About the Site

My name is Cassandra Burke and The Carbon Freeze is a personal blog made for the purpose of hosting my essays and other projects.

The name of the site itself refers to the concept of preserving my unique thoughts and, in a sense, myself by publishing them. (“Carbon” as in life, “Freeze” as in preservation. ) It can also refer to the idea of a person trapped, in a state of inaction or rendered inert through fear or anxiety–I condition I can very much relate to. The inspiration for the term “carbon freeze” came from a movie I enjoy (The Empire Strikes Back) which I thought sounded cool. It’s the most poetic two-word phrase I know, and when the time came to name this place there were no better alternatives I could think of.

The logo of the site, at first glance, is the symbol of the element Carbon and a snowflake, but if you look at it sideways, it can also be a plant growing out of a vase. It’s all about looking at things from a new perspective, and that’s the main characteristic of the writing in this blog, more or less. The cover photo on the home page is my writing desk. You can check out this embedded post for more information about that.

I happen to be interested primarily in political science as well as classic films, music and TV shows, so most posts will be organized into those two categories (Political Reactions and Media Analyses, respectively). Anything else, you can expect to find in the third category, Thoughts & Memories. Just to give you an idea of what to expect, these are the specific topics I hope to cover in the near future, organized by category:

Political Reactions

The purpose of this section is primarily to discuss political science topics and American history. I will begin with an examination of terms and the spectrum beyond just Left and Right. Then I will take a look at some primary debates from both major parties, general election debates from every cycle and some from Third Parties. I will share my commentaries for every convention speech from all major candidates, all election night speeches, inaugural addresses, farewell speeches and assorted campaign stump speeches. Perhaps at some point in the future I will do the State of the Union Addresses as well. I will try to keep my thoughts centered on each candidates’ campaign strategy, style, use of rhetoric and overall strength of oration. I will not lie to you and say that my personal biases won’t shine through at times, but I will not publish unfair hit pieces or puff pieces based on party affiliation alone. I will do my best to praise and criticize candidates in both parties honestly, and according to their perceived strengths and weaknesses. I will also present my ideas for Constitutional Reforms America might consider.

Media Analyses

I love classic films, 60s-70s classic rock, disco (yes, really), 90s videogames as well as good TV drama and books. I grew up on ’90s Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network, so I have some thoughts to express on those programs as well. I will share my “collection” of obscure ’65-’75 albums, and some multi-part dissections of my two favorite works of art in any medium: Brian Wilson’s SMiLE and Alfred Hitchcock’s Vertigo. However, for every piece of media I review that’s already earned its respect, such as The Great Gatsby, there will be an earnest look at something overlooked such as Just For Kicks, as well as Femina Ridens and My Sister Leni among others.

Thoughts and Memories

I predict that this will be the least populated category. This is where I’ll share some personal anecdotes about things which don’t neatly fit into either of the previous two. For example, I like history and would love to talk about Ancient Rome, but I don’t have enough distinct anecdotes planned at this time to make that its own dedicated category. I have personal artistic projects like poems and collages I might share as well. I will delve into topics as important as religion to those as trivial as imaginary friends. Given time, if I’m comfortable doing so, I may also weigh in on some general topics which hit home for me, like schoolyard bullying and things of that nature.

Featured Editorials & Stickied Posts

The “Featured Editorials” section contains four directories comprised of links to each segment of my long-form essays. These include my constitutional reform project, analyses of Vertigo and SMiLE as well as a glossary of political sciences terms as they fit within a new multi-axis model of the spectrum of my own design.

The posts I’ve chosen to sticky to the top of the front page are what I currently consider to be the best stand-alone essays in each applicable category. (Or, in the case of Political Reactions, what I think my readers need to see and understand before they delve deeper into the topic.)