The Most Thought-Provoking Character in Game of Thrones

I was thinking about Game of Thrones and the prostitute from Volantis that’s dressed up like Dany. What kind of thought process goes into something like that, do you think? What’s the psychology of cosplaying in general?

I mean, I guess at the end of the day, pretending to be the most famous woman in the world as she does gets the prostitute (henceforth known as “Suadela” after the Roman goddess of seduction) more money and that’s the endgame, but still…

If you enjoyed that job, took your own sensual pleasure from it, wouldn’t it be self-defeating to feel you had to dress up as someone famous in order to get attention? Would that create a sense of insecurity, as if you couldn’t get the same amount of men to love you by acting like your true self? 

If you didn’t enjoy your work and found it self-abasing, might this be a means of psychological defense? As in, “it’s not *I* who has to let any man that comes through this tavern have his way with me, it’s*Daenerys?” 

Do you think Suadela knows very much about the woman she’s dressing up as? Do you think she cares enough to have any kind of opinion about Dany’s exploits? Does she feel studying her model is necessary to more accurately depict the character, or that the drunken oafs won’t notice anyway so why bother?

If Suadela does know about Danaerys, and has a *positive* opinion, does she ever wonder if the costume is slandering her idol? Or does she see it as fun cosplaying but with the added benefit of sex?

If Suadela has a *negative* opinion of Dany, would that be her own private enjoyment, to make the Mother of Dragons into a laughingstock to the men of the brothel? Or would that only make it worse, having to take on the image of someone you didn’t even like in order for men to be attracted to you? 

I don’t know…I think about this kinda stuff sometimes. There’s lots of reasons a person might like to try on a new face for awhile. Self-loathing, dissatisfaction, curiosity, fun or whatever the case may be. I’d like to know Suadela‘s story and feelings. 

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