SMiLE (Appendix) Sources for Further Reading

I hope you enjoyed my “thesis” on SMiLE, 4 years in the making if we start from ’15 when the first essays which would go on to become part of the “book” were written. The main source for most of my claims is just the music (including Psychedelic Sounds) itself. But if you’re interested in some of the other written articles I’ve read and absorbed over the years, here’s what still exists out there. (Unfortunately so many of the websites I saw in my first few years as a fan I didn’t keep track of and/or they’re defunct now.) This is the list I made when these essays were originally posted on the PetSounds Forum. Unfortunately several of the links have gone dead since then, which is denoted with a strikethrough. 

Luckily I made screen-captures of the Vosse Fusion interview, the Vosse Teen Set Promo and Anderle Crawdaddy article because those seem to be very hard to find on the internet these days. I will include them below as well, along with all remaining Brian Wilson/Beach Boys photos I had kicking around on my hard drive.

These are my SMiLE Mixes

Mujan Remix

Heroes and Villains: Ultimate Extended Cut

Reflections Side 1
 & Reflections Side 2

Aquarian SMiLE & Reversed YouTube Mirror

Dumb Angel (Olorin Edition) [the original on Vimeo was taken down, unfortunately.]

Dumb Angel [the Romestamo Cut] & Reversed YouTube Mirror

The Psychedelic Sounds

Lifeboat Tape

Vegetable Fight

The Rest of the Psychedelic Sounds

Here’s a 31 page scholarly article about SMiLE

And the link to Goodbye Surfing, Hello God

Links to Crawdaddy Interview with Anderle

Links Pertaining to the Album Artwork

Links to the Fusion interview with Vosse

Scans of the April 1967 Teen Set Issue

Link to Interview Series on Danny Hutton

Interview with Al From When TSS was Released

All the Chords Used in SMiLE

My Personal Collection of SMiLE Shop Essays

(If This One Doesn’t Work, Let Me Know and I’ll Reupload Them)

A Fan’s Dissection of Smiley Smile

Other Dissections of SMiLE’s-musical-mosaic/

A Series of Fan Essays on Brian & SMiLE

Another Site about SMiLE

Leetwall31’s List of Key Signatures for All the SMiLE Sections

EDIT: Another amazing fan, John K, has graciously provided new links for two of the articles that had been missing in a previous version of the essay. Also, he’s offered this revision to the Fire Key Signature:

[My version of] Mrs. O’Leary’s Cow [written out in the style of leetwall31’s list of tonalities]

*Key of F*

*Part One (fast)*
Starts in F, ends in F plus random organ squiggle

*Part Two (slow)*
Starts with bass riff alternating Eb and Db
Vocal section alternates chords of BbA5/Ab and F
Reprises alternation of Eb and Db bass riff
Ends on Ab with random bass squiggle (the last note being Ab) and drum thumps


  1. Aww–you shouldn’t have. Although I’m as proud as Punch to see my name mentioned in this Appendix. Right at the end as well!! I am truly humbled.
    Cassandra, if you should ever compile these essays of yours into the SMiLE Bible everyone is *still* hankering after, this would surely top any list of sources on the subject.


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