Obscure ’65-’75 Era Albums I Recommend (The List)

I really like late ’60s psychedelic rock and sunshine pop as well as early ’70s progressive rock and avant garde music. That said, sometimes the classics in these genres (Jimi Hendrix, the Association, Pink Floyd, etc) can get somewhat boring after listening for the hundredth time. So I made a habit of checking out the random stuff I’d never heard of that YouTube recommended to me. And for each new album I went to, I’d write down everything recommended on that song’s page and so on until finally I ran out of new stuff. Over the course of about 3 years I listened to each album and roughly categorized them into 3 tiers. Here’s what I ended up with. I’ll discuss the list more in a follow up post.


The Keepers

The United States of America
Forever Changes by Love
Cottonwoodhill by Brainticket
Sweet Smoke–Just a Poke
The Peppermint Rainbow “Will You Be Staying After Sunday” 1969
Bonnie Dobson
Kaleidoscope – Tangerine Dream
Aguaturbia – Psychedelic Drugstore (Erotica is good, as is clover)
Byrds—Younger than Yesterday
Liquid Sound Company – Acid Music for Acid People
the serpent power
Tim Hollier—Message to A Harlequin
Mamas & Papas—If You Believe Your Eyes and Ears
Moby Grape
The Third Bardo –Im five years ahead of my time [An EP, not an album]
Procol Harum’s first 3 albums
classics 4—traces [slower, softer and folksy]
Oar by Skip Spence
The Millenium–Begin
Incense and Peppermints
The Collage (1967)
quicksilver messenger service
Rain (1972)
The Crazy World of Arthur Brown
central nervous system—i could have danced all night
Peak Impressions
Spanky and Our Gang [their sequel album is good too, but nowhere near as good]
Agemo’s Trip to Mother Earth
Three Man Army—third of a lifetime
Fuzzy Duck
man made
the crow—crow music
The Zodiac—Cosmic Sounds
Electric Flag—A Long Time Coming
Los Mac’s –Kaleidoscope Men (2nd track and 10th to the end are the best)
5th Dimension—Magic Garden
The Peppermint Trolley Co.
Orange Peel
Lori Burton –Breakout
cruciferius—a nice way of life
colours 1968
captain marryat
wendy & bonnie–genesis
leaf hound–growers of mushroom
the amboy dukes—Migration
the smoke
sunshine company “happy is the sunshine company”
samurai—green tea
ID Music by The Third Rail
Colosseum – Valentyne Suite
The Critters “Younger Girl”
Mesmerizing Eye—Psychedelia, a music lightshow
the Remains
The Cowsills We Can Fly (a little meh but still good)
(Track: Baron Saturday by SF Sorrow) the actual self-titled album is worth another listen
Eternity’s Children—Timeless
Big Foot
shotgun LTD
Art—Supernatural Fairy Tales
Roger Bunn – Piece Of Mind
Nektar—A Tab in the Ocean
The Beat of the Earth (1967)
Wake Up Its Tomorrow,
Sacred Mushroom,
Love at Psychedelic Velocity,
Rainbow Follies,
plastic cloud,
mighty baby,
Brain Police,
leaf hound,
beggars opera’s pathfinder,
edens children,
Homer’s grown in usa,
Killing Floor – Out Of Uranus,
twentieth century zoo,
wilkinson tri-cycle,
Fruupp—Future Legends,
The Aerovons—Resurrection (Bessy Goodheart and Song For Jane plus last track),
The Washington Apple – Fresh Country Apples,
The electric prunes,
Would You Believe–Billy Nicholls
Silver Apples—Silver Apples
Ahora Mazda
Wigwam—Hard and Horny,
The Frost—Through the Eyes of Love
The Family Tree Miss Butters
the astral projection—the astral scene
Nick Drake—Bryter Layter
the flock—dinosaur swamps
the hardtimes—blew mind
The Hunger—Strictly From Hunger
starfire (many moods ago and slippery are the best tracks)
Bonniwell Music Machine
Fields 1971
twilight (day and night)
flea on the honey
sleepy john (first half is great anyway)
The Gods – To Samuel a Son

