Beautiful Earth Day Fantasy

This post is part of a series of tongue-in-cheek streams of consciousness inspired by the holidays.

Moths are such wonderful, beautiful creatures. Even their faces aren’t scary like most insects and arachnids are. You just want to give them a hug…But you can’t because you’d crush them. I like to believe the good Lady Churnmilk Peg, goddess of the hazelnut thickets, designed them this way on purpose. It’s like a metaphor for how we sometimes have to let things alone if we really love them. Like your ex-wife or the cute guy with a girl on his arm on the other side of the street. The moths already have a good thing going with the flowers and we gotta respect that and be happy for their relationship. Amiright, Selvans?

We Could Stand to Learn More From Animals

The small minority of humans make innovations which improves the lives of billions of others, both in their own time and after. That’s what sets humanity apart.

Unfortunately, a small minority of people also willfully keep billions of their own kind down, forced in poverty and dehumanizing servitude. This is the way of the eusocial insects…bees, wasps, ants.

Humans are an oligarchy where, against the odds, some individuals break through the ranks and change the world. Wasps are a totalitarian monarchy of complete submission for all but the queen(s).

The bunnies live in anarcho-communist egalitarianism. There are a couple of humans who want to follow a similar system but the bees police workers who breed and eat their eggs.

We’re apes, with dominance hierarchies and alpha male bullshit. Only the guys who were on top at one point decided to solidify their hold on status, first dibs at resources and mating rights. So they invented an artificial concept–money. Something everyone wants, that they could lay claim to the lion’s share of, and pay off others to keep enforcing the system.

I have to wonder if greed would be as prevalent or overpowering if we still operated on a bartering economy. Or if we allowed challengers to beat up the current “alpha male”/ruling elite and take their place without getting arrested for murder, treason or theft. You know what I’m saying?

It’s like a weird mix between ape dominance displays and eusociality thru the use of abstract, artificial concepts like money and law. And all the world’s like that now. There is no untamed Germanic wilderness or New World or Western Frontier for the bunnies anymore. There are Fivers who can see our community is ultimately doomed but the rest of the world is already settled and committed to the same top down governance. Even if you could find enough people brave enough to band together and leave the system…there’s nowhere to go. There’s no place to build our own Watership Down.


  1. I barter where I can. It is more to my liking. Best when I can trade work for work. I floor a friend’s nursery, he helps me stack wood. I guess it’s why, in the old days, we had the gift cycle… buuut… once someone has more to give, he’s owed more by many. A lord is born. Still, it seems like before fiat currency that tribal lords were more connected than Wallstreet goons.


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