Beautiful Christmas Fantasy

This post is part of a series of tongue-in-cheek streams of consciousness inspired by the holidays.

Off-off Broadway is far from the best Louis Theroux film, but still a great watch. If you click the video, it begins at Louis’ strained audition for a role in a play. I just wanna give him a hug, he’s so cute. All these other actors come in singing these overly bombastic, ridiculous numbers (listen to the woman who auditions before him) to show off their vocal “talent” and he just comes in singing a bad Beatles cover with a happy go lucky smile on his face. I’d like to think if I was the casting director I’d get up, give him a pat on the shoulder and say “Wait a minute, everyone. Let’s write a part for this man. Nay, let’s write a part for everyone here. There need not be auditions for preconceived molds anymore. Let’s make a play about real people…and that means all of us here.”

And then we could all have a group hug, and become friends as we work together to give everyone a voice…and maybe, as the wider world watches our play, they too will all come together as one. And all the critics will say “how did you put on such a stellar production?” And I’d take Louis’ hand and say “With a little help from my friends.” And Louis would take their other hand, and I’d take some other guys’ hand too, and soon the whole world would be encircled by every human on the planet holding hands…start a love train. love train. And some guy in China who didn’t see how it all started would be like “why are we holding hands?” And someone else would answer “I think the question really is…why weren’t we doing this sooner?” Y’know what I’m saying, Buddha?

I feel the same way when I watch the beginning of Austin Powers. What if some day there was just an impulse that every human being picked up on. And we just put aside all the bullshit for a few minutes, came outside together at the same time…and danced? How cool would that be?

Start at 4:20

It’s like this tune by Stevie Wonder, incidentally among the few Christmas songs that doesn’t grate on my nerves.

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  1. My dear Cassandra, as always this is a very well written logical essay. But you know that as a Christian I must disagree with your conclusions. I admit that from when I was a college student until I was just a little older than you are now I tried to reject Christianity. For me it seemed too hard and in some ways non inclusive. However after years of life experience, remember I am more than twice your age, and have gone through many tough situations, I have come to conclude that Christianity is the one true faith. I do not believe that all other religions are completely wrong. I see that all religions contain some truth. But as a Christian, I must conclude that where the other religions are different from Christianity they are wrong.. I believe that religion is like math in that there can only be one correct answer. My big problem with the ideas of pantheism is that it makes God a part of the universe. For me God is like an artist making a picture. The artist is not the picture and existed before he or she created the picture and does not die if the picture is destroyed. So I believe God must be outside His creation not a part of it. Also if there is both good and evil in the universe and if God is good which I believe is true, Then God can not be part of the bad stuff in the universe. Christians believe that God is separate from the world. We believe God made all things good, but that many things have gone wrong since creation. Christians also believe that God insists on putting things right again. It seems to me that the whole human concept of justice comes from the sense of right and wrong that God has imbedded in all people. In Pantheism God is not good or evil , but just what is in nature. If you go to dualism, with God’s or equal powers of good and evil, to me that makes no sense since the power that decided what is good and what is evil must be the real creator. For me justice is not just individual beliefs or opinion. The same basic sense of justice or moral right or wrong is imbedded in all people, we all know greed, trickery, cruelty, and exploitation are wrong. That is why most arguments about justice are really about one side trying to make an excuse for doing something that the moral law tells us is wrong.
    I believe your point about Christianity not being LGBT friendly can be explained away by the Bible containing bits from the old Jewish tribal culture. These for me and any thinking Christian are cancelled out by the command by Jesus to “love your neighbor as yourself.”


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