of the main story, “extra missions” are unlocked, which are really just upscaled versions of the main quest. When the player beats the “extra mission” version of Chapter 9, Stage 4, then Extra Chapter 1 is unlocked. There is also an Extra Chapter 2, which is unlocked by completing Sub-Chapter 4. I know this is a little confusing, but that’s just the way it is.

I apologize in advance for any spelling/grammar errors or inconsistent capitalization. The transcription I found online was full of them, and while I tried my best to correct every single instance I could find, I’m sure there are a few which escaped my notice. Posting this was far more tedious than it may seem, but it was a labor of love.

The Quest For Soul Edge Begins

“Chosen by history, a man becomes a warrior.
Engraved into history, a man becomes a hero.”
-song by a 14th century traubador

“Transcending history and the world,
a tale of souls and swords, eternally retold.”

Countless legends surround a sword known as Soul Edge. Some claim it to be the ultimate weapon. Others refer to it as the sword of heroes; a phantom sword with immeasurable power of the spirits; the key to eternal youth; a treasure without equal; a panacea to cure all illnesses. Although various folklore of Soul Edge spread across the world, its true nature was unmistakably evil. It was a demonic sword that fed on human souls.

The sword, born from human hands, came to life and began devouring souls after bathing in human blood countless times. Around the same time, a spirit sword called Soul Calibur mysteriously appeared, almost as if to answer the call of the evil blade. The two swords clashed many times throughout the centuries, but these strife were never etched into history, for no one knew…”

All throughout history, men have craved adventure. Human qualities such as greed, curiosity and questing minds are intimately interwoven with history and drive it onward. Men saw Soul Edge as the ultimate prize. Rumors surrounding the demonic sword passed from person to person, tempting those who heard of its stories.

This era was inundated with clashes and battles of warriors who roamed the lands in their quest for Soul Edge. It was a world where any desire could be realized with enough strength and will. The story about to unfold is of one such warrior.

This is your tale of souls and swords.

Chapter 1 – Regulus Proving Grounds

You stood before the entrance to the proving grounds in the land of Regulus, famous for its skilled swordsmen. You predicted that your journey to find the legendary ultimate sword, Soul Edge, would likely be a difficult one. Therefore, you traveled to Regulus in order to polish your fighting skills before setting off on your quest.

After passing through the gate, you found a man standing before you, blocking your path.

“Halt, you who seek mastery of the way of the warrior. We have no interest in those who lack potential. First you must prove your worth!”

It seemed you had to fight this man to prove your strength and determination. Seeing you take hold of your weapon without a moment’s hesitation, the man grinned and said, “well, looks like we’ve got a lively one here. Good! I think this one’s got some promise!”

Stage 1

“I sense your determination… I’m impressed.” After a few bouts, the man said this to you and patted your shoulder lightly. You’ve been accepted into the Regulus proving grounds! Your training began the next day. It seemed that the man who tested you, Edgar, was also to be your trainer. “We’ll start with the basics.”

Taking your weapon in hand, you waited for Edgar’s next words.

Stage 2

Having completed your basic training, you traveled with Edgar to the advanced proving grounds of the bulwark ruins. After a half a day’s walk, you arrived at a crumbling rampart.

“This defensive wall was created during a war here in Regulus. At that same time, this proving ground was built to train the soldiers. Our predecessors claimed victory using the skill they honed in this place. Today, we train here with diligence to honor that history.”

Edgar stopped walking and gazed up at the wall, speaking to no on in particular.

“But pathetically, there are many who cannot handle the training and leave satisfied with their half-learned skill, only to lead lives as bandits and thieves. Hmm…Looks Like they’ve come out to welcome us.” You, too, were aware of the three figures that watched you from a distance. Grinning, Edgar turned to you and said, “I bet it’s been a while since you’ve had a chance to just go wild and show off what you’ve got. With your training, these guys shouldn’t pose any threat to you. We’ll just call this part of your training, too.”

Stage 3

After much rigorous training at the Regulus proving grounds, it was time for your final challenge. If you succeeded in passing this test, you would be recognized as a full-fledged warrior.

The test consisted of combat between the disciples themselves. There were no restrictions and no special conditions-only those who made good use of what they’d learned and arose victorious would pass the test. It would be a test of all your training.

Attempting to control your rapidly beating heart, you stepped into the arena. Your opponent was already waiting for you.

“I’ve been watching your progress for quite some time. You’re a worthy opponent for my final test.” Saying this, your opponent readied her weapon.

“I’ll be fighting with everything I’ve got. I expect no less from you!”

Chapter 2 – The Journey Begins

“If you’re in the search for Soul Edge, you should head east. Past the Land of Thuban lies the free city of Benetnasch, with its never-ending flow of people. Perhaps you can gather information there.”

Following Edgar’s advice, you set off toward the east. You did not know if you would really find information about Soul Edge in Benetnasch or not, but it was better than wandering aimlessly.

You turned to look back just once.

“You win, this time, ‘said Minerva after the battle, ‘but I’ll catch up to you soon. Tomorrow, I’m going to take the test again. On, and I’ve heard you’re searching for the Soul Edge. If that’s the case, then we’ll surely meet again. I seems we’re rivals with the same goal. I’m looking forward to our next encounter.”

You faced forward again and began to walk. Your journey had begun.

Stage 1

You found your patch blocked by the great Thuban river. Following the river in search of a place to cross, you soon came upon a ferryboat crossing. You immediately headed for the pier, but it appeared to have been abandoned for some time and there was no one else around.

Fortunately, there was still a boat remaining, but as you prepared to launch it into the water, a human figure appeared before you. He claimed ownership of the boat and demanded that you give him all the money you had in exchange for the right to cross.

He was obviously a bandit preying on travelers in the area. You sighed and drew your weapon. If you hit him a few times, odds are he’d just give up and run away.

Stage 2

After crossing the Thuban river and heading east, you came upon a small village. Judging from the fishing nets hanging dry in the sun, this was a fisherman’s village.

A commotion in the village square piqued your interest, so you headed over to take a look. There you found the young people of the village engaged in a test of strength.

They fought one-on-one on a wooden scaffold. A champion eventually emerged, but just when the hubbub would subside, the crowd’s excitement grew.

You looked around to find the source of the commotion only to realize that you were the cause. The villagers had learned that you were from Regulus.

They pushed you up onto the scaffolding without giving you a chance to speak. You found yourself facing the young champion. You didn’t notice when you were down on the ground, but up on the scaffolding, the wind was strong-it threatened to blow you off the platform at any given moment.

Stage 3

Having defeated the hero of the village, you expected to torn apart by the crowd, but instead, they seemed genuinely impressed. Even the young man you defeated praised your Regulus-trained fighting skills.

You quickly made friends with the straightforward, honest villagers. But it seemed they had a problem. The mine upstream was poisoning the river and killing the fish. They were planning to send people tp speak with the miners, but the miners were a violent group, and the river people had no choice but to prepare for the possibility of a fight.

Having came to like these people, you soon found yourself agreeing to help them. As expected, the negotiations id not go well. The miners immobilized the villagers with poison and forced them out of the mines. Due to the poison, however, they couldn’t even make it back to their village.

Fortunately, it seemed you had not drunk very much of the poison. You infiltrated the inside of the mine. You needed to get the antidote to save the villagers, even if you had to take it by force.

Chapter 3 – The Thriving City of Benetnasch

Their boss defeated in front of their eyes, the miners looked as though they would attack at any moment, but Cherot stepped forward and silenced them.

“You idiots! Just how much more do you plan to embarrass me today?”

He promised to provide an antidote to the fishermen and agreed to discuss the situation. Your mission to mediate their dispute was a complete success. The rest was up to them.

It seemed Cherot took quite a liking to you. Even as you hurried to leave, he practically dragged you back and insisted that you and the people of the fishermen’s village join him in a feast.