Worth Another Listen

Happy Trails,
Vanilla Fudge,
waiting for the sun,
Fresh Cream,
Red Krayola,
I feel like im fixing to die,
Fallen Angels,
chrasylis definition,
tiffany shade,
bubble puppy,
psychedelic lollipop,
Moving Sidewalks,
Skip Bifferty,
Ogdens’ Nut Gone Flake,
oxford circle,
The Moon – Without Earth & The Moon 1968-1969,
Bold 1969,
Jupiter Sunset – Back In The Sun 1970,
The Sugar Shoppe,
The Hollies – Evolution,
Tomorrow (1968),
tea and symphony—an asylum for the musically insane,
ant trip ceremony – 24 hours,
visions of time by we the people,
music in a dolls house,
faintly blowing by kaleidoscope,
Emotions by The Pretty Things (first three or so songs are great),
Wow by Moby Grape (couple good tracks),
the seeds – web of sound,
NGC-4594—skipping through the night,
where’s my daddy?,
The Deep Psychedelic Moods (first track and shadows on the wall are good), Midwinter to Find a reason,
the fallen angels,
the dovers—we’re not just anybody (first track is great),
headstone circus,
Harpers Bizarre—Feeling Groovy (alright, but a little too happy/peppy sunshine goodness),
Lucifer’s Friend (some great tracks, especially at the beginning but kinda drags at the end),
Fever Tree,
Cold Sun –Dark Shadows (first track’s really good),
bow street runners (plastic hand and the last track are good),
The Other Half Plus,
The CA Quintet—Trip Through Hell (some good moments but mostly shit),
Eternal Tapestry—Beyond the 4th Door (good for background noise if high but thats it),
the gentle soul (too folky, cutesy),
the beethoven soul,
the collectors,
Bear – 1968 –
Greetings Children of Paradise,
The Music Machine – Turn On,
T-Bones—No Matter What Shape,
ARCADIUM-Breath Awhile,
Mandrake Memorial – Puzzle,
apple—apple a day,
Salt Water Taffy—Finders Keepers (You Baby is great),
Caravan–1st Album (first track, place of my own, is good),
Susan Christie—Paint a Lady (Yesterday, Where’s My Mind and No One Can Hear You Cry are the best),
Children of the Mushroom,
mephistopholes—in frustration I hear singing,
Action—16 Slices of the Action,
Majic Ship,
the cleves,
The Hunger—Strictly From Hunger (Trying to Make the Best, Mind Machine),
purple overdose—reborn,
Crystal Syphon—Elephant Ball,
Growing Concern,
the collectors—grass and wild strawberries,
Incredible Hog – Volume I,
Kennelmus—Folkstone Prism,
Truth—of them and other tales,
acid mothers temple and the cosmic inferno—anthem of the space,
The Ghost—When You’re Dead (first few tracks especially good),
Mother superior,
stained glass—aurora,
Friar Tuck and his psychedelic guitar (its mostly blah and starts out just okay, but theres some real gems too.),
the new colony six—revelation (its cute sunshine pop but the lyrics are bland),
julian jay savarin—waiters on the dance (pretty good, first two tracks the best),
The Novac—the fifth word (actually pretty good if hectic album),
Broselmaschine 1971 (starts good but then descends into the sitar and is overall too mellow for me),
beacon street union—clown’s overture,
blodwyn pig,
GTO’s—permanent damage (fascinating. Like Zappa),
Mystic Siva—under the influence (starts off okay, drops off. Vocals are just meh), Garrett Lund—Almost Grown (first two to four tracks are great tho),
dino, desi and billy—souvenir (forgettable but not terrible sunshine pop),
stone circus,
snow 1968 (decent but bland sunshine/psych),
five day rain,
gracious (uk underground),
O.P.M.C. – Amalgamation, great bear 1971,
Appaloosa 1969,
cosmic corridors,
think—variety (mostly very good, drags in the end),
Missing Link – Nevergreen 1972,
Dedalus (offbeat like Mesmerizing Eye),
Guru Guru – Känguru (another weird free form album),
Ian Carr’s Nucleus – Roots,
Flake – How’s Your Mother,
Goldenrod – 1969,
The Little Boy Blues – In the woodland of Weir,
Nucleus – We’ll talk about it later (all instrumentals),
Short Cross – Arising 1972,
Heavy Cruiser – Lucky Dog (1973),
heavy cruiser,
Swallow (1973),
cherry people,
Road (1972),
john and ann ryder—I still believe in tomorrow,
Steeplechase – Lady Bright,
lost nation—paradise lost,
Lovecraft – Valley of the Moon,
T.I.M.E. – Smooth Ball,
Cottonwood – Camaraderie,
Jokers Wild – Liquid giraffe,
Horn – On the people´s side,
the jarvis street revue—mr oil man,
Hero 1974,
Mad Curry (I really liked this one),
Jack Bonus,
Maggi—clockwork cosmic spirits,
A new place to live (1972),
Banchee 1969,
Mom’s Apple Pie 1971,
Sams apple pie (1969) [both the apple pie albums have good first tracks.],
Luv Machine 1971,
food brain,
Gentle Giant – Octopus,
McPhee 1971,

Wasn’t Impressed With:

13th Floor Elevators’ 3 albums, HP Lovecraft’s 2 albums, Small Faces, Music Emporium, Savage Resurrection, Magic Lantern, moon blood, introspection, july, clear light, kak ola, weed, stoned age man, cromagnon, supreme psychedelic underground, leviathan, magic bubble, one, Q65, chocolate watchband 44, shades of deep purple, Dragonfly, shadows of knight, distortions by litter, out of foucs, Xhol Caravan – Electrip (1969), playback by appletree theater, Fifty Foot Hose – Cauldron (1967), Neon Pearl – 1967, armageddon by maze, The Lollipop Shoppe ‎– Just Colour [Full Album] 1968, Bohemian Vendetta 1968, The Tea Company – Come And Have Some Tea 1968, Chocolate Watch Band – The Inner Mystique, The Asylum Choir – Look Inside, Magic – Enclosed 1969, Pugh’s Place – West One 1969, Night Shadow ‎– The Square Root Of Two, The Open Mind 1969 , Thrice Mice, UFO, ///Faine Jade-Introspection, St John Green [[BUT THE FIRST AND LAST TRACKS ARE GREAT]], Index—black label album, the haunted, the master’s apprentice, the superfine dandelion, Please, chocolate watchband no way out, kaleidoscope-Side Trips, beacon from mars, grape jam, The Misunderstood—before the dream faded, roger the engineer by the yardbirds, zipper, groundhogs blues obituary, the love depression, fate—sgt death, Haymarket Square –Magic Lantern, farm, The Clique –Sugar on Sunday, boston tea party, federal duck, PC KENT—Upstairs Coming Down (first track is good tho), velvet fog, blueberry pancake—heavy, autosalvage (first intro is good), condello (first track or two are good), chameleon church, red dirt, Suck—time to suck, The Yankee Dollar, Pearls Before Swine –One Nation Underground, Dantalian’s Chariot (last two tracks are good), the fool, trees—on the shore, Electric Prunes—Stockholm 67, Dschinn, Bulbous Creation—You Wont Remember Dying, Gun, Lemmy Kilmister – Sam Gopal – Escalator, fear itslef, Apryl Fool (Tander and Sunday are good), The Search Party_ Montgomery Chapel (1969) (first song has nice beat), Area Code 615 – Trip in the Country, Morning Dew, Octopus, string cheese, Jellyroll, A Trip Down The Sunset Strip” by The Leathercoated Minds, tax free, every mother’s son, paupers—magic people, Freakout USA, The Mascots – Ellpee, the outsiders CQ (wish you were here with me today and Love you #2 are good), Beauregard Ajax—Deaf Priscilla, Pink Fairies—Never Never Land, Them—Belfast Gypsies, The Mugwumps, buzz linheart—buzzy, tinkerbell’s fairydust, Night Sun – 1972 – Mournin’, count five–psychotic reaction, the barbarians—are you a boy or a girl?, the immigrants, The Jack Wild Album, The Litter—Distortions, The Action—Rolled Gold, The Electric Banana—Blows Your Mind (eagles son is good), Gabor Szabo—Dreams, Pacific Gas and Electric—Get It On, Keith Hartley Band—Halfbreed, Chicken Shake—Imagination Lady, The Third Eye—Searching, Lyd, First Album by the Fugs, The Perth Country Conspiracy Does Not Exist, The Fun and Games—Elephant Candy (cool cover of DontWorryBaby), Bakery—Momento (starts off great tho), Atomic Rooster, power plant—golden dawn, Saturnalia—Magical Love, Asylum Choir II, elysian fields, Stepping Out—Another Concert Somewhere, velvet night, Leonard Cohen—Songs From A Room, ThunderMother—No Red Rowan, Randy Holden—Population II, hootch (not bad, just kinda one note), power of zeus—by the gospel of zeus, pluto, spooky tooth—its all about, The Ceyleib People—tanyet, The Fire Escape – Psychotic reaction, Moby grape—very fine citizen, brain ticket—celestial ocean (first track is good tho), Chambers Brothers—The Time has come today (title track and first track are good), Larry’s Rebels—A study in black (stormy winds and “lets think of something we can talk about” is good), Taj Mahal – 1968 – Taj Mahal, Grootna (Your Grandma loves you is okay), Lazy Smoke—Corridor of Faces (sarah saturday is okay), One in a Million—Double Sight, Day Blindness, atlantic ocean—tranquility bay, dry ice—mary’s meth dream, Forever more—yours and words on black plastic, Time—before there was…time, 3’s A Crowd “Christopher’s Movie Matinee (wasnt it you isnt bad), The Human Instinct—Stoned Guitar, lemon fog and the nomads—3 o clock merrian webster time, Open