Poems About Loneliness

These are some poems I wrote years ago for college and recently rediscovered while doing some cleanup on my computer’s hard drive. I thought they might be worth sharing even though I’m far from satisfied with them now. I like what I did with form and how they express feelings of loneliness I was going through that year but the word choice is far from perfect; they don’t read as “lyrically” as they could. At the time of writing these I had come home from winter break seeing my close friends from home, including Jove, and I was devastated to have to leave them behind again.

Summer Seasons
over and gone in a flash.
The great migration of humans
every August to the poison water.
Free of artificial boundaries and worries
starring down the barrier known as Land’s End.
We wait a year for the chance, an hour or two for travel
herding ourselves back again to whence we came.
In simpler times this might be a new start
instead of good memories alone.
As is, just a tease of a life we
abandoned forever.
Necessary escape perhaps
or else a tease of something better.
We will never have the freedom to choose
so you play the game & slave away for promises.
For now, enjoy what could be, what is, what really matters
the irony of coming to the Sun with a shield, the sand with a cover.
Do not question—just enjoy the moment—the here and now
there will be nothing but questions again soon enough.
So many people in this one place and no one talks
everyone just basking in their own solitude.
Letting the ocean waves lull us to sleep
a natural narcotic, free of shame
& yet still just as addictive.

Click Here for Zoomed-In Screencaps of the last two.

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  1. The background information you once gave me makes these poems all the more heart-rending. I love the layout of #2! I had another of your visual poems, the more playful “There’s a place…”, with me when I visited the Cape Verde Islands almost two years ago. Looking at it now, I’m particularly drawn to the sixth line — “Carbon mass Frozen in place.” Thank you, C, for giving us this wonderful blog. 🙂


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