The next morning,, you bid farewell to everyone and headed out east through the opposite side of the mine. After traveling for some time, you eventually caught sight of Benetnasch in the distance and could feel the change in the atmosphere. The performers and travelers on the road increased in number, and you could hear the voice of peddlers about the noise of the crowd. It was clear that Benetnasch was a thriving bustling city.

Stage 1

You’ve been surrounded by crowds ever since entering to Benetnasch. Listening to the conversations around you, you learned that today was the day of the monthly carnival. You decided that it would be best to just relax and enjoy the festivities.

After a little while, you heard excited shouts from up ahead. Stopping to take a look, you saw a lone puppeteer crying out in frustration. A crowd of people had gathered to watch the out-of-control mechanical puppets.

With the huge crowd in the way, you couldn’t even pass through the area. Seeing no other choice, you stepped forward to put an end to the rampaging puppets. The noise of the crowd increased as people began to place bets.

“W-wait, please! Those are custom made puppets I ordered all the way from Schedar! Please don’t wreck them!”

The puppeteer pleased with you desperately. You sighed and thought up a plan. It looked like the fastest method would be to knock them out of the ring.

Stage 2

You found yourself standing before a small arena. Judging from the sight of smiling women and frustrated, tearful men, it appeared that they were holding gambling battles.

In no particular need of funds, you planned to simply pass on by, but then a familiar voice called out to you.

“Long time no see. How’s it going?”

Turning around, you saw that Minerva was there. She must have succeeded in passing the final test after you left. You felt somewhat nostalgic as you recalled your memories of Regulus.

When asked if you had found out anything about Soul Edge, you shook your head. Minerva looked disappointed, but quickly cheered up and said, “I see. Neither have I. Hey, as long as we’re here, how about a match? It’s been a while since our last one. It seems this ring is booby-trapped with a few tricks, but it shouldn’t be any big deal.”

The sound of cheers and groans erupted behind you. It seemed the previous match had just ended.

Stage 3

Traveling through the foothills on the path to the temple atop the mountain overlooking Benetnasch, you stopped to rest at a tavern along the way. “A tavern at the entrance to a temple…that’s just like this city,” you thought to yourself as you opened the door.

Upon seeing the inside, you gave a wry smile. It seemed that the temple itself was running the bar. Acolyte priests scurried back and forth serving loud, rambunctious customers. You sat down at a small table and tried to relax, but a fight began brewing right beside you. A man carrying an enormous amount of luggage was surrounded by a group of drunks. You’d planned to avoid trouble, but then their leader kicked your table out from under you. It wasn’t your style to just keep quiet after such treatment. You drew your weapon and dragged him outside.

The man with the luggage took advantage of this chance and quickly disappeared. Your opponent, perhaps cowed by your aggressiveness, held back and maintained a defensive posture. This called for extensive use of throws.


Stage 4

The port at Benetnasch was a very busy place in the evening. The city’s commerce was built around the port, as the ships arriving and leaving carried goods for trade. Shops crowded the streets, and the bars were full of ships’ crews and those who would do business with them.

Having spent the day wandering around the port, you too headed for an inn for a hot meal and a room for the night.

You awoke in the night shivering from the cold. Your head throbbed; there was a large lump on the back of your head. You quickly surveyed your surroundings, and it was clear that you were no longer in your room at the inn.

It appeared to be the inside of a ship. You’d been sold away as a slave! It seemed your food had been drugged. The inn must have had a “business agreement” with some of the ships. Your weapon had of course been taken away. It wasn’t like you to let your guard down like that. Now, you had to find a way off the ship before it set sail.

Fortunately, thanks to your training at Regulus, you were still a threat even without a weapon. After ramming down the door with your shoulder, you recovered your weapon from the crew and ran for the pier. Unfortunately, they weren’t going to let you get away that easily.

Chapter 4 – The First Gate

After creating quite a stir at the port, you decided to leave the city before the situation grew worse.

After making off with a small boat and paddling out onto the lake, you glanced back at Benetnasch behind you. Despite the number of people there, you weren’t able to track down any information about Soul Edge.

In the midst of the morning fog, the growing sound of voices drifted out from the city. It sounded like it would be another busy day in Benetnasch.

As you continued a ways further on the lake, it became obvious that this dinghy would no be able to carry you all the way across. After stepping back on shore, you learned that you were now in a place called Mizar. According to the locals, a large gate lay to the east, and passing through it required the permission of the guars. You began to grow anxious and frustrated. Not only had you not found any leads to Soul Edge, but now it appeared you could not even travel freely across the land.

It was then that you truly realized just how difficult the quest for Soul Edge was…

Stage 1

One day, as you searched for information on Soul Edge, a stranger approached you.

“Hey, you, I’ve heard you’re looking for Soul Edge. No need to be wary, I’m not a threat. And I just might be able to help you out a little, my friend.”

The man walked away and disappeared into a nearby ruin. You hesitated for a bit, but eventually decided to follow him. Despite the risk of it being a trap, it was also the first promising lead you’d found so far.

“Took you long enough. Anyway, let’s talk.”

The man explained that he was working for a knight by the name of Veral. He, too, was seeking Soul Edge. Veral had a number of underlings like this man, and he wanted you to join them. It seemed that rumors of you fighting ability had spread from Regulus and Benetnasch.

“But when I came all the way out here to recruit you, I find that you are
Trying to acquire Soul Edge as well! That’s not going to work, my friend. That’s not going to work at all!”

The man proceeded to pull some bombs from his pocket as he shot you a maleficent glance.

Stage 2

You hid atop a large windmill in order to rest. A few hours earlier, you had entered the nearby forest not knowing it was the territory of a gang of bandits, and were caught in a trap designed to stop intruders. Fortunately, you managed to destroy the trap and escape before they arrived, but you needed time to recover your strength.

Emerging out of the forest, you happened upon the windmill. It made a good spot from which to keep watch on possible pursuers. After hiding out there for a while, you eventually spotted a figure approaching. It was clear that it was one of the bandits, searching for whomever had destroyed their trap.

You lacked the strength for a real fight-you’d have to make a surprise attack. You waited in silence as the figure approached, then leapt out and struck.

Stage 3

You left the windmill behind and headed north. You had interest in one of the legends of the area, the merope monastery, said to hold “the golden gate that leads to the land of the Edgemasters.” [See Sub-Chapter 2. After winning enough experience points to achieve the rank of Edgemaster, a new path from this stage opens up to the Player.]

You quickly found information about the merope monastery. It was a monastery that had once existed in northern Mizar and was not nothing more than a ruin. But it was said that a group of zealots who gathered there considered the place as hallowed ground.

The monks turned out to be friendly, but the moment you mentioned the gate, their demeanor changed. You regretted your careless mistake and attempted to talk your way out of it, but they had already decided your must be a thief.

One of them ran off to warn the others while the remainder surrounded you. Even for you, taking on the entire monastery was out of the question.

You needed to take care of the group here before the others arrived. You took a quick count of the enemy. It was going to be a battle against time.

Stage 4

“Damn you! Filthy cowards! Give me back my weapon!” The voice of an old man rang out from a mansion in a long-since-deserted village. Passing through the area, you head the voice and wondered what was going on.

Upon entering the dilapidated building, you saw a wounded old swordsman on his knees before two other warriors. One of the victors held the loser’s weapon in his hands and grinned in satisfaction.

“It was you who said we would fight fair and square! Yet the two of you attacked me at once!” It appeared that the old man had been tricked. The old man was perhaps too honorable for his own good, but you couldn’t stand this sort of cowardly act.

You decided to win back the old man’s weapons and stepped in front of the two men. One of them reacted with alarm, but the other merely grinned. “I don’t know who you are, but you’ve just sealed your fate. We can’t allow any witnesses to live. This will be a good opportunity to test my new weapon.”

Stage 5

Upon hearing that you wished to pass through the gate in Mizar, the man gave you some information.