Road—Windy Daze, Mops—lijanaika, atomic rooster—in hearing of atomic rooster, Marshmallow Way, the flying machine, the crazy people—bedlam (after six and head job arent bad), Mock Duck—Test Record, sugar cube blues band, five leaves left, pink moon, andwellas dream—love and poetry, the cryan shames—synthesis, the id—the inner sounds of the id, Douglas Fir-Hard Heartsingin’, the black foot—the foot steps, Mason—Harbor 1971, lost and found—everybody’s here, yesterday’s children, The Flying Karpets – The Flying Karpets, the spoils of war—spoils of war 2, chimera, galadriel, Ashkan—in from the cold, eastfield meadows, Bulldog Breed—Made in England, michaelangelo—one voice many, peter paul and mary—album 1700, the freak scene psychedelic psoul, methuselah—Matthew Mark Luke and John, linda perhacs—parallelograms (wasn’t really my style but tho the titular track was AMAZING!! so was Moons and Cattails), the rainy daze—that acapulco gold, the fanz—the grand illusion, Jokers 1972 (horrible), fever tree—another time, Euphoria – 1969 – A Gift From Euphoria, another place (either jokes are for sad people is good), free action ince—plays eddy korsche rock and blues, the dog that bit people, jardine—look in the window, neon, after tea—jointhouse blues, TS Bonniwell—Close, Ken Little—Solo, big lost rainbow, krokodil, Edgar Broughton Band, the unspoken word, Sam Gopal Escalator, stark naked, hole in the wall, Eugene Carnan, Kath, Iota, crash coffin, Escombros, the idle race, Peace and Love album, Raven album, pax album, forest album, Fleur De Lis – Facing Morning, Tobruk – Ad Lib 1972, Ian Carr – Belladonna, elizabeth, brigg, february the 31, Isolation, Clem Alford – Mirror Image (sitar), groundshaker, Hurdy Gurdy, Estes Brothers—Transitions, Candida Pax – Day, Wilson McKinley – Spirit Of Elijah (horrible christian rock), Rockin Foo 1969, Apocalypse 1969, Rex Holman – Here In The Land Of Victory, John Compton ‎– To Luna, GURU GURU-Ufo, Arbuckle, Boondoggle & Balderdash, Peace & Quiet , The Frays – 90 Wardour Street, Redwing, Redeye, The Koala, mount rushmore—high on mount rushmore, manna, Cornbread (1971), TEAR GAS, Excalibur – The First Album, Medicine Head – Dark Side Of The Moon, Uganda 1972, Thunder And Roses – King Of The Black Sunrise, The Lemon Fog – The Psychedelic Sound of Summer (liked the first track or two), Dennis Coffey Trio – Hair & Thangs 1969, Ramases—Space Hymns (I like Life Child tho), little free rock, Flying Bear Medicine Show, Circus 1969, Greezy Wheels – Juz loves dem ol’, The American Revolution (1968), Markley – A Group 1969, Formerly Fat Harry – 1971, Lacewing (1970), bullet—the entrance to hell, Challenger’s (1969), Eric (1970), Heavy Balloon – 32,000 Pound (1969), ashes 1970, nirvana—songs of love and passion, Maury Muehleisen ‎– Gingerbreadd, The Corporation (1969), CREEPY JOHN THOMAS – BROTHER BAT BONE, WRITING ON THE WALL – POWER OF PICTS, Sabicas with Joe Beck – Rock Encounter (1970), Sabicas – The Soul of Flamenco and the Essence of Rock (1971), Christopher – What’cha Gonna Do? 1969, Megatrip 1978, The Rhythm Dukes – Flashback, Fat Water 1969, Head Over Heels 1971, donovan—mellow yellow (i like the title track tho), Mars Bonfire – Faster Than The Speed Of Life (1969, The Patron Saints – Fohhoh Bohob 1969, Baby Grandmothers—Turn On, Tune In, Drop Out.


  1. Aww. You’d think there’d be more followers who would warm to these two topics. I spent many a night listening to so many of the albums you mention. Thank you Cassandra for the trip down Memory Lane, including great long stretches of it I clearly overlooked at the time. 😛


  2. What a great list! Congratulations Cassandra, I love your blog. By the way, what’s the name of the Fever Dream album you mentioned? I couldn’t find that one. Is it a self titled of the band of the same name? If you have some link or some info so I can find it, it would be nice. Thanks in advance 🙂


    1. I’m sorry, that should be Fever Tree’s self titled album, not Fever Dream. A brain fart, nothing more. Thanks for calling my attention to the mistake and I appreciate the kind words!


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