Charlie’s Mom, the Unsung Hero

Charlie’s mom is the true unsung hero of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. Poor thing takes care of four couch potatoes, washes underwear for a living and raises her little boy. Does she complain? No. She just wants to see him happy. And for a split second, her dream is realized. Charlie got a golden ticket! This should be the greatest day of his, and by extension her, life. All the miserable days slaving to put cabbage water on the table is more than worth it to see his dreams come true right before her eyes!

Oh. Oh, he’d rather go with Grandpa Joe. Oh *now* you feel like walking, jackass? Great timing. So you can dance too, hmm? Wonderful. Why’s your daughter cleaning your bedpans again? And so, that ungrateful brat Charlie and lazy piece of shit Joe get to go to the best place on Earth while his hardworking mother stays home mopping floors and drowning her sorrows.

Now you listen to this song you always fast-forwarded as a kid, and you think about that.

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