“You’re talking about Charon’s Pass. Leana resides there. She’s a fair and just woman. She’d surely grant passage to someone like you.” The man explained that those with dark intentions in their hearts were not allowed through.

You followed the directions given by the old man and eventually arrived at the entrance to an underground passage. Was this Charon’s Pass?

“You, who would pass through this place-for what purpose is your journey?” A woman standing at the entrance questioned you as you approached. You felt that lying to her wouldn’t be a good idea and chose to state honestly your quest for Soul Edge. “Your desire is tainted with darkness…I Am afraid I cannot allow you to pass. If you must insist, however, then show me the strength that lies within your heart. I will wait for you before the gate. Because if you truly possess a strong heart, your desire will not overcome you.” Leaving behind those cryptic swords, the woman disappeared in to the underground passage.

Chapter 5 – Spirit Sword

You fought will all your might. There was no other response you could have made.

“I see that you have a strong heart. Nevertheless, the evil that the sword contains is powerful you do not yet understand its danger. You are filled with the false dream of an ultimate weapon and cannot see the truth , I cannot let you pass.”

You were not able to pass the gate, yet you were now certain that you were close to reaching Soul Edge. It didn’t feel like Leana was lying. Soul Edge was real. But she also said that it was a terrible, cursed sword…

You would later come to accept the truth, and it would be only then that you truly closed in on Soul Edge.

After returning to the surface, you stopped and turned suddenly to get a better look t a man who passed you by. Wasn’t that the man who had scouted you out before-the one looking for Soul Edge?

When you headed back to the gate, a terrible sight was awaiting for you. The gate had been slice in two with a single cut of a blade. There was no sign of the swordsman; only Leana lying collapsed on the ground. Without another thought, you immediately headed for the gate, but stopped short when you head her voice.

“He seeks Soul Edge with a terrible darkness in his heart. Someone must stop him…Please, inform Altair. Tell them that the first gate has fallen. I know I can count on you. You must hurry…”

You soon stood at the entrance to Altair, ready to face your own weakness. “You must not yet let yourself be drawn to his power. For it would mean the loss of you own heart…”

Stage 1

You arrived at nereid gorge, the entranceway to Altair. Beyond the gorge lay Altair itself. You unconsciously quickened your pace. When you reached the other side, you heard shouts directed at you from the fort on the riverbank.

“Halt! Go no further if you wish to live!”

It appeared they were guarding the entrance to Altair.

You obeyed the warning and stopped. You shouted back that you were a friend bearing no intention of harm and requested permission to proceed. After a short while, armed guards arrived and escorted you into the fort.

You explained that you came on behalf of Leana and wished to enter Altair, but they seemed uncertain whether they should trust you. In the end, they locked you in a guest room in the fort. Later that same day, the situation suddenly changed. Unknown force attacked the fort. You escaped in the confusion and joined with the for’ soldiers to fight off the intruders.

Stage 2

After siding with the soldiers and defeating the intruders, you received permission to enter Altair and left the fort. The city of Altair, said to be paradise on earth, was of a much simpler and plainer construction than you expected. The residents valued scholarship, and the whole city left you with the impression of a giant library.

You proceeded to the temple and conveyed Leana’s words to the priest. “I had seen the thread of misfortune which clung to northern Mizar, but I never imagine that the gate itself had fallen…” The priest spoke with a look of great concern. He then faced you and said, “and she requested that you deliver this message yourself? I see, in other words, she saw in you the potential to take on the one who destroyed the gate.

The priest pondered for a moment and then led you to the altar, saying he had something to give you. “I’m sorry, but I cannot yet bring myself to trust you. Would you allow me to perform a small test? A test of your will…” At the sound of the priest’s words, an obviously hostile figure began to approach you!

Chapter 6 – The Second Gate

Not merely pushed along by the flow of events, but rather of your own will, you began to talk forward. The gate allowed you to pass through with ease.

“I apologize for deceiving you, but it was necessary.” The Altair priest pointed to a sword as he spoke. “What you overcame was your own self. You have proven the strength of your will. Now, take this sword. You have earned it.”

The sword was of a peculiar design. It was intricately decorated and its blade was split in tow. It emitted a feeling of purity, yet at the same time, you could feel a darkness within it as well.

“That sword possesses powers of both good and evil…” The priest explained that Soul Edge lay sealed in the land to the east.

Furthermore, you learned that the sword you now held in your hands was in fact Soul Calibur, the spirit sword capable of defeating the cursed blade. But peoples greed and ambition had weakened the seal, and the evil energy had finally invaded the core of the seal-the spirit sword itself. The guardians of the seal built the three gates to fortify the seal, and they worked to purify the spirit sword.

Everything had been fine for hundreds of years, but someone had destroyed one of the gates. If those bewitched by the cursed sword managed to get their hands on the weapon, the resulting devastation would be unfathomable.

And it seemed that you were one of the few people who had the potential to stop it.

“You will do fine. Believe in yourself. Leana and I believe in you. The purification of the spirit sword is incomplete, but even so, it should prove useful.”

You turned your gaze upon the spirit sword. Perhaps this sword will become the key that leads you to Soul Edge.

Stage 1

Traveling east, you came upon the ruins of a castle. For a moment, you wondered if it too was the work of the knights, but it was clear that much time had passed since the castle fell into ruin. You entered the castle in order to get a view of the land ahead of you.

Looking out to the east from the top of the castle wall, you saw an ominous looking mountain range along the horizon beyond the flat plains. You wondered if perhaps that was the place that held Soul Edge.

In a hurry to be on your way, you crossed through the central garden and came face to face with a giant stone monument upon which was inscribed, “rest in peace, our brothers. Head to the right and do not lose your way in the court of the dead.”

A field of graves, presumably of those who had lived in the castle, lay on the other side of the monument. Standing before the exit to the castle was a man clad in armor. It seemed he was the grave keeper. He drew his weapon and moved forward to rid the holy place of its intruder.

Stage 2

The history of the city of nashira revolved around its combat arena, and it was known as a city of gamblers. The bustling townsfolk gave the place the feel of a miniature Benetnasch.

When you entered Nashira, it was another day of burly warriors seeking challengers and gamblers seeking riches. Perhaps you could find information about the knights here. You asked a young townsperson for directions to the arena and made your way over to it.

Upon passing through the gate, a great cheer arose around you. You’d walked in through the entrance for new challengers! You stood cursing your luck as the onlookers stared at you, trying to size up your strength.

Stage 3

As you left the temple at which you spent the night, the monk said to you, “Be careful, traveler.” Someone in the area was ambushing passerby. Several skilled warriors from the arena at Nashira had already become victims. Was it the work of those you sought? Thanking the monk for his warning, you headed out of the temple.

While walking along the path beside the river, a woman suddenly jumped out from the nearby bushes and blocked your path! She brandished a huge weapon disproportionate to her body. She wasn’t one of the ones you saw in Mizar, but it was possible they’d added members to their ranks since then.

You had to be careful. It was clear that this woman was the one attacking travelers. She didn’t look like she had any intention of holding a conversation-there was no choice but to fight.

Stage 4

“If you follow this road, master, it will lead to Crytomeria ridge.” After losing to you, arma vowed to mend her ways and stop attacking travelers. She began calling you “master.”

According to her, a famous warrior lived in crytomeria ridge. Several days ago, she saw a group of men head out to the ridge. You chose to follow their trail, but there was no one to be found at the ridge-only a dirt mound with a sword jutting out of it, surrounded by flowers. From the condition of the sword and dirt, it was clear that the grave was fresh. You realized that there had been a battle here. Yet if the man of the ridge was the one that was killed, who had placed these flowers?

