Very Quick Advice Before a Crazy Day

It can be hard sometimes, but we should all try to make the best possible impression and be the best version of ourselves we feel we can be in every interaction. And towards other people, try to judge them by their last encounter–were they making the world a better place, trying to be their best self? Then judge them on that interaction instead of a lesser person they were from the past if you can bring yourself to. Forgive and forget as much as possible, man ❤ It’s tough, but that’s how we can make the world a better place. One step at a time.

You can call this maxim “the Bronze Rule.”

Tonight, instead of doom scrolling and worrying about the election, you should:

1. Make love to your partner.

2. Eat a pizza outside in the breeze.

3. Make a chocolate milkshake and eat it under the covers with a cat.

4) And then get stoned, watch Muppet Treasure Island and follow it up with the ultimate debasing porno film, Waterpower. (It’s like the perfect combination of a nostalgic ’90s childhood favorite followed by Golden Age ’70s “adults only” sleaze.)

In doing so, you will enjoy a complete menagerie of the human experience one last time: either in tribute to mankind, warts and all, if it’s an apocalyptic outcome or in celebration if it’s a good one.


  1. Great advice about learning to forgive and forget. I was also glad to learn that you succeeded in doing all the things on your list! Even if we often disagree on politics and on what is real science and true history, I am very glad to have you as a best friend!


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