Transcribing Brainticket’s Cottonwoodhill

Dawn Muir’s various trippy monologues on Brainticket’s first album, Cottonwoodhill are brilliant. I consider it the most “far out” psychedelic album ever made and in four years I’ve yet to find anything crazier. Sadly I couldn’t find the transcriptions of Dawn’s spoken word lyrics from the album anywhere online so I had to do it myself.

“The world has many places of light where faces laugh in the sun’s glow
Take me on board your shimmering ship built of eternal tithe and icicle
Fly to that hidden city nestling in yesterday
Across the smokey mountain and along the flowing river

The land lies as a maiden left in repose
Tread softly, walk on silent notes
She will ask him nothing, and tell you all
And you, without thinking will lose your soul

Your mind will ache to be carried off in her silver light
Pain will fill your being as you devour the beauty that evades your control
The sea will cover you wave upon rolling wave
Destroying the bounties of the love that you wanted to share

And when you wake tomorrow she’ll be gone
And a new day as innocent as the next will appear on your horizon”

~Lyrics to “Places of Light” 

“Did I see it? Yes I did [laughs]
did I do it? Yes!!
The necklace, the energy, the power…
you are the source! Oh come…come! 
Be one to exist! The nucleus, the energy, the power…
you are the source! We all are! Beyond, you exist…
Bright brilliant sun…notes…weaving…notes to my senses…
reaction…action…STOP! I may overreact… STOP!
Dont resist me…cover me…loving me…the river of life 
passing high above me…and below you…Braintickets…
pink flowers…DIE!! I crash, you crash, WHY?! 
Lets make them understand…way above me, way above them
I cried aloud, and you dont believe me! But He does believe me!
Did you hear me touch you with my eyes—feel you with my eyes?
Come! Ill catch the wet. Shhh! Listen—DONT LISTEN!
Stay! GO!

[very faintly]Darling…wait…stop!”

~Lyrics to “Brainticket: Part 1” 

“Shadow restricted…reflecting deceit. A face, A mind.
People parked. An army of thoughts retreating towards oblivion.
A square of light, a circle of thought, a triangle of NOTHIIIING!
A head, four limbs, seven sisters. What for?! Where did they go?
Bury them in black sand! *An arcasm of hope* trickling!
The tides have left a mark, and wasted an ideal! Too fast! TOO FAST!
Motion is still motionless. See their red eyes glinting like sheep? Coughing like PIGS?
Why dont they stop talking? Theyre fighting! I can feel them fighting! I CAN FEEL THEM FIGHTING…OH…NO, NO!! 

Too late—no applause. Just a tango for peace. Thursday morning priest clothed in rags and tatters gathering his misbeliefs. Mr 10%. Rainbows exploding from the heavens—total light. Red Green Violet. Soft Indigo. Caressing shades of marigold jello, made to mix with flowing oranges!

The colors of my soul—the components of my dreeeaammss..! 
I do exist! Me, Penny! I exist! Truth, lies. Believe me! Dont believe meeeeeeYES!
Symbols of me, scattered…searching. Everlasting! Pulsating mists of hidden truth!
Sex? Of course you love sex—you have no choice! 
Come. Ill move to your move, sigh to your siiigghhhDIE!
Communication breakdown between you and You. 

give me the reason to burst a nerve! *Revland you animal* 
Texts. Doctor. Grand Hotel. Loud Loud LOUD!
I am clear. I shout. Voices soft, sink low. Still to listen! 
OooooDarkness! OH DARKNESS!!

Communication breakdown between you and You
Two shadows become one before the sun goes down 
Come to my faire, the riots and slides *offends and my life stands out to relief*
Mesmerized I dropped the staircase up and down the weekend, 
I grow weary with the breaking of the waves.

Thank God Im Here.
You dont seem to be.
If youre not that girl, I had to come.
I want an answer, and youre leaving tomorrow
Explanation, exclamation, y’know! Emotion of some kind.
Are you glad? But baby, are you sure youre glad?
Dont sound like it. The same empty story. Now Im gonna hear the truth for a change.
God, I wish youd tell me just simply tell me!
Its alright, its alright…
Its not alright, its all wrong. I wrote it on your mirror, dont you remember?
Circling, revolving, involving me and hatred.

Thats alright. Its alright. Its alright Slowly slowly cool it, its not on. Somethings missing, find it find it. Dont let it go. Dont let it slip away. Its gonna be alright. He told me. Didnt he? You heard him. Didnt you? Me, Arthur. A-R-T-H-U-R YOU ARE! YOU ARE WHAT?! C’mon, tell me what you are! The nucleus, the energy, the power…alright, alright, alright…you are the source! YOU ARE! Arent you? Realize the source…alright, alright. Give me a break? Get off my back? I wanna be alone, Alone, ALONE, ALONE! But what is alone? Alright, alright, alright, alright, alright, alright, alright (continues to repeat this as her voice becomes increasingly obscured by the music)…”

~Lyrics to “Brainticket: Part 2”


  1. Thinks: I must revisit this album soon. I remember from way back your wonderful list of obscure(ish) late ’60s, early ’70s psychedelic albums and even went through it, or as much as I could find. This was one of the most memorable listens on the list. And what a labour of love on your part to transcribe the spoken bits–okay, so you had no choice! But still…
    Thank you for reminding me of it. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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