“Don’t move! Was it no enough to take my master’s life? Ave you come now to desecrate his grave as well!?!” Turning around, you faced a swordswoman brandishing her weapon. You tried to explain, but she didn’t listen. “Silence! Listen up, dog of Veral! You’d best not let down your guard just because I’m a woman! My toughness exceeded even that of my master, and I’ll Prove it!”

Faced with no other choice, you drew your weapon.

Stage 5

“This is the way to the underground passage, master. But it is known as a filthy place, and everyone steers clear of it.” Arma continued to consider herself your disciple. She was knowledgeable about the area, and according to her, an old underground passage lay just ahead.

You remembered the three gates you heard about in Altair. Perhaps this passage led to the second one. After traveling for a while, the spirit sword suddenly began to resonate as if reacting to something. Wondering at this, you began to search for the location that caused the strongest response.

You soon arrived at an old ruin hidden on the opposite shore of the river not far from the path. “I was surprised at first that someone like you would make it here, but I see now that you have Soul Calibur. What were the priests of Altair thinking?” The young man in the ruin spoke to you as he looked at the spirit sword in your hand. It appeared that you were not welcome.

“I know that you’re nothing more than another fool in search of Soul Edge. Leave now,” he said as he pointed his weapon at you, “or this place will be your grave.”

Stage 6

Bastian fell to his knees, his shoulders shuddering with every haggard breath.

“Damn you! You’ll regret not finishing me off! I swear I’ll kill you!”

You explained to him that while it was true you were seeking Soul Edge, you were well aware of its danger, and that you were chasing the knight who destroyed the gate in Mizar. But Bastian did not listen.

“I don’t care what Altair or Mizar have to say. I don’t trust you. You’re the same as Veral! No, maybe worse-at least Veral doesn’t pretend to hide what he’s doing. “who’s Veral?” He’s the man you’re chasing! He went into the underground passage of Juno. He probably thinks Soul Edge is on the other side. He’s a fool. If you’re chasing him, then hurry up and go!”

Upon arriving at the underground passage, you noticed that water covered the floor. You began to get the feeling that the water level was rising. It looked like you had better hurry.

Chapter 7 – Demonic Realm

“I…I Can’t believe we just lost two-against-one…”


Hobb and lanbardy defeated in battle against you, fell down where they stood and slowly disappeared from view as the water swallowed them. Perhaps Veral guessed that he would face pursuers.

His men had been waiting for you inside the underground passage. That could only mean that you were headed in the right direction.

Successfully defeating your enemies, you headed for the exit and reached the surface before the water filled the passage.

Even compared to the locations through which you’d traveled so far, Rigel was an especially bleak and desolate area. Despite the abundance of rivers, it was a region of parched earth and scraggly vegetation. From what Bastian and the priest in Altair said, you knew that the cursed sword was not located there. But one could be easily convinced that Soul Edge lay hidden in this hellish land if one did not know better.

It was understandable that Veral came here in search of Soul Edge. The image of the gate in Mizar, sliced cleanly in two, flashed briefly through your mind. It was just a matter of time before you caught up with him…

Stage 1

Pursuing Veral, you came upon a building situated in the middle of the desolate plain. The sun was especially fierce that day, so you headed for the building to rest in the shade.

The building was small, but had a fairly large basement area. Judging from the rows of iron bars, it appeared to be a prison. But the walls and bars were heavily damage, and it was presumably no longer in use. When you went down to take a look, the sound of iron bars closing echoed off the walls. You turned around in surprise and saw a man standing before you.

“It’s just like he said…And He said he’d set me free if I defeat you. I don’t have anything against you, but this is my chance. Don’t take it personally!”

Apparently, Veral had been feeding him stories. Seeing no other way out, you drew your weapon. As you did so, you noticed that the man was not your only enemy. The walls and floor were booby-trapped with gunpowder. The man noticed your momentary lapse in concentration and attacked!

Stage 2

“Cassandra… so it is you who has been pursuing Veral.” The two of you met here once more, as enemies and as friends. “so, you defeated those two, did you ? I’m pleased to see that your skills are still sharp.”

Minerva grinned as she spoke these words. You were surprised to learn that she was now working for Veral. You explained to her how dangerous Veral was, but Minerva merely answered that she had a plan. She then pointed her weapon at you.

“If you’ve got time to be worrying about me, you should be worrying about yourself. Have you forgotten that there is but one Soul Edge? In other words, it was our fate to fight on another sooner or later!” You could feel her fierce hostility. Faced with such aggression, you could not hold back your own.

Stage 3

“He possesses a fragment of Soul Edge. In other words, he’s the closes to finding Soul Edge.” So spoke Minerva as she departed. “he’s not a fool. He doesn’t believe that Soul Edge is here. He came here to gain the power to destroy the gates. It is said that the key to the gates is the spirit sword, Soul Calibur, but no know knows where that is. So he thought of a way to pass through the gates without the key. It’s a bit of a gamble, of course.”

“So, you’ve finally come. I believe we met once before, at Mizar.” Veral slowly opened his eyes as if he had been expecting you. “I assume you[‘ve come to stop me? But you’re too late.”

A powerful aura, like none you’d ever felt before emanated from his body. “Now that I’ve acquired the power to break the seal, I have no reason to stay here any longer, but I have a feeling you’ll be a nuisance later if I let you live.”

The ground around Veral burst open and a monster of flame emerged! “This pet was born from a fragment of Soul Edge…a mere piece of its total power. Isn’t it appropriate that your life be put to an end by the power you long sought after?”

Chapter 8 – The Third Gate

To the east of Aldebaran lay the holy land of Merak. Here existed the third of the three gates that sealed Soul Edge, as well as the grand shrine of Merak, a name with which even ordinary citizens were familiar. Of course, few knew that the shrine was sealing the cursed sword.

You experienced a bit of the evil blade’s power in the forbidden grounds when you battled against the monster of flame born from a fragment of Soul Edge.

You lost track of Veral while dealing with the monster.

“I have obtained the power to destroy the gate.” It was safe to assume from those words that he was headed for Merak.

You hurried back to the second gate at Aldebaran, which was guarded by Bastian.

The gate had been destroyed. Bastian was nowhere to be found just as with the gate in Mizar, this one was cut in two with a single stoke, but this time, it was also scorched black. You let out a shudder as you recalled your battle I the forbidden grounds.

Passing through the two gates and chasing after Veral, you entered Merak. But the landscape was as far from the idea of a holy land as anyone could imagine. The entire area was awash with signs of destruction. Craters of black ash littered the ground, bridges and roadways were destroyed, and pillars of black smoke rose on the horizon.

Was this all Veral’s doing?

Stage 1

You were surrounded by a group of warriors. The “city in the sky” in which you stood once possessed the characteristic beauty of all highland dwellings, but no trace of that image remained. The main street, the tree-lined roads, the very buildings themselves, all lay in ruin, as if sliced apart by giant blades. It could only have been the work of Veral. He seemed to bring destruction wherever he went.

It was a mistake to mention his name inside the city. The gaze of those whose lives had been suddenly shattered all turned upon you. You told them that you were no friend of Veral, but they did not listen. You were forced to draw your weapon in self-defense, but this only served to anger them more.

They slowly closed in on you. The thin air at this high elevation complicated the matter. You would lost any chance of survival if you waited any longer. You had to put an end to the situation.


Stage 2

“Is it true you’re trying to fight against Veral?” While stopping in a town to recover your strength, you were approached by a group preparing to fight Veral. Just like you, the people of Merak weren’t about to let Veral walk all over them. You exchanged information with the Merak fighters.

It turned out that Veral had destroyed the city in the sky all by himself. In fact, he was always seen alone. That meant Minerva was not traveling with Veral-you wondered what she was up to.

The group leader sighed deeply.

“There’s something else I have to tell you, unfortunately. There are a few groups of outlaws, as well as prisoners, who broke free because of the destruction Veral caused, that now view him as a symbol of power. They are the shame of Merak.”

At that moment, there was a loud commotion outside the mine. It looked like an attack by the very people that he had just spoken of. But you were not in any shape to fight. The group leader handed you a vial.

“Drink this! It’s only temporary, but it will give you strength. I’ll see you again if we survive!” The min had suddenly become a battlefield!

Stage 3

You headed east toward the grand shrine of Merak. Veral was definitely headed there. By the time you arrived at the city, he already beaten you to it. In the center of the destroyed city were the remains of a combat arena, and it appeared to have been a place where great battles flourished. For Veral to pass through here so easily, the power he obtained must have been fearsome indeed.

Seeing movement near the arena, you headed over to investigate. A disturbing-looking figure clung to the wall of the arena. It turned to glare at you with fierce hostility as you approached.

Judging from the shackles on his body, he was obviously a prisoner, most likely set free in the chaos of Veral’s attack. He must have been a very violent criminal, for heavy iron bonds enwrapped his body. It would be difficult to cause any damage through those bonds with normal attacks.

You quickly realized that the best way to fight him would be to cause impact damage by slamming him against the wall.

Stage 4

The city was on fire. Veral’s onslaught must have happened only moments ago. You were catching up to him. Since the grand shrine of Merak was still a little ways off, there may be a chance to stop him before he destroys the seal.

Racing through the burning city, you soon saw a figure on the plains ahead of you. There was no mistaking him: it was Veral! You’d finally caught up to him. He hadn’t noticed you yet. You carefully closed the distance. After following him for a short while, Veral suddenly disappeared. You hastily broke into a run and soon saw that there was a large chasm in the middle of the plain. Strong winds blew up from the hole. You entered the hole in order to pursue Veral.

“That’s far enough.” A young man’s voice echoed through the shaft. It wasn’t Veral. “I cannot allow anyone to interfere with his mission. If you intend to get in his way, you are my enemy.”

A young man stepped out in front of you, brandishing his weapon. It seemed that he was one of Veral’s followers. Amidst the fiercely rising winds, you drew your weapon and prepared to fight.

Stage 5

Heading north from Procyon and reentering Merak, you found yourself in front of an ominous-looking dungeon. The dungeon itself appeared to have been constructed by men, but the evil presence that flowed from it was definitely not human.

A man in the nearby village had said that this haunted cave was the home of monsters. Having experienced battles against Veral’s terrible power, a mere haunted cave did not sound very threatening to you. But as you stood bathed in the evil that radiated from the entrance, you quickly reconsidered you approach. It looked like a bit more caution was called for. Bracing yourself for what inhuman surprises lurked within, you proceeded into the darkness.

Stage 6

The grand shrine of Merak-the third gate that sealed Soul Edge-lay in ruins before you. Veral had finally made it all the way here. Losing precious time to the fight in the chasm, you finally arrived at dusk and hurried into the center of the devastates shrine.

The fierce battle had raged all the way into the deepest part of the shrine itself. Following along the path of the destruction, you arrived just in time to see the final blow.

“I suppose it was inevitable that you would be the final one to stand against me. ‘Cassandra,’ wasn’t it? I’ll not forget that name.” Veral tossed aside the opponent he had just defeated and turned to face you. You could feel Veral’s energy gather into the strange sword in his hands. The entire shrine-no, the very barrier itself that sealed in Soul Edge-seemed to tremble. It was time to finally put and end to this chase.

Chapter 9 – Forgotten Grounds

With your final blow, Veral collapsed. His face showed a look of surprise, as if he could not believe that he had actually lost. It was over. You had won.

“Hehe…I See, so you had the spirit sword…to think that feeding on the powers made me more vulnerable. I never considered that…” Veral slid to the floor and ceased to move.

“He had the power of Soul Edge within himself.” Tristy, the guardian of the gate, barely manage to talk.

“The gates existed to prevent the cursed sword from getting out. He saw through the way they worked. Using methods unknown, he called the power of the dark sword into himself in order to pass through the gates. The gates deliberately allowed him through because their very purpose was to seal that power inside…”

The power that Veral obtained in the forbidden grounds was that of Soul Edge itself, Mizar, Aldebaran, and Merak…Veral Had fallen, but with the three Gates destroyed, Soul Edge was in an extremely dangerous state. And restoring the barrier would take time.

Someone needed to keep watch over Soul Edge until preparations for the creation of the new barrier was completed.

“May I ask this of you?…” As the vanquisher of Veral and the wielder of the spirit sword, you were most appropriate for the task. After some brief thought, you accepted her request.

In order to handle the evil sword safely, it was necessary to first complete the purification of the spirit sword. After learning from Tristy about an old man with the power to do so, you set off to find him. You traveled to Algol, the land of exiles.

Stage 1

Algol was a land of exiles and outcasts. Some of them were formally sentenced criminals, while others were people with special powers cast out of their villages.

You proceeded carefully along the mountain path. About halfway up Algol mountain, you witnessed a mysterious sight. An ax floated in mid-air, blocking you way. Shocked, you stopped for a moment and stared. The ax responded by letting out a growl. You then heard a voice coming from somewhere.

“Go forth, my ax! Take everything this fool has!”

It seemed you had been ambushed by a highwayman. You had to do something about this ax before you could go any further.

Stage 2

Upon seeing you defeat the ax, the man controlling it ran away. You tossed aside the now-lifeless weapon and proceeded along the mountain path. After reaching the other side of the mountain, you came upon a small town along the river. You entered the town and began gathering information about the old man that Tristy had spoke of.

“That guy you’re looking for, yeah, I know him.” You heard these words from a man at the local bar. He knew what the old man looked like as well as his profession as a blacksmith. You were excited to have found a lead about the man so quickly after entering Algol, but things were not going to be quite that easy. The man at the bar requested a fee in exchange for his information. You offered him some money, but the man shook his head.

According to him, there would soon be a fighting tournament in town. He wanted you to enter the tournament so that he could win big betting on someone who was unknown in the area. You accepted his terms and looked into the tournament.

You learned that they linked the combatants together with chains, preventing them from putting much distance between each other.

Stage 3

As promised, the man gave you the information you needed to find the old man, and you headed to his mansion. There was nothing else for miles around. It was said that the old man did not like people and chose to live away from others.

You knocked on the door several times, but there was no answer. Seeing no other option, you pushed on the door. It was not locked and creaked open.

“Who’s there?” You suddenly heard a voice from behind you. It was the old man. The old man listened to your story without expression, but when you finished, he grumbled to himself, “Unbelievable. I’ll never live down how that girl turned out.”

The next day, the old man led you to a room that had obviously not been used for some time. He asked you to show him the spirit sword, so you drew Soul Calibur and presented it to him.

“I see. The spirit of Soul Edge is indeed present in this word. But Altair did you say? They’ve done quite a good job already. This amount of darkness won’t take long to cleanse.”

As you stood there wondering what would happen next, the old man suddenly shouted, “Get ready for the physical manifestation of the evil energy!” As usual, things were never as easy as people made them sound.

Stage 4

“I’m afraid we need you to turn the cursed sword over to us.” You stood in between two female warriors who blocked your path. They were after Soul Edge, an they also knew that it was cursed.

Of course, you had no intention of handing over the evil blade, as you took responsibility to guard and contain it. Whatever their motive, you were not interested in fulfilling their request.

“Sis, I don’t think this person is going to cooperate.”

“Then I have no choice but to retrieve it by force.” It appeared that they, too, had no intention of backing down.

You briefly considered fleeing, but you were unfamiliar with the area, and would provide them with a significant advantage if you ran. You let out a deep sigh and prepared to fight.

Chapter 10 – The Final Battle

“Excellent work.”

The dark energy that had infest Soul Calibur was washed away by the strength of your will.

The spirit sword’s form changed, and it began to pulse with holy energy. Eventually, it had completely transformed into sparkling points of light, which flowed into the air, heading southeast for Antares, the land where the cursed sword lay sealed. The old man, seeing your look of surprise, spoke thusly: “Do not worry. When the time comes, you two will surely meet again. The sword naturally seeks out the one most suited to wield it.”

“I’ve been waiting for you, Cassandra. I’m sorry to have to tell you this, but things are not faring well.” What awaited you upon your return to the grand shrine of Merak was the news that while you were in Algol, Minerva had entered Antares-the land where the demonic sword was sealed. She infiltrated the shrine when Tristy was gravely wounded and was in no condition to fight.

Before Tristy had even finished speaking, you were already out the gate and on your way.

You had to stop her!

Stage 1

Passing through the final gate, you entered the cursed land of Antares. Even though the spirit sword had purified the evil presence here, this place continued to eat away at your strength. You’d have to keep that in mind as you continue your journey.

After traveling for a while, you suddenly realized that you were walking through the middle of a combat arena. You had no recollection of entering it, And when you turned to look behind you, the path on which you had traveled was gone. You couldn’t tell what had happened, but you simply took it in stride-it must have been an effect of a cursed land that had contained Soul Edge for so long.

Murmurs arose from the empty arena. Then, a thunderous roar like that of a thousand stamping feet began to echo from the empty stands. Right before your eyes, something began to ooze into existence!

Stage 2

The arena disappeared as suddenly as it had appeared. You hurried on your way, but yet again you found yourself walking in a new location with no path in sight. This time it seemed your were in an underground dungeon. You felt an enormously hostile presence from deep within it didn’t seem to be directed at you specifically. Instead, it as an indescribable hatred for all living things. You pushed aside the nearly overwhelming fear and began to walk forward.

“Cassandra! Must you continue to stand in my way to the very end?!” Minerva looked up at you as she lay collapsed on the floor. You had caught up and succeeded in stopping her. You sighed in relief, but then soon realized that something was wrong. Minerva, too, merely looked on speechlessly at what began to unfold.

Stage 3

The two of you were no longer in the dungeon, but in the middle of a desolate plain. Black clouds covered the sky, darkening the area. Cracks appeared in the ground, and flames erupted into the air. A figure approached slowly from the distance. Its armor rattled with each step it took. Flames covered it sword, and periodically they reached out to lick across its entire body.

“It can’t be…” Minerva uttered words of disbelief. “Cassandra, did you really think it would be so easy to destroy me, with all the power I obtained? To destroy Soul Edge? Hahaha…How naive.” With each word he spoke, flames burst from Veral’s mouth. “Now be gone, my foe. For I must become complete!”

The heat radiating from Veral intensified. The flames of his sword doubled their fervor, and in the next instant, his entire body became a raging Inferno!

Your Quest Has Ended

The last remains of Inferno’s flames surrounding the blade were carried away by a breeze and faded unto nothingness.

Standing before the sword you so long sought after, I can only wonder at what thoughts must have passed through your mind as you learned the truth of its awesome, terrible power.

Soul Edge’s legacy lives to this day. It most likely will live on forever, for humans will always desire the ultimate weapon.

Unfortunately, though you triumphed in battle and claimed Soul Edge, your name does not remain in history. Only the name Veral, the man who steeped the world in fear in his quest for the demonic weapon, remains as a brief footnote in the annals of history.

Many years have passed since then. The world has forgotten our names, and the seals we placed have long since weathered away.

One time, a master swordsman wielded the evil blade. Another time, a pirate. Then, a pitiful youth. I have no doubts that the legend of the demonic sword and the spirit sword will continue on forever.

And I shall continue to watch over the eternal battle, as it is a task only I can do…For I have been rendered immortal by the force of the two opposing energies.

Sub-chapter 1 – Sacred Treasure

As you walked along the mountain path leading from Benetnasch to Schedar, you came to understand just why it was that so few people used the passage-it was little more than an animal trail. You made your way south down the path, suffering nicks and scratches from the thick foliage.

You learned of this shortcut from the man with all the luggage in the bar at the entrance to diphda temple. After the fight, he reappeared and told you about it to show his thanks.

Schedar was well known among adventurers. An ancient civilization that vanished long ago left behind countless ruins in the area, and even the present time there was still a never-ending flow of travelers visiting Schedar in search of knowledge and treasure. The man explained excitedly that he had discovered a new ruin that no one had seen yet. He had returned to Benetnasch to gather supplies for exploring it when he got involved in the trouble at the bar. In recognition of his debt to you, he revealed his secrets.

As you continued along the path, you eventually came upon a half buried ruin.

Your heart began to beat faster.

Stage 1

You had been searching for the entrance to an old stone temple. You’d heard that no one had ever gone inside it before, but there were clear signs that people had been inside already. In other words, your chances of encountering scavengers inside the ruin were high. Valuable artifacts were found often in these sorts of ruins, thus there were always treasure hunters milling about.

It was reasonable to assume that, for the sake of protecting what they dug up, they would attack first and ask questions later. That’s how valuable the relics of Schedar were. If you were going to make it back out alive, you’d have to keep your guard up. You spent a few moments peering into the entrance, but soon steeled yourself and stepped inside.

Sub-chapter 2 – Eternal Conflicts

North of Mizar lay Alioth, a land in constant turmoil at the hands of four warlords, all holding the rank of Edgemaster, who fought a never-ending battle for domination. The region had become almost legendary among warriors.

Having endured training upon training, finally achieving the rank of Edgemaster just as they had, perhaps it was only natural that you would take interest in the chaos inside Alioth.

Seeking combat with a worthy opponent, you set off for the savage land. It was another day of struggling between the four powers in Alioth. Their leaders, Saika, Kanakana, Tany, and George, kept a constant watch for any opportunity to strike a decisive blow against their enemies. All four of them were superb warriors, yet it had been some time since any of them had made any headway.

But when a fifth Edgemaster-you-arrived, it was only a matter of time before that balance was disturbed…

Stage 1

Alioth was about to be plunged into chaos once again.

“I understand that you, too, hold the rank of Edgemaster.” Saika, one of the four generals of Alioth, sized you up as she spoke. “and so, you’ve come to see me first. But somehow, I get the feeling you’re not here to join my army.”

When you answered that you’d come to test your strength, her expression changed dramatically, and her face became that of a warrior. “I, too, hold the title of Edgemaster. I accept your challenge.” After leading you outside, she had one of her subordinates bring a bomb and lit the fuse. “I’m not going to bother with explanations.”

Stage 2

Due to your disturbance of the balance between the four powers, the situation in Alioth began to grow unstable. As you made your way toward the walled city that was your next destination, you could see army banners waving and other signs of preparation for the coming war. You informed the guard at the gate that you had defeated Saika. He made no effort to hide his shock and quickly hurried off to report what you said. After some time, you were escorted inside.

“Our leader says that he wishes for you to join our army. I do not believe that it would be wise for you to refuse.” A military aide of some sort attempted to threaten you into joining their ranks, but you shook your head in response.


At the man’s signal, soldiers surrounded you. But of course, they posed no challenge to you. You defeated them all in the blink of an eye, and cries of surprise arose from the soldiers. They stood cowering before your inhuman strength.

At that moment, a rope came flying through the air from behind you. On the end of the rope was a metal ring, which caught your arm. The soldiers suddenly began to cheer. On the other end of the rope was another metal ring, attached to the arm of their boss, an Edgemaster.

Stage 3

The Edgemaster, George, was said to possess great spiritual power. Having heard that she had recently been traveling alone, you raced ahead of her and preceded to the old building that was her destination.

After lying in wait for a short while, the person you sought came into view.

“What do you want?”

It seemed she was already aware of your presence. Of course, from the very beginning, you had no plans to launch a sneak attack. You calmly stepped out in front of George. The two of you conversed for a while.

She was in the middle of training for the purpose of increasing her spiritual power. It would appear you had interrupted her.

“I take no offense. Now, I presume you came here to fight me, did you not? You nodded. “So you, too, are in the midst of training.” She smiled briefly, but her smile quickly faded. “Well then, let us begin at once…This Is a place of spirits. You must keep a firm hold of you mind.”

Stage 4

“I presume you’re Cassandra! I heard you’re hunting down the Edgemaster. So it’s my turn now, is it? Well then, let’s get started!” You had traveled to a temple halfway up the mountain and were greeted with open hostility by the soldiers there. It seemed that your name had become known throughout Alioth.

The soldiers looked like they were ready to attack you at any moment.

As you prepared for the possibility that you might have to fight them all, a woman appeared before you. Apparently, it was she who had just spoken to you a moment before.

“I’ve heard the rumors about you. You seem to be quite powerful. I’ve been waiting for you to come.” It seemed she was looking forward to the opportunity to prove her strength by defeating you. The soldiers quickly prepared a ring for the battle. The two of you faced off as the strong mountain winds whirled around you!

Sub-chapter 3 – Road to Arcturus

The location you sought was located to the north of war-torn Merak. Pollux, known for being the birthplace of an ancient hero, had cut off all ties to the outside world a great many years ago. Information about the region was scarce; it was truly a land of mystery.

There was a good reason you were going through the trouble of heading all the way out to a place like Pollux.

For someone had seen a figure resembling Minerva heading to the north!

Stage 1

After crossing the Merak river, you entered the land of Pollux. As you walked, you began to wonder where Minerva was. Some time had passed since the two of you last me. When dusk approached, you sought shelter for the night in an old ruined temple.

“Please wake up.”

Someone woke you up shortly after dawn. Wondering what was going on, you opened your eyes and were startled to see a warrior standing before you.

“Traveler from the battlefields of Merak, I cannot allow you to drag your petty conflicts into our land. I’m afraid you are going to have to disappear. Prepare yourself.”

There wasn’t any way out without fighting. You glanced at your surroundings and saw that there were numerous lumps on the ground around you. They were cleverly camouflaged, but it was clear that something was buried there. You’d have to fight carefully.

Stage 2

You found yourself battling in the drifting mists of the castle of the damned. You wondered from which direction the next opponent would come. You had met an old woman in the ruined castle. She seemed to have knowledge of the person you sought, and you found yourself following deeper and deeper into the castle. That had been a mistake. When you reached a certain point, the woman dissolved into mist and disappeared. By the time you realized your mistake, it was too late. You fought a never-ending stream of assassins as you searched desperately for an exit.

Upon finally reaching the main gate, yet another enemy appeared before you. This one appeared to be a cut above the rest. Moreover, you could feel the presence of others from all around. Suddenly feeling a slight pain in your foot, you glanced down and cursed. Small dart was sticking out. It seemed you had been poisoned.

Stage 3

During your journey through Pollux, you found your life in danger many times. It seemed the people of Pollux were protecting something. And it appeared that they believed they must protect it from men of evil hearts. Feeling the need to prove your innocence, you shoed Soul Calibur to the old woman of the castle of the damned.

“So you were the warrior who saved Merak. No wonder my servants were not able to defeat you.” The woman informed you of a path on the outskirts of Pollux known as the hero’s trail. It was said to be an underground passage that the hero Arcturus entered upon turning over the throne to his successor. That passage was what the people of Pollux had been protecting.

The hero, Arcturus. Surely there was no one who did not know that name, especially among those who followed that way of the sword. The legends said that he was an undefeated general who wielded the most powerful sword ever made. “within the hero’s trail live Pollux’s master warriors. They train day and night and challenge anyone who attempts to pass through. I wish you good luck.”

Sub-chapter 4 – A New Chapter

After completing the test, you proceeded down the hero’s trail. As the days passed by, you began to lose all sense of the passage of time. You wondered for just how long you had been walking. When you finally saw light ahead of you, you broke into a run.

Would you find Minerva on the path ahead? Did she take this same trail that you did? In the next instant, you once again stepped upon the surface of the earth. The dry surface wind embraced you, and you closed your eyes in response to the bright open sky.

Was this mount Procyon?

The peak of mount Procyon, located to the south of Merak, stood towering into the sky before you. You’d been traveling due south under Merak the whole time.

The people of Procyon were known for their unique physical abilities and displays of valor in battle. Many heroes and great men of history were born here on this mountain. You had arrived in a land of people who carried magnificent heritage…

Stage 1

Inside muliphein’s crypt, you found yourself surrounded by a group of warriors. Seeking shelter from the rain in a cave that was rumored to be haunted may have been a mistake. Perhaps Soul Edge had reacted to the evil atmosphere of the cave. Warriors emerged from empty space and materialized into solid form. By the time you noticed their presence, it was too late. There was nowhre to run. It appeared that they were after the cursed sword itself. Surrounded by inhuman opponents, you steadied your nerves and drew your weapon.

Stage 2

In the northern region of Procyon, near the Merak border, you heard rumors of a fearsome beats. It had skin like stone that could absorb any blow. Many a warrior had sought to defeat it, but all had failed. There was no way you could pass up a challenge like that.

You went forth to challenge the creature and learned that the rumors were true; attacks could not harm it at all. You retreated temporarily to think of a plan. How could it be defeated?

Starting the next day, you began to stalk the monster. After several days, you finally got the chance you had waited for. It had climbed to the top of a tall tower. You began to climb the tower. No matter how though it was, if it fell from that height, there was no way it could survive. As the fierce winds wailed around you, you challenged the beast once again!

Stage 3

When you reached the top of mount Procyon, you could not believe what you saw. Someone had built a port in lake caldera at the peak! There was even a large ship floating on it. For what possible purpose had it been built?

You walked along the deserted port. Suddenly, a sword came flying and struck the ground at your feet. Turning to look in the direction from which it came, you saw a young man standing there.

“And just what are you doing in my port? I don’t appreciate unauthorized visitors…”

It appeared that this harbor was not something he wanted people to know about. He clearly wanted to eliminate you, but you weren’t about to just give yourself up. If a fight was what he wanted, a fight was what he’d get. “Oh, by the way, you might want to watch your step. I’ve planted explosives all over this arena.” The man’s face lit up as he spoke; he seemed delighted that you’d decided to put up a fight.

Stage 4

You went to investigate lynx arbor, an arena known as a gathering place for strong warriors from far and wide. There, you met up with Minerva again.

“Long time no see. So you’ve come to check out lynx arbor as well, I see. I’ve taken a liking to it, myself.” Minerva looked down and continued to speak. “By the way, I never did thank you for that time before…Thanks, Cassandra.

If you hadn’t stopped me, I might have been the one that turned into that monster of flame.” Minerva was silent for a moment, but then looked up with a cheerful expression on her face. “So, what’s your opinion after having fought here?” When you told her that you’d only just arrived, she told you a bit about lynx arbor. “this is a combat arena where strong warriors from everywhere gather to compete. You can always find a challenge here. Right now, there’s one fighter who particularly stands out. He never says his name, so I don’t know much about him, but rumor has it that he’s from another world. Whatever the truth of that may be, there’s no denying his strength…But You might be able to take him on. Good luck.”

After parting with Minerva, you headed straight for the arena.

Stage 5

You cursed your own carelessness as you sat imprisoned in an underground jail. You never imagined you’d get caught in a trap in the middle of a fight. It looked like you could still use some more training.

A few days previously, you had crossed swords with some bandits that roamed the area. You defeated several bandits and stepped forward to fight against their female leader, but instead walked right into a hidden pit. You were then captured and thrown into a cell. After complaining to yourself for quite some time, you decided that you had to find a way out.

You waited for the right opportunity and then escaped from you cell to begin your search for an exit out of the dungeon. You hadn’t been given much to eat, but rather than feeling weak, you were actually stronger than ever. It seemed to be an effect of the mushrooms that grew there. You couldn’t let your guard down, however. It was possible that the enemy as eating those mushrooms as well.

Extra chapter 1 – Swordsmen’s Grave

In one town that you happened to drop by along the way, you heard rumors of something called the “swordsmen’s grave.” For someone like you, always in search of ever-greater challenges, it was too tempting a prospect to pass up.

The labyrinth known as the swordsmen’s grave was said to lie somewhere in the Mira mountain range to the north of Algol. Many men of great strength are said to have challenged its depths, but none had ever reached the end. You wondered what could possibly be lurking there.

You heart dancing in anticipation, you headed north following the Castor river and soon arrived at the foothills of the Mira mountain range.

Stage 1

As you traveled north in search of the swordsmen’s grave, you heard a rumor about a haunted ruin. It was said that ghosts of warriors who died at the swordsmen’s grave appeared there. When told that it was a dangerous place best avoided, you laughed and made plans to spend the night here. Compared with fighting Veral, mere ghosts were hardly a problem. But in the middle of the night, you sensed a fearsome presence and jumped awake in a cold sweat. The sound of a bell echoed across the deserted ruin. As the ground began to tremble, you saw the ghost of a warrior walking towards you. You drew your weapon at once. You didn’t know if earthly weapons would hurt it or not, but you vowed to defeat it by sheer force of will!

Stage 2

When you arrived at the town closest to the swordsmen’s grave, you found a notice posted at the entrance. It seemed that a fighting tournament was underway. Due to the large number of warriors lost to the labyrinth, the town authorities had established requirements for those who wished to challenge it.

The tournament was a fight for the right to enter the swordsmen’s grave. You quickly signed up to participate. Having made it this far, you weren’t about to turn back. It was a bothersome task, but you decided to go ahead and get permission. Plus, you’d earn prize money as well, so there certainly wasn’t any harm in trying.

Stage 3

After traveling for three days through the dense forest along the foothills of the Mira mountain range, you finally arrived at the entrance to the swordsmen’s grave. The opening was halfway up the side of a steep cliff. Remembering the scattered bones of those who attempted the trek without acquiring permission and failed to even make it through the forest, you girded yourself for the real challenge that lay ahead.

The forest was nothing compared to what lurked inside the labyrinth. You spent a night resting before the entrance. After fully recovering your strength, you entered the cave without looking back. Your quest to conquer the swordsmen’s grave had finally begun!

Extra Chapter 2 – Ancient Hero

You heard an interesting rumor at the lynx arbor, a busy gathering spot for strong warriors. “The grave of the ancient hero, Arcturus, lies in the land to the south.”

There hero, Arcturus, had wielded a sword as legendary as Soul Edge. The location of his grave had been a mystery for almost an eternity, but it would appear that someone had found out at last. Or at least, that’s what the rumors said.

Even if it turned out to be false, it would definitely be worth the trip. Your decision made, you wasted no time in making your way to Cepheus.

“But it’s not going to be that easy,” said the man who told you of the hero’s tomb. “A man known as the grave keeper resides in Cepheus. His duty is to protect Arcturus’ tomb. He’s not just any old warrior, for he’s the guardian of the hero’s tomb. No one’s getting anywhere near that tomb without defeating him first.”

Circling around the east side of mount Procyon, you soon stood overlooking the land of Cepheus. With visions of the great hero’s sword floating through your mind, you took a deep breath and strode forward.

Stage 1

While searching for the hero’s tomb, you came upon a giant mansion. It stood quite a distance away from the nearest town. You wondered if perhaps it was the home of the grave keeper.

You knocked on the door with anticipation. When the servant girls answered the door, you introduced yourself and asked to meet the master, but was informed that he was currently away. They seemed surprised to see a visitor. They couldn’t believe someone as traveling out there in the middle of nowhere. But when you spoke the name Arcturus, their expressions changed. Had you just made a mistake?

“Oh, Cassandra is a grave robber.”

“Yeah, I though from the beginning there was something suspicious about this person.”

“But master Duducus isn’t here…What Should we do?”

“We’ll have to deal with this grave robber ourselves.”

They began to converse in hushed voices. Fortunately, since you were standing right next to them, it was quite easy to hear what they were saying. You readied yourself for the possibility of a fight and waited to see what they would do.

Stage 2

After winning the fight at cor caroli, you confirmed that the girls’ master was in fact the grave keeper. You found out his location and left the mansion.

“Are you the grave robber I’ve been hearing about?” He seemed to have been expecting you. Presumably, the girls had sent out a carrier pigeon with a message. “You must be quite a warrior to defeat those girls. They’re all stronger than your average warrior. I’m quite impressed…And Now I have to fight you. How scary.”

The man’s grin was a stark contrast to his words. He proceeded to lead you to an underground arena. Fierce winds whirled inside the vertical tunnel. “I’m obligated to fight anyone who would challenge Arcturus’ tomb. I am the grave keeper, after all.”

Stage 3

After defeating the grave keeper, you finally arrived at Arcturus’ tomb: the long-sought goal of every warrior. Its outward appearance as that of any other cave, but you could feel the presence of what lay inside.

The grave keeper told you that there were guardians inside the tomb. It was said that only those who proved their strength by defeating the guardians would be able to meet the hero. Everything you had learned and experienced as a warrior up to that point was about to be put to the test.


  1. Fascinating, that second-person narrative! I see there’s a little of it to be found in literature but not much. Cassandra, you are definitely the heroine of this tale — in every way. Gamers are going to love you for this. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Another well written piece. Although I have never been into video games. I found your narrative of the plot very interesting. I have always liked myths and legends about magical swords. Atilla the Hun supposedly carried the Sword of Mars or Sword of God that was discovered when the blade cut the hoof of a grazing animal and the herdsman presented the ancient sword of a Scythian king to Atilla, the only hero the herdsman felt worthy to carry it. Then there is Excalibur or Cliburn the sword of King Arthur, given to him by the Lady of the Lake. Also in the Comic Strip Prince Valiant the hero wields the Singing Sword the sister blade of Excalibur. Magic swords are the stuff of heroic legends! Keep up the excellent writing!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I usually like Metroidvanias, platformers (especially 2D), RPGs and some FPSs (especially Metroid Prime). But I’m sure I could find at least one or two games in every genre I like.

      I just think this game’s (mostly) hidden story is pretty cool and tragically overlooked so it warranted sharing. I’d love to see Soul Calibur and Chrono Trigger get serious, respectful adaptations in my lifetime as Castlevania has for Netflix. Even Shantae I think could make for a great animated tween sitcom-adventure, something in the vein of Dragonball, She-Ra or MLP.

      I’ve read articles speculating that the Sonic and Mario films might lead to a new age of high profile videogame adaptations. If so, those would be my first picks to be greenlit. (Even though Metroid is my fave series, it’s too solitary and based on inference to work outside the medium of videogames imo.)

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I had, I believe, Super Metroid on the SNES. I never made it far, but loved the aesthetic. Chrono Trigger was haunting, in a good way – had the playstation remix. I was unaware anything beyond Mario got the film treatment. I live under half a rock.

        Not Vidya related, but you might like Masada with Peter O’Toole, if you haven’t seen it. It’s probably one of my favourite films. Lots of interesting references you I think might appreciate. I wanted to write it on another post, but didn’t want to necro or derail anything.

        Liked by 1 person

          1. When I was a silly young boy I did missionary work with my College, in Guatemala. Outside The City in a village called Concepcìon. The master of the Hotel was convinced I was related to Peter O’Toole. Proud Gringo moment.

            You must have seen Lawrence of Arabia, then?


          2. And I can pronounce it. The Guatemalan Spanish varies from Mexican Spanish which varies from the Vanilla Spanish I taught myself before Duolingo was a thing. My Spanish is gone now, limited to the ironic -o speak of a 90s kid. I will find your archives then. I like to think of myself as hype resistant, but the film really was good. For me anyway. Gave me a dite to think about